Want to Snag a TV Deal on Black Friday? Check Out Best Buy

Best Buy Has the Most Black Friday TV Deals and the Best Doorbuster, Ever

Best Buy Black Friday Ad
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Best Buy has more Black Friday TV deals than any other retailer and the TV doorbuster that tops them all. The Toshiba 49-inch 4K LED HDTV with built-in Chromecast is predicted to be this year's Black Friday crowd crusher. The $200 price tag is the lowest advertised price found on this high-rated premium TV. Hoping to get it online? Hate to disappoint, but it will only be available, when the doors open at 5 pm on Thanksgiving night, at your local Best Buy store.

When Will the Black Friday Ad Deals Be Online?

Exactly when the Black Friday deals will be available online has not been announced. Bestbuy hopes to prevent performance problems with the website due to an onslaught of online shoppers. However, many of the Black Friday deals are already showing up on BestBuy.com and rumor has it that, by Wednesday night, shoppers will find most deals available online.

Shopping the range of  supersize TVs to the smallest models, here is what we have found out about Best Buy’s Black Friday TV deals. (Note: We rounded up the prices. For example, Best Buy's price of $2499.99 is rounded to $2500.)

  • Sony 75-inch 2160p 4K Smart Ultra HDTV (Model: XBR75X850D), Back Friday price: $2500, usually sells for $3000 - This is a good TV and the $500 savings is fairly impressive. It rates high on most online reviews. You can purchase it at this price online now at several online stores, including Bestbuy.com and Walmart.
  • Vizio 70-inch LED 2160p 4K Ultra HDTV (Model: E70-E3), Back Friday price: $1000, usually sells for $1299. This is about a $300 savings. No need to wait until Black Friday though, because it is available at the sale price at BestBuy.com. Are you a member of Costco? If so, you can pick this gem up $72 cheaper ($930) at Costco.com.
  • Sony 65-inch 2160p 4K Smart Ultra HDTV (Model: XBR-65X850D), Back Friday price: $1400, usually sells for $1600. While this TV rates high among online reviewers, the Black Friday $200 savings is not exactly wow-worthy.You won't have to fight crowds for this one. It is currently available at this price, or close to it, at several online retailers including Bestbuy.com, AmazonCrutchfield, and Walmart.
  • Samsung 65-inch 4K 240Hz Smart LED HDTV (Model: UN65KS8000FXZA), Black Friday price: $1498. This is the 2016 model and it is ranked high in reviews we found. Consumer Reports ranked it at 76. The LG OLED65G6P ranked the highest at 86 points, but if you want one it will cost you $6000. You can pick the Samsung now at HHGregg for $1200 or try to get Best Buy to match their price.
  • LG 65-inch 4K 60Hz Smart LED HDTV (Model: 65UH6030), Best Friday price: $800, usually sells for $1200. This is a good TV that ranks high in reviews. You can buy this model for the Black Friday price now online at Bestbuy.com and Walmart and Dell.com.
  • LG 60-inch 4K 60Hz Smart LED HDTV (Model: 60UH6035), Back Friday price: $600, usually sells for $700. We could not locate the model at a better price. Currently, it is priced for a $100 more on BestBuy.com. If you want this TV at this price, you may have to go to your local Best Buy store's Black Friday sale.
  • Samsung 60-inch 2160p 4K Smart Ultra HDTV (Model: UN60KS8000FXZA). Black Friday price: $1198, usually sells for $1400. Shoppers will save around $200, and it is at the sale price now at Bestbuy.com, Amazon.com, HH Gregg, Sam's Club, and Walmart which also has free store pickup on this model, which Best Buy is not offering.
  • Samsung 58-inch LED 1080p Smart HDTV (Model: UN58J5190AFXZA), Back Friday price: $428, usually sells for $650. This TV usually sells for around $500 at other retailers, although apparently not at Best Buy.
  • Sharp 55-inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV with the Built-in Roku smart platform, (Model: LC-55LB481U) Black Friday price: $250, usually sells for $500. This is one of Best Buy's in-store only, Black Friday doorbuster, deals. With its $250 price tag, we suggest that you bring your turkey dinner with you and camp out in front of Best Buy early if you want to grab this deal.
  • Sony 55-inch 4K 120Hz Smart HDTV (Model: XBR-55X850D), Back Friday price: $900, usually sells for $1000. The $100 savings is less than impressive. This is currently selling at Bestbuy.com for the Back Friday price. It is not available for store pickup, but you can get free shipping. Walmart also has it for the sale price, plus free shipping or free store pickup.
  • Samsung 55-inch 2160p 4K Smart LED TV (Model: UN55KS8000FXZA) , Back Friday price: $997.99, usually sells for $1199.99. No reason to rush out on Thanksgiving for this model. Several online retailers have it available now for this price. Interested? Abt.com has it for the sale price, but with no sales tax (depending on where you live) and free shipping.

Top Picks on Mid-Size TVs

  • Samsung 50-inch 1080p LED Smart HDTV (Model: UN50J5201AFXZA), Back Friday price: $300, ($250 savings).
  • Toshiba 49-inch 4K 60Hz LED HDTV with Chromecast (Model: 49L621U), Back Friday price: $200, ($250 savings). This is a hot deal!
  • LG 43-inch 2160p 4K Ultra HDTV (Model: 43UH6030), Back Friday price: $300, ($200 savings).