Extract From & Compress To ZIP With CAM UnZip

Screenshot of CAM UnZip
CAM UnZip. © CAM Development

CAM UnZip is a very simple, free archive unzipper for Windows.

You can extract archives in the ZIP file format and create new password-protected ones.

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  • Free for personal use
  • Can choose to include or exclude subfolders when adding folders to a new archive
  • Supports drag and drop when adding files to an archive
  • Option to extract all files or just the selected ones
  • Can be used as a portable program without installation


    • Only supports one archive format
    • Doesn't integrate with Windows Shell

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    Security Options

    CAM UnZip can password-protect ZIP files.

    My Thoughts on CAM UnZip

    There really isn't much to say about Cam UnZip except that it's easy to use. I like that you can drag and drop files into the program to add to a new archive, but you can't even drag over existing ZIP files to be extracted - you must manually open an archive file to unzip it.

    Because only one format is supported for both creating and extracting an archive, I have to honestly recommend you use another program. I don't find the features in CAM UnZip to be so overwhelmingly wonderful to choose it over a similar program that can do more.

    However, if you know for a fact that you'll just be dealing with ZIP files, then go ahead and install CAM UnZip. But if you're looking for something better, I strongly recommend 7-Zip or PeaZip.