Biden Says CDC Will Move Against Evictions

President Biden Delivers Remarks On Progress In Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

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A new anti-eviction measure is on the way, just days after the previous eviction moratorium expired, President Joe Biden said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Biden said the Centers for Disease Control would shortly announce new measures to prevent evictions.  The CDC would impose a 60-day eviction ban in areas with high levels of COVID-19 infections, according to a press release from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

"My hope is, it’s going to be a new moratorium,” Biden said, adding that it would cover “close to 90% of the American people who are renters.”

The previous moratorium, first put in place in September, ended after Democratic lawmakers failed to extend it. The Biden Administration had asked Congress to extend the moratorium because of a Supreme Court ruling that said only lawmakers, not the Biden Administration, had the power to do so. Whether or not the new moratorium will ultimately be struck down by the courts, Biden said he hoped it would buy time for the $47 billion Emergency Rental Aid program to distribute money to those who have fallen behind on rent and utility payments.

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