Billeo: Pay Bills Online with Your Credit Card

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Update: Billeo is no longer a consumer service, but is offered as a service to banks, credit cards and online market places. See About ​Billeo for details.

Billeo Toolbar:

Billeo is a free toolbar that works with your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox) to help manage online financial transactions in a faster and more organized way. Billeo includes six tools for online shopping and paying bills online, including Save and File,which stores payment confirmations in one place for you. This profile focuses on the tool for managing and paying bills online, Billeo Bill Pay Assistant.

Billeo Details:

With just a few mouse clicks, Billeo's Bill Pay Assistant allows you to pay bills from more than 11,000 sources, like water delivery, rent, taxes and medical bills. Billeo lets you pay a bill immediately if you need to and saves a copy of payment confirmations.

Billeo does not pay bills automatically on dates you set up in advance, so if you want that kind of service, take a look at some other online bill pay options.

Billeo Bill Pay Assistant May Be A Better Bill Pay Option:

While most online bill pay services make payments from your checking or savings account, Billeo makes payments using a credit card. If you use a credit card with a cash back, points or another reward system, using Billeo to pay bills online may be a good option for you.

Billeo reminds you when a bill is nearing its due date, then you use the browser toolbar to go to the payee web site where payment information is entered automatically and the payment is completed.

All bills are automatically organized for you in Billeo, and bills can be paid up to the day they are due without an additional fee to expedite payment. Billeo also stores information about how much you pay and provides rudimentary transaction reports for tracking expenses, gathering tax information, and to provide data to set up a budget.

For security purposes, the only personally identifiable information Billeo asks for is your e-mail address and zip code. Passwords and credit card or bank account details are kept on your own PC and are encrypted (but, always use a good anti-virus software solution.