Business Cards for College Students

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Even though we are living in the digital age, having a well-designed business card is still considered to be an excellent networking tool for college students and college graduates. While your resume reflects your skills and accomplishments, handing out your resume to every potential employer or client is not practical. It doesn’t matter if you run into someone during your daily routine, or are at a networking event, business cards are an excellent way to give out your contact information, make contacts and display your personality at the same time.

When time is limited, business cards are a lifesaver, as it’s a quick and easy way to get your name out there and into the hands of others. However, many students are not working for a company that provides business cards, and are typically considered to be job-seekers, so when it comes time to designing a business card it is important to think outside the box.

Having a business card in the professional world shows initiative and can help build your professional image. If you are a college student or a recent graduate and have been pondering on how to design the perfect calling card, read on to check out our guidelines on how to have an effective and memorable business card.

What to Include on Your Business Card

You want people to know your name and be able to find and contact you through multiple means, so it is imperative that you include your name, a phone number, and an email address. However, you want to make sure your voice mail and email address is professional sounding.

In addition, putting down your graduating class, major or field of work doesn’t hurt either!

If you have a URL for a website, LinkedIn profile or for a blog, be sure to include that on your business card. This can allow a potential employer or client to see what you do best and gain some insight into you at the same time.

Bonus points if you include a QR code, which can help show off your technical knowledge and skills.

Business Card Design

Your business card can have the best design, but if nobody can read the text your business card is null and void. In order to ensure that your business card is clear and legible, make sure you have at least a 12-point font for the best readability for all audience members, young and old.

Don’t be cheap with your business card, as this can lower your desirability, make you look unprofessional, and does not leave a good impression. Skip the free business cards or heavily discounted offers; they are probably cheap for a reason. Think of your business cards as an investment for your future. Plus, who would think highly of a person who handed over a business card with smeared ink on a piece of flimsy paper?

Through the design of the business card, you can help increase your chances of being remembered by new contacts. When a business card stimulates a person’s senses it is much easier to remember that person. You want the touch and look of your business card to conjure up the memory of meeting you, so design your business card with the idea of sensory marketing in mind. It might take some trial and error, but it’s worthwhile if you can grab someone’s attention with your business card design.

Business Card Etiquette

Be mindful of your presentation when meeting someone for the first time. Having a well-designed business card won’t get you anywhere if you make a negative impression due to a lack of confidence or by being inappropriate. You yourself need to be professional and memorable in your presentation, so don’t expect your well-designed business card to do all of the hard work for you. Without substance, your fabulous business card will take you nowhere.

When you are networking, be sure to show some business card exchange etiquette. You want to strike a healthy balance when exchanging business cards by not just casually handing them out to everyone you see and talk to. Being too casual with your business cards not only makes a negative impression but can also waste your money as well.

More than likely many business cards that are handed out on a whim can just as easily be forgotten about and discarded.