2015 Instagram Most Popular Retail Brands: Best Social Media Marketing

Retailing Companies with Highest Instagram Followers, Hashtag Mentions, Posts

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The list of the 2015 Most Popular Retail Brands on Instagram might be surprising to those who follow and those who are working to create the best social media marketing results.  High fashion luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Michael Kors are understandably very popular among Instagram followers because of their visual and aspirational appeal.  

But the #1 Most Popular Retail Brand is seemingly neither high fashion, nor particularly visually appealing, and still, it outpaces other retail brands on Instagram in terms of both Instagram followers and Instagram hashtag mention.

 With about three times the followers and hashtag mentions as the next most popular retail brands on Instagram, the best Instagram Social Media Marketing Award goes to... Nike!

According to a chart provided by Macys.com in September 2015, Nike had 18.7 million Instagram followers, compared to the next most followed retail brand, Adidas, which had a measly 6.4 million followers.  When it comes to Instagram hashtag mentions, the Macy's chart reported that Nike had a stunning 47.7 million, compared to the next most mentioned retail brand, Prada, which Instagram users hashtagged just 18.7 times.  

What's interesting about the retail brands that are compared on the Macy's Instagram chart is that most of them are considered to be luxury retail brands.  It's not known why Macy's would want to take the time and make the effort to compile and publish information about luxury brands since Macy's is not considered to be a luxury retail chain.

 All retail chains, including those department store chains that would be considered to be Macy's competitors like Nordstrom and Dillards, were excluded from the list.

What follows is the complete list of retail companies compared by the September 2015 Macy's Instagram Retail Brand Popularity Chart.

 This list is arranged according to popularity, with the most popular retail brands on Instagram listed first. Click the links for more research about each retail brand.

2015 Instagram Most Popular Retail Brands: Most Instagram Followers

1)  Nike

2)  Adidas Originals

3)  Louis Vuitton

4)  Dolce & Gabbana

5)  Michael Kors

6)  Adidas

7)  Dior

8)  Christian Louboutin

9)  Gucci

10)  Prada

11)  Burberry

12)  Vans Shoes

13)  Fendi

14)  Armani

15)  Converse

16)  Jimmy Choo

17)  Free People

18)  Calvin Klein

19)  Ralph Lauren

20)  Cartier

2015 Instagram Most Popular Retail Brands: Most #Hashtag Mentions

1) Nike

2)  Prada

3)  Gucci

4)  Dior

5)  Hermes

6)  Vans Shoes

7)  Adidas

8)  Fendi

9)  Burberry

10)  Cartier

11)  Louis Vuitton

12)  Converse

13)  Hello Kitty

14)  Michael Kors

15)  Coach

16)  Ray-Ban

17)  Armani

18)  Guess

19)  Ralph Lauren

20)  Dolce & Gabbana

The Instagram social media platform is a popular social media marketing tool for retailing companies, when measured by Instagram Followers and total number of photos posted with each retailing company's brand name hashtag.

This is a complete list of the most popular retail brands and retailing companies on Instagram, according to data compiled and published by the Nitrogram website.

 This list of most popular retailers on Instagram is arranged according to popularity. The number in the left column is the popularity ranking number, compared to a total of 150 companies on Instagram from all industries.

2014 Complete List of Most Popular Retail Brands on Instagram:

1) Nike

2) Starbucks

4) Adidas

5) Topshop

6) Forever 21

7) Vans

9) Michael Kors

11) Gucci

12) Victoria’s Secret

13) BMW

14) Vogue Magazine

15) Louis Vuitton

17) H&M

18) Hollister

20) Converse

21) Burberry

22) Audi

24) Sephora

26) Prada

27) Mercedes-Benz

28) Disney

30) Asos

31) Marc Jacobs

32) M A C Cosmetics

36) Abercrombie & Fitch

41) Ralph Lauren

42) Versace

44) Valentino

47) Aeropostale

48) American Apparel

49) Steve Madden

52) Urban Outfitters

53) Armani

55) Guess

57) Kate Spade

60) Taco Bell

62) American Eagle

63) Puma

64) Dior

66) Zara

68) Pacsun

69) Free People

71) Bath and Body Works

72) Foot Locker

73) Balenciaga

75) J. Crew

76) New Balance

79) Oakley

80) Tory Burch

81) lululemon

84) Stussy

86) Ben & Jerry’s

87) Tiffany & Co.

88)  Juicy Couture

89) Volkswagen

91) Gap

92) Target

93) Hermes

94) Under Armour

96) Karmaloop

97) Levi’s

99) Jimmy Choo

101) Lamgorghini

103) Harrods

104) Dolce Gabbana

105) River Island

108) Ford

112) Nordstrom

113) Hurley

116) Reebok

120) Anthropologie

122) Alexander McQueen

128) Lacoste

129) Miu Miu

131) Donna karan

134) Calvin Klein

136) McDonald’s

137) Nasty Gal

138) Whole Foods

139) Hot Topic

140) DC Shoes

144) Etsy

146) Quiksilver

147) Moschino

148) Sony