Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Submissions: End of Year Fundraising!

Start Your Engines for Year End Fundraising

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Pamela Grow

June 29, 2015

I’m delighted to host the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for July this year.

I figure it’s never too early to plan year-end fundraising campaigns. So, let’s put together a quick-start guide that covers all the advice we can come up with for the biggest fundraising season of the year.

Usually, at the Carnival, we like to have your newest blog posts or articles, but for this one I will be accepting your best posts from any time this year or last year.

If you have a great evergreen piece of content from last year’s experience, send it along. Or write something brand new based on what you learned last year.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • How to pace end-of-year appeals
  • Tips for the best holiday direct mail ever
  • How to contemporize your online fundraising for the holidays
  • The best #GivingTuesday ideas ever
  • Top examples of great end of year fundraising campaigns
  • How to thank end of year donors
  • How to create holiday campaigns that appeal to everyone
  • End of year fundraising stats and facts
  • How to team up with a business for holiday cause marketing
  • Or be a contrarian and tell us why we make too much of end of year fundraising and what we should do instead
  • You get the idea.

How to Submit your posts to the July Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Here’s how the Carnival works.

Write a post on your own blog or an article on your website. You don’t have to mention the Carnival at all.

Just write for your usual audience. Then submit it to the Carnival. I’ll look all the submissions over and pick the best to feature in a round-up post right here at the end of the month.

Important Dates

Deadline for submissions:  Saturday, July 25, 2015
Publication of roundup: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
To submit, just email your post to nonprofitcarnival[at]gmail[dot]com (


  • Your name
  • The URL of your post
  • A two or three sentence summary of your post

Why participate?

Who doesn’t want more social media exposure and build your credits? This is a no brainer. The Carnival works to help spread your ideas far and wide.

On the other hand, I get it, it’s July and hot, and you have to work around your vacation. That’s why I made this Carnival extra easy. No need to even break a sweat dreaming up a post or finding one in the archives that is begging to be repurposed. Let’s make this Carnival roundup huge!

Here are some things to do first though:

Read Lori Halley’s June Carnival roundup at Wild Apricot. Did you contribute? See your name in lights!

Learn more about the Carnival

Click here to learn more about the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and sign-up for monthly reminders. Pamela Grow is the coordinator for the Carnival and keeps us all on track.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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