The Best Time to Buy Furniture

Find the Best Month to Buy Indoor, Outdoor and Office Furniture

Couple shopping in furniture store
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When you are in the market for new or used furniture, what is the best time of the year to shop for it? The best timing depends on the kind of furniture - indoor, outdoor, or office furniture. The best selection availability of used furniture will also be seasonal.

Best Months to Buy New Indoor Furniture: January or July

New furniture styles hit the showroom floor twice a year (in February and August).

Stores need to make room for all those new arrivals. You will begin seeing the best discounts on old styles and floor models in January, which will continue in February.

Again in July you will see discounts and sales as the stores clear out last year's models to replace with the new items. You should be able to strike good deals on closeouts and floor models. Remember that everything is negotiable at most furniture stores. Don't pay the sticker price or settle for what they say is already a great deal.

Best Months for Buying New Outdoor Furniture: August Through October

If you want patio furniture, you may want to make do with some folding chairs and spend on the larger ticket items in late summer or early autumn. You will be able to find end-of-season deals. Just don't wait until it's too late and the retailers have completely warehoused their outdoor furniture for the season.

Best Months to Buy Office Furniture: April After Tax Day or August

There are often sweet deals to be had the day after Tax Day in April on office furniture.

But you can also find deals again during back-to-school sale season in August and September. If you can wait for the end of September, you may have the best deals on floor models and overstocks.

Best Months to Buy Used Furniture

Consignment stores have their biggest inventory in the summer, especially July and August, as that is the prime moving season.

As families pull up stakes to move to new digs, their furniture gets left behind for sale. Thrift stores will have the best selection of used furniture during the summer as well.

If you shop rummage sales and garage sales, look for moving sales to get used furniture. Trawl through better neighborhoods to find better used furniture. If a local charity or school has a big rummage sale, put it on your calendar to enjoy some furniture shopping. You can also find deals throughout the year shopping at estate sales. Find your best source for getting announcements of estate sales so you can benefit from those bargains.

Local Sales

Keep your eyes open for true going-out-of-business sales at local furniture stores. Other kinds of stores may also sell their office furniture as they go out of business or move.

Refresh Your Bargaining Skills

If you are a person who always pays the price on the sticker, you need to develop your bargaining skills when you are furniture shopping. Just as with buying a car, the sticker price is almost never the final price. Be prepared with an opening offer that is ten percent or more below the lowest price listed.