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Interview with Casey Miller of the Positive Coaching Alliance

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Casey Miller works for non-profit Positive Coaching Alliance. Positive Coaching Alliance

Many people considering careers in sports focus on teams, leagues, sporting goods manufacturers and media entities.

An overlooked area for career opportunities is non-profit organizations.  Part one of this interview with Casey Miller of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) will introduce you to a young professional whose career path has incorporated the opportunity to work with this non-profit and her diverse responsibilities at PCA.

You were a student-athlete in college.  What sport did you play and how did that experience prepare you for a career in sports?

Miller: I played four years of NCAA Division II college basketball at Merrimack College in Massachusetts. I think the biggest way my athletic experience at Merrimack (and from playing high school sports) prepared me for a career in sports was being part of a team. It’s cliché, but it truly is one of the most valuable aspects of sports. Learning to work with people's different skills, communication habits and personalities all while trying to achieve a hopefully common goal applies in a professional career - and not just work in sports. Nurses on a pediatric floor must communicate with doctors, fellow nurses, patients, and patients' families to ensure the best care for those needing it (I was a pre-med major). My passion happens to be in sports and the ability to shift my competitive fire into my work helps me be a successful team member at Positive Coaching Alliance.

Working for PCA headquarters, I work with over 65 team members across the U.S., all with different strengths and weaknesses. My time as an athlete prepped me to adapt to any environment, work to set team goals and work with just about anyone to achieve those goals to the best of our ability.

What is your current role with Positive Coaching Alliance?  What does it entail?

Miller: I have a unique title of Program Manager: Movement Builder. My core responsibilities include working on each of these projects:

  • Double-Goal Coach Awards Program: Each year we recognize 25 coaches nationwide who strive to win, but more importantly teach life lessons through sports. I oversee the nomination and reviewing process as well as promotion of the program.
  • Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Program: Each year we also give away over 60 scholarships to high school student-athletes. I manage the application and reviewing process and work with our 12 chapters across the U.S. to promote the program.
  • Social Media: I oversee all of PCA’s social media activity and work to grow our online community through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. I also work with our corporate and national partners like US Lacrosse and Little League to develop content to highlight PCA for their social channels. I also do all of PCA’s video editing and podcast editing/creation, all of which get hosted on
    • Volunteers: I work with anyone who wants to get involved with PCA across the U.S to find the right fit for them.

    One key takeaway from Part 1 of this interview is that non-profits are always looking for volunteers.  And volunteering is a great way to find out more about the non-profit and meet people who work there full time.  In addition, you will get to meet and work with other volunteers.  If it is a non-profit related to sports in any way, there is a good chance the other volunteers have connections in the industry.  So the more you volunteer, the more sports industry professionals you can add to your network.


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