Can You Cook a Frozen Ham Without Thawing It?

Baked Ham
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Don't sweat it if you forgot to pull your holiday ham out of the freezer, or it simply hasn't thawed as quickly as you expected. It's perfectly safe to cook a frozen ham. Just know that it takes about 50 percent longer to cook a fully frozen ham. In the case of a ham that is fully cooked, you are really only warming it up, but it takes significantly longer to do this from its frozen temperature of 0 F.

Cooking Temperatures

Preheat your oven to 325 F.  When the oven is warmed to the correct temperature, place the ham in the oven, uncovered, and cook it until its internal temperature meets or exceeds the following:

Cooked Ham (vacuum-packed at the plant) — 140 F
Cooked Ham (repackaged by you or someone else) — 165  F
Uncooked Ham (labeled fresh, cook-before-eating or uncured)  — 145 F

Cooking Times

Trying to gauge how much longer it will take to cook your frozen ham? Use this chart to look up the estimated cooking time.

Type of HamWeight in lbsThawed: Minutes/lbFrozen: Minutes/lb
Smoked Ham, cook-before-eating
Whole, bone-in10-1418-2027-30
Half, bone-in5-722-2533-38
Smoked Ham, cooked
Whole, bone-in10-1415-1823-27
Half, bone-in5-718-2427-36
Vacuum-packed, boneless6-1210-1515-23
Spiral cut, whole or half7-910-1815-27
Fresh, uncooked
Whole leg, bone-in12-1622-2633-39
Whole leg, boneless10-1424-2836-42
Half, bone-in5-835-4053-60

Note: Cooking times will vary. Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer to determine when your ham is done.

Cooking Small Portions

If you pulled sliced ham, bacon or another small portion out of the freezer, you can use these tips to thaw your meat quickly

*All recommendations are based ocurrent USDA guidelines.

What to Do With Your Leftover Ham

When you get tired of eating ham sandwiches, use up the rest of your leftover ham or pop it back in the freezer to enjoy later. It's perfectly fine to refreeze meat. Here's the scoop on how long ham stays safe to eat in the freezer. 

Be sure to hang on to the ham bone, too. It can be used to make soup, broth, and many other tasty recipes. If you're not up for making any of those things now, you can always freeze the ham bone for later.