The Best Stock Market Apps for the iPhone and iPad

If you're an investor—or you'd like to be—tracking and analyzing market news and stock data can help you invest intelligently. Add one of these stock market apps to your iPhone or iPad to track stock picks, monitor prices, and stay up-to-date on the latest market news. 

Stocks Tracker

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Stocks Tracker offers free real-time streaming quotes, portfolio tracking, and real-time market alerts. You can track multiple portfolios or watchlists, plus global indices, futures, and commodities.

Detailed stock information includes price and volume data, news, and earnings for the past six quarters as well as the next earnings date, which you can add to your calendar. There are more than 50 technical indicators and overlays available so you can take advantage of advanced charting capabilities.

Cost: Free. In-app purchases range from $1.99 to $49.99.

Stocks Live

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Stocks Live for the iPhone and iPad has a ton of features for tracking investments and trades, including the ability to perform free sync and trade with major brokers. Real-time quotes are available, but require an in-app purchase. Global market coverage and multiple currencies are also available, along with more than 140 news feeds and a heat map.

You can search and track stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, indexes, and world currencies, as well as manage unlimited watchlists. Plus, each watchlist can hold at least 10,000 stocks and be backed up to iCloud.

The chart viewer allows several customization options, and you can also research company information and data for fundamentals, technical analysis, events, earnings estimates, dividends, news, and competitors.

You can also set up what-if scenarios for your portfolio and compare it to any ticker.

Cost: $9.99. A variety of in-app purchases is available with prices that range from $2.99 for candlestick patterns and activities to $15.99 for real-time quotes.

Yahoo! Finance

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Yahoo Finance is the go-to financial website for many people. You can put the power of their financial reporting in your pocket with their iOS app, which allows you to track your portfolio as well as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, futures, and global indices.

You can research detailed company information, track multiple watchlists, and enable notifications for a number of financial events including price alerts, earnings reports, breaking news, and others.

You can set the app to Dark Mode and compare and evaluate interactive charts. You can also sync the app across devices. 

Cost: Free. In-app purchases include a monthly subscription fee of $34.99 or an annual fee of $349.99 for Yahoo Finance Premium.

Stock Master

Whether you're a novice or a master trader, Stock Master will help you, with real-time quotes (U.S. only), before- and after-market prices, and other price data such as EPS and volume.

Track stocks, commodities, global indices, forex, and bitcoin and use multiple watchlists. You can customize your push notifications and alerts to certain triggers that you define.

The app allows you to create customizable, advanced charts and export portfolios in PDF, CSV, text, and Excel formats.

Cost: Free. In-app purchases include removing ads and limits to features; costs range from $2.99 for unlimited portfolios to $139.99 for the all-in-one version.

Super Stocks with Options

Super Stocks with Options is a free app that provides live stock quotes (including before- and after-market pricing), advanced charting with dozens of technical indicators, and multiple watchlists that can include stocks, forex, options, and futures.

You also receive live news and have access to personalized notes as well as a calendar for earnings, dividends, and IPOs. You can see extensive data about companies and scan and screen your picks according to technical and fundamental criteria you choose. You can protect your data with Touch ID and sync to the cloud on multiple devices.

Track and manage multiple portfolios or import your portfolio from one of the major brokers. You can also export a snapshot of your portfolio in PDF format and share via iMessage.

Options traders can take advantage of advanced scanning and alerts, plus multiple ways to plan, test, and analyze strategy.

Cost: Free. Some features require in-app purchases, which range from $1.99 to $599.99. Stocks & Finance

Real-time stock quotes are not always a given, but they are with's mobile app. You can see live quotes and charts for over 100 financial instruments and track securities, commodities, bonds, forex, futures, options, and interest rates.

Customize your personal calendar, alerts, and notifications. You can also personalize your portfolio and watchlist and sync with your account.

App users can benefit from breaking news and analysis of the markets, technology, economy, and business, and share to social media. Cryptocurrency investors can track prices, news, and other information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, in addition to many others: Ripple, Monero, Cardano, NEM, and more.

Cost: Free, but in-app purchases cost from $99 to $124.99.

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