California Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool

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The California Department of Insurance has a developed a tool available on its website for homeowners to compare homeowners insurance coverage and policies available from different companies. The tools will make finding the right homeowners insurance coverage a little easier for California consumers. The tool has been available to California residents since May of 2015. Not only can insurance customers compare homeowners insurance rates but also look at side-by-side comparisons for condominium insurance and renters insurance.

Policy Comparison Tool

You can use the California Department of Insurance Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool when comparing coverage on homeowners, condominium, and renters insurance in the state of California. This online tool allows you to view side-by-side comparison on three different insurance companies and see what each one has to offer in coverage options and policy features including:

  • Types of Coverage Available
  • Required Minimum Limits of Coverage
  • Specific Limits of Coverage on Personal Property
  • Coverage Details
  • Additional Coverage Options Available
  • Loss Settlement Provisions

A sample policy is available along with any mandatory forms for your review for each company you select for comparison. You should keep in mind that it is only a sample policy and additional coverage options and endorsements may be available from the insurance company.

Important Points to Remember and Disclaimers

The California Department of Insurance has some important points to remember and disclaimers for this insurance comparison tool that you should be aware of including:

  • The policy summary language is provided by the insurance company that writes the policy.
  • The comparison charts and sample policy forms are only for informational purposes and do not replace or amend coverage. The actual policy determines your coverage rather than the information presented on the website.
  • Mobile homeowner coverage is not included in copies of basic contracts and mandatory endorsements.
  • Limitations and exclusions apply and are included in the insurance policy. You should contact the insurance carrier if you need further details about any limitations or exclusions that apply.
  • The policy currently offered by the insurance company may differ from the sample policy provided for review on the website. You should check with a company representative to make sure you are purchasing the specific coverage you want.
  • Contact information is provided for each insurance company or a link to the company’s website. You may contact the insurer for any additional questions.
  • No particular company or product listed on the website is endorsed by the California Department of Insurance.

About the California Department of Insurance

The California Department of Insurance was established in 1868 and serves as the largest consumer protection agency in the state. Since 2014, this agency has helped recover more than $63 million in claims and insurance premiums as well as answer 175,000 consumer inquiries for assistance. You can contact the California Department of Insurance by visiting the website, or call the consumer hotline at 800.927.HELP or 213.897.8921.

Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD) are also available by dialing 800.482.4833.

The Bottom Line

If you are a California resident in the market to shop for homeowners, condominium or renters insurance, this is a tool that could be very helpful when trying to find the best value on an insurance policy. The side-by-side comparison feature allows you to look at the different features and benefits of different types of policies available from three companies at one time. If you need more than three comparisons to consider, you can just go back and choose three different companies. There are many top-rated companies to choose from including California Casualty, Allstate, Nationwide and many more.