Career Profile of Art Museum Curatorial Technician

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Art technicians install a contemporary art exhibition in a gallery space. Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

Job Description of Curatorial Technician

A Curatorial Technician works full or part-time in a museum taking care of the art collection and assisting the Curatorial Department in installing and de-installing exhibitions.

Education Needed to Be a Curatorial Technician

A Curatorial Technician job is an entry level position, and only requires a High School education, unlike curatorial positions, which usually require a college degree in art history or museum studies.

However, there is room for advancement in this position, as many museums offer professional development and training for Curatorial Technicians.

Duties Required to Be a Curatorial Technician

A Curatorial Technician assists with the care, maintenance and security of art and objects in the museum’s permanent collection. In addition to handling parts of the collection, duties may include taking care of any historical buildings which are part of the museum’s grounds.

Some museums offer full-time work, but other museums offer part-time work and require weekend, holiday, and evening availability to coincide with the museum’s curatorial exhibitions or special events.

A Curatorial Technician assists with the museum’s collections care, and that includes working on inventory, plus packing, storing, cleaning, displaying, and safeguarding the art and objects of the collections.

Skills Required to Be a Curatorial Technician

A Curatorial Technician is detail oriented and has had experience in handling works of art.

Since art handling is part of the job, a Curatorial Technician must be able to lift and move heavy objects. Having a valid driver’s license is often required.

Career Opportunities for a Curatorial Technician 

There are jobs in museums available for Curatorial Technicians.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, overall employment of museum staff is “projected to grow 11 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations.” 

The Bureau does not post specific statistics for Art Museum Curatorial Technician jobs, but the available technician jobs would just be a small portion of the amount the BLS posts on their site.

Further Resources

The following weblinks are for online job listings for art museum staff. Please note that these job listings have deadlines, and that the data is constantly changing.


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