The Best Practices for Promoting Music on Facebook

If you've decided to start promoting your music on Facebook, you are joining thousands of other artists. To stand out, you need to strike the right balance of engaging with your fans and saving time to actually make music. To win at promoting your music on Facebook, follow these Facebook music promotion best practices.

Shift Your Focus

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The more people who like your Facebook page, the more people you reach with every post. However, your most successful Facebook "like" recruit actually happens away from the website - and away from the computer.

You're going to really convince people to like your page by playing a great show, having a great song they hear somewhere and positive word of mouth. In other words, don't spend a huge amount of time online actually trying to get new people to follow you online.

Devote your social media time to creating an exciting page and engaging with the people that already follow you. You'll keep your existing fans happy, and your page will always look active to new fans.

Hit Reply

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Don't just hold court on your Facebook page. When you post something, and your fans start commenting on it, talk back to them. You don't have to reply to every single person, but responding to some will encourage your fans to stay active on your page.  In addition to showing them that you're a real person, every time you reply to a fan, you let all the other fans know that maybe it will be them you reply to next time. This is the kind of interaction people want on social media pages. They want to be social.

Mix Business and Pleasure

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Your Facebook page is for promoting your music, but if that's all you do on it, you won't get very far. Instead, mix some personal stories in with your announcements of music related stuff. No, you don't have to completely open the window on your whole personal life, but if you're, say, ordering a pizza, announce on Facebook that it's pizza party time. These sorts of things, mixed in with your business stuff, gives fans an "inside peak" into your life and career. 

Don't Waste Time

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You're a musician, not a social media marketer.  Don't waste hours on Facebook. Use it strategically to promote your work, but don't neglect other areas of the music business, such as practicing and recording.


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When it's possible, manage your social media page yourself. Let all of the band members jump in there and engage with the fans, rather than depending on a social media manager. It makes the page feel more organic and natural, giving fans a more personal connection. 

If keeping up with the page becomes overwhelming because you're too busy actually being a musician, it's okay to get some help. Even so, log in yourself now and then put up a post. It only takes a few minutes and can have a major impact. This is especially important in the run-up to a new project.