Careers for Introverts

Would you rather spend time by yourself than with other people? Do you prefer working alone? Do you cringe at being the center of attention? If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably an introvert.

Being introverted means you get energy from within, rather than from outside sources or other individuals. Contrary to popular belief, introverts aren't necessarily loners who refuse to interact with others and they don't have to work entirely on their own. Simply put, they are self-motivated and at their best when working solo. They are happiest when left alone to do their own thing.

Occupations that emphasize independent work and are out of the public eye are typically good choices for introverts. It is important to keep in mind that most occupations involve at least some interaction, and occasional collaboration, with others.


An archivist at work filing a document. Michael Blann / Getty Images
Archivists preserve historically significant or potentially valuable documents and records for museums, governments, colleges and universities, and corporations. Their work involves cataloging these items, writing descriptions of them and preparing them for display to researchers. While archivists generally work independently, they may also coordinate workshops and lectures about their collections. More


Translators convert written material from one language to another. They usually work alone, typically using a computer to receive and submit documents, as well as to compose them. Their counterparts, interpreters, convert the spoken word between languages and therefore find themselves working directly with other people or even in front of audiences. This distinction makes translating, rather than interpreting, a more satisfying career for introverts. More


Actuaries spend most of their time performing statistical analyses in order to determine the likelihood that certain events will occur. Their goal is to reduce costs for their employers, generally insurance companies. Be aware, though, that although their day-to-day work is primarily independent, they must often function as members of a team. More

Computer Programmer

Programmers spend much of their day staring at screens as they create code that makes computers function. Although they are members of teams that include other technical professionals, they spend the majority of their time working alone. More

Medical Transcriptionist

Although medical transcriptionists translate doctors' dictated notes into written reports, they do not deal with them face-to-face. They receive recordings via the Internet, enter data into a computer and then return the completed reports electronically. More


Anthropologists study the origin, behavior and development of human beings. Like other research-oriented occupations, it is particularly suitable for introverts. Although anthropologists must make presentations about their findings which goes against an introvert's natural tendency to stay out of the spotlight, their regular tasks are more solitary. They include designing research projects, testing hypotheses and collecting and analyzing data. More


Archaeologists' work also involves research. They study evidence of past civilizations, spending much of their time exploring ruins, collecting and studying artifacts, and writing up the results of their findings. Like anthropologists, they too often present their work to peers, but their day-to-day activities don't require a great deal of interaction with other people. More

Desktop Publisher

Desktop publishers use computer software to create documents. They design page layouts and manipulate text and graphics. They typically have to consult with clients and other members of a production team when working on a project, but spend a great deal of time sitting in front of a computer working alone. More


Chemists spend a lot of time working in a laboratory alone. They apply their knowledge about chemicals to develop new products and processes. As with most jobs, they are not in isolation all the time, and must discuss their work with colleagues. More


Writers create original works including books, poems, plays, advertising copy, song lyrics and articles. Theirs is primarily a solitary job, but they are sometimes required to interview sources. Writers also interact with editors who give them assignments and provide feedback. More

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