The 10 Best Careers for Introverts

Great Jobs for People Who Get Energy From Within

Would you rather spend time by yourself than with other people? Do you even prefer working alone? If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably an introvert. Contrary to popular belief, introverts aren't necessarily loners who refuse to interact with others, and they don't have to work entirely on their own. Being introverted simply means one gets energy from within himself or herself, rather than from outside sources or other individuals.

Simply put, they are self-motivated and at their best when working solo. Introverts are happiest when left alone to do their own thing, but most can interact with other people, including colleagues and clients or customers. However, they would rather spend more time alone than with others.

The occupations listed here emphasize independent work, but all involve occasionally having to work with other people. The amount of interaction you will have may depend on a particular employment situation rather than the occupation in which you are engaged. Therefore, before accepting a job offer, you should find out exactly what level of contact with other people is required. Make sure it is a level with which you are comfortable before you accept an offer.


Man working in museum archive
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Archivists preserve historically significant or potentially valuable documents and records for museums, governments, colleges and universities, and corporations. Their work involves cataloging these items, writing descriptions of them, and preparing them to be accessed by researchers. 

While archivists usually work independently, they may also coordinate workshops and lectures about their collections. Don't worry if you shy away from public speaking. You can get other experts to do the talking. You will have to interact with those experts, however. More


Felix Manuel Burgos-Trujillo / Getty Images

Translators convert written material from one language to another. They usually work alone, typically using a computer to receive and submit documents, as well as compose them. Their counterparts, interpreters, convert the spoken word between languages and therefore find themselves working directly with other people or even in front of audiences. This distinction makes translating, rather than interpreting, a more satisfying career for introverts. More


Pharmacist talking to a customer
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Pharmacists spend part of their time at work filling prescriptions from doctors and the rest of it explaining to customers how to use these medications. The second aspect of this job description may make you squirm if you truly hate interacting with people.

However, if you can handle doing it sometimes, this may be the right choice for you. Look for a job in a shop that employs workers to man the counter, while the pharmacist spends time in the back. You should also consider working in a hospital, where interaction with people is limited. More

Computer Programmer

Working on a pc
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Programmers spend much of their day staring at screens as they create code that makes computers and computer applications function. While you will work alone while you do this, there are other aspects of this job that will require you to be a member of a team that includes other IT professionals. For this part of your job, you will need excellent listening, speaking, and interpersonal skills. More


Photographer with camera uploading to laptop at table
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Photographers use their cameras to record images that tell stories. While they may need to talk with subjects—unless those subjects are inanimate objects—a large part of their job involves editing images. This occupation isn't for homebodies, though. If your introverted nature tends to keep you close to home, this job may not be for you. Many photographers spend a fair bit of time on the road. More


Geoscientist collecting samples
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Geoscientists study physical aspects of the earth, including its structure and composition. They search for groundwater, petroleum, metals, and other natural resources. Like most others who are engaged in scientific study, geoscientists spend a lot of time using critical thinking skills to make decisions and solve problems

What you will enjoy about this career, as an introvert, is the time you will spend doing independent research. What you may not like, is that you have to share your findings with colleagues. This will take up a relatively smaller percentage of your time, however. More


Archeological excavation, Yzerfontein, Western Cape Province, South Africa.
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Archaeologists' work also involves research. They study evidence of past civilizations, spending much of their time exploring ruins, collecting and studying artifacts, and writing up the results of their findings. 

They too must present their work to peers, but their day-to-day activities don't require a significant amount of time spent interacting with other people. More

Graphic Designer

Designer using laptop at office desk
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Graphic designers use visual elements to communicate messages. They typically have to consult with clients and other members of a production team when beginning a project but, while they are executing it, they often work alone. 

Twenty percent of graphic designers are self-employed. Choosing this path will allow you to work more independently. More

Lab Technician

Lab technician using microscope
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Lab technicians process skin and bodily fluid samples. Some collect these specimens from patients but, if you would rather limit your interactions with others, look for a position that does not include that job duty. Instead, find one that keeps you in a medical diagnostic laboratory where you will perform procedures on samples. More


Writer at work
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Writers create original works including books, poems, plays, advertising copy, song lyrics, and articles. Theirs is primarily solitary work, but some jobs require them to interview sources.

You will be relieved to know that these conversations can often take place via email or through other means that limit contact if you desire. Writers must also get assignments and feedback from editors, but again, email can be a way of communicating in many situations. More