Can You Do Something Outrageous With Your Product?

Demonstrate Your Product In Some Startling Ways

BlendTec. YouTube

If you have a product to advertise, be it your own or your client’s, there are always a few basic rules to abode by. You must be truthful about what it can do, unless you make it a very obvious parody or exaggeration (Red Bull doesn’t actually give anyone wings). If it’s a product that does something very specific, a product demonstration is the first port of call. And, if it is well-designed, and made of first-rate materials, you’ll want to call attention to those as well.

But, how you call attention to something is often more important than what you’re asking people to focus on. As many ad experts have said, it’s not what you say, but the way you say it. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are five ways that you can demonstrate the power of your product.

1) Blow It Up
Literally. In a new ad from Converse, the Chuck II has ripped apart at the seams to demonstrate what it’s made of. It’s a great take on the old exploded diagram, and it’s done in a way that is a bang-on brand. It feels authentic, risky, and something that Converse wearers will love.

2) Make It Destroy Other Products
Hopefully, you have heard of “Will It Blend?” The idea, which came from BlendTec founder Tom Dickson, is nothing short of brilliant. He wanted to show the power of the BlendTec blender, and instead of opting for the usual, boring infomercial route, he took a very different path.

In the Will It Blend? Ads, which became a viral sensation, Tom destroyed other products in the BlednTec blender. Some of the items put into the blender, and obliterated, included golf balls, an iPhone, marbles, half a cooked chicken, credit cards, fake diamonds, and even an iPad. This was a great way to show the power of a truly well-engineered product, and get the whole world looking your way.

To date, over 17 million people have watched the iPad video.

3) Sink It
Perhaps the greatest automotive campaign ever created was for the VW Beetle, by legendary agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. The ads were always rooted in the product benefits, but done in ways that were completely unforgettable. Showing a VW Beetle driving through thick snow to get the snowplow driver to his plow was a master stroke.

However, the agency didn’t stop there. VW claimed the seals on the Beetle were so tight, it could float. Oh yeah? Well, for how long? That was the foundation for this genius ad, which is as watchable today as it was decades ago.

4) Do The Impossible
How do you demonstrate the incredible precision driving abilities of your new line of trucks? That was the task put before the creative team when Volvo wanted a new ad for their high0enmd trucks.

So, the creative responded with one of the best viral videos of the last decade. Set to a song by Enya, Jean-Claude Van Damme proceeds to do a split between two trucks, as they drive backwards. It is something you think would be completely impossible to achieve, but they did it. And they fully deserve the 80 million hits they got. Bravo.

5) Prepare to Bleed
Would you risk hacking into your finger to demonstrate the power of your product?

The maker of SafeSaw did just that. He created a system that would detect the presence of flesh and instantly shut down the circular saw. It’s an invention that could save hundreds, or even thousands, of people from horrific injuries each year. The result is a video that has garnered more than 3 million views, and earned the maker of the SafeSaw a lot of respect. Another viral hit.