Business Uses for a Smartphone

How Salespeople Can Benefit from Company Smartphones

Cell phones are incredibly useful for business people in general and salespeople in particular since anyone in sales likely spends a lot of time on the road driving from one prospect to another. Being able to stay in touch with the office when you don't set foot there for days at a time can make a huge difference in your productivity. Smartphones take this potential a step further by giving you access to a wide range of tools and information once only available from a full-sized computer. Here are just a few ways that salespeople can use a smartphone to do their jobs faster, better and with less effort.

Find Your Way

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Your phone's GPS can get you to your sales appointments on time, even if you're in a strange city far from home. Most GPS software will even alert you to major traffic delays and find you an alternate route as needed.

Access Customer Data

Many CRMs allow you to connect to them from your smartphone and pull out useful data on prospects and customers. It's easy to retrieve a customer's order history or little details you've learned about a prospect, keeping you armed with vital information.

Last-Minute Research

Wise salespeople do their best to be early to every appointment. While you're sitting in your car or in the lobby waiting for your prospect to appear, you can pull out the smartphone and do some last-minute Google searching and perhaps find a few new tidbits of information that will make your presentation easier.


When you've got six sales appointments lined up in one day, keeping them straight can be a nightmare. Most smartphones have apps that allow you to record not only who you met and where, but also your notes about the impending appointment. That can save you from calling a prospect by the wrong name.

Update Social Media Accounts

Smartphones can make social media marketing a lot easier by allowing you to snatch a free minute now and then to post updates and read comments. Thanks to a smartphone, you can make use of time that would otherwise be wasted while standing in line or waiting in someone's office.

Get Real-Time Answers

When your prospect asks a question during an appointment and you don't know the answer, you may be able to find one elsewhere. A smartphone allows you to check your company website or CRM to pull up information about your products and give an immediate – and correct – answer.

Contacts At Your Fingertips

A smartphone makes your entire address book available to you at all times. So if you suddenly need to call your former co-worker from the road to provide an introduction to a new prospect, or need a last-minute hotel reservation for an unexpected overnight stay, it's not a problem. You can also access live networking tools like LinkedIn to find new contacts on the spot.

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