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Brian O’Connell is a best-selling investment and finance book author and contributor to numerous national business platforms. A former Wall Street bond trader and the author of two best-selling books; “The 401k Millionaire” and “CNBC’s Creating Wealth”, he has 20 years of experience covering business news and trends, particularly in the financial, technology, political and career management sectors. His byline has appeared in dozens of top-tier national business publications, including CBS News, Bloomberg, Time, MSN MoneyThe Wall Street Journal, CNBC,, Yahoo Finance, CBS Marketwatch, and many more. Visit his web site at: Or, visit this link ​ for a list/review of some of his book titles. Reach out to him at LinkedIn, at



1. Here’s a brief list of continuing projects:

  • I am currently one of the lead personal financial writers for U.S. News & World Report.
  • I write a regular personal finance/banking & credit column for Jim Cramer at, and have written regularly for CNBC’s “Mad Money”.
  • I contribute regularly to, (Moneyland),, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and
  • I contribute fin/tech articles on a regular basis for Bloomberg Enterprise.
  • I have authored two best-selling investment books: “The 401k Millionaire” (Random House) and “CNBC’s Creating Wealth (John Wiley & Sons).

2. My background in business and finance. I spent six years on Wall Street, as an over-the-counter trader for Kidder Peabody and as a corporate bond trader for Delaware Funds.

3. My background as a writer/editor. I’ve written 14 books, six of them strictly financial titles, for major publishers. I’ve also written hundreds of articles for business media platforms like Time, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The, Bloomberg, Registered Representative, Financial Planning, and many, many others. I’ve also written and edited white papers, web content, speeches, brochures, sales letters, e-books, and newsletters for investment firms like Fidelity, Vanguard Group, Bank of America, and any others.

4. My experience with online business-media resources. I’ve written and edited online financial editorial projects for, Yahoo Finance,, AARP, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, and, among others. I also ghostwrote a book on Google AdWords, and I’m completely comfortable executing online strategies such as using SEO and hyperlinks, using DreamWeaver and NetObjects, and focusing on keyword density, among other online publishing strategies.

5. My experience I’ve had with online publishing. I’ve written the bulk of content for business/financial websites like; and key sections of AARP’s web site. I’ve also handled three financial blogs; for and


 Bachelors Degree, Journalism and Communications, at University of Massachusetts.

Brian O'Connell

As a trader and investors, I've made money and made mistakes. Learn from my experience, and profit from it—one trade at a time.