5 Twitter Tips for Boosting Your Career

Twitter Habits That Will Help Your Career

Using Twitter
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If you are looking for a high impact way to prepare for a career in sports business, I'd recommend using the power of Twitter to help.

If you are looking to shift your career from another industry into sports business, I'd recommend using the power of Twitter to help.

If you are already working in the sports industry, but looking to identify new opportunities in the industry, I'd recommend using the power of Twitter to help.

OK, you get it. I think Twitter is a useful career development tool for anyone working in or desiring to develop a career in sports business (or any field, really).

But why is it so important? And how to best leverage Twitter's functionality, as related to your career?

Here are five tips (and explanations) to get you started or for fine tuning your existing usage patterns:

Make Your Twitter Feed Your Primary News Source 

One of the most powerful aspects of Twitter is the dissemination of breaking news. That functionality is great for keeping up with current events, but there are more possibilities. Twitter is a real-time news feed curated by you on the most important topics to you - and your career. Take advantage by following writers and sites that you already use for information, while also searching for additional sources.  And if you find your feed getting too crowded, consider using the Twitter List function.

Form a Habit of Utilizing Twitter

Just like any other activity you pick up - guitar, a foreign language, a new sport - the best way to become more fluent and engaged is through mindful repetition. Will you get good at guitar if you never practice?  Of course not. The same holds for integrating Twitter into your professional development.

You have to practice daily. So set up designated times daily to hop on Twitter and then follow through.

Use Twitter at Events

One useful function of Twitter is to use it during events you are attending or simply interested in. For example, the annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in early March is a top sports business event.  If you attend, tweeting your observations on the panels using the #SSAC16 hashtag, it allows you to dialogue with other attendees. And if you are not able to attend, following any event on Twitter is the next best thing to being there (and it is free and does not require travel expenses nor time off work). Engaging in real-time is best, as you can connect with attendees even though you are not there. But even if you miss the event live, the hashtag creates a living archive. Just check out #SSAC15, as an example.

Follow Industry Leaders

Whether it is sports or another industry (or more specific sub-industry) there is typically a relatively small universe of people who are leaders in the field that also actively and aggressively use the Twitter platform. Seek these people out and follow them to hear about job leads, new opportunities and analysis of industry trends.

  In sports, start by searching the #sportsbiz hashtag and then click the "More Options" tab and then on the "Accounts" tab for a listing of these influencers.

Engage in Twitter Chats

This can be intimidating for new users, but once you get the hang of the Twitter platform chats are a great learning and networking opportunity. This article provides some useful tips and a list of sports business related chats.

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