The 7 Best Places to Order Checks Online in 2019

Save some money and place an order from these reputable picks

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If you use checks regularly, you know the cost for new check blanks can add up fast. If your bank does not give you free checks, you will need to order them somewhere from time to time to restock your supply.

While you still might find check coupons with the Sunday paper, if you want to order your checks online you have a wide range of options. Whatever you do, you probably don’t want to order checks through your bank, as they usually come from the most expensive check providers. Instead, look to one of these companies to get the best value when you need new checks.

When you do need checks, make sure to order with plenty of time before you’ll run out. Your landlord won’t care if you ran out of blanks when the rent is due! Order at least a couple of weeks ahead to ensure you have checks before you need them. If that is today, check out these top vendors for ordering checks online.

What you need to order checks online:

Before you order your checks, you’ll need some important information. Lucky for you, you can find everything you need on an existing check for your account. That includes the account number, routing number, as well as some other basic bank information along with your own personal contact information.

You can find the routing and account number at the bottom of any check. Those weird coded numbers are in a format called MICR, which uses metallic ink so computers could read and verify the numbers and authenticity of the check. After all, checks shouldn’t be so easy to make that they also become easy to counterfeit and copy.

If you have any questions or get stuck along the way, just call your bank and they can give you everything you need to fill out the online check ordering form correctly. Now that we have that important information out of the way, here are the best places to order checks online.

Best Overall: Checks In The Mail

Checks in the Mail
Courtesy of Checks in the Mail

Checks In the Mail offers a giant selection of check styles, competitive pricing and a range of check styles. This adds up to the best online check buying experience you can find today. Before you order, make sure to hunt around for a coupon code, which you might find on the site’s homepage. There are lots of discounts to be had, particularly for new customers.

If you want basic checks, you can order the best seller “Blue Safety Checks” starting at $3.99. Branded checks from Star Wars, Despicable Me, Snoopy, The Avengers and other big brands cost a bit more. But with a wide selection of Disney and other brands, you’ll find something that will make you smile before you sign at the bottom line.

Favorite checks: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Checks. These cost $26.99 for a pack of 100 checks or $47.98 for a pack of 200. But you can probably find a coupon to make them a little cheaper.

Widest Selection: Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange
Courtesy of Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange is another well-known, trusted brand in checks. Bradford Exchange is noteworthy for its large selection. The site claims over 800 exclusive designs. From sports teams to Disney to American patriotism, you’ll find checks that show off what makes you excited on this site.

Buying checks at the bank is very expensive, and Bradford Exchange advertises up to 70 percent off bank check prices. In addition to branded checks that cost a bit more, you can also find generic styled checks with images of pets, scenery, artwork, undersea landscapes, professional designs, religious and other themes.

Favorite checks: Vintage Housewife. These checks combine old-time styles with fun and sassy text. From “Good morning… let the stress begin” to “I childproofed my house… but they still get in,” these checks are sure to draw a laugh.

Best From a General Printer: Vistaprint

Vista Print
Courtesy of Vista Print

Vistaprint made a name for itself with “free business cards, just pay shipping,” type deals over the years. But Vistaprint does a lot more than business cards. One of its specialties is checks, and they offer bargain prices.

Personal wallet checks start at less than $3.00 for a book of 25. They only offer a few dozen design choices, but they are all well priced. As with all check orders, make sure to check and double check that the numbers are entered correctly. One negative review said that the bank rejected their new checks because the format was not correct.

But, overall, if you can follow the instructions and fill it out correctly, you’ll be happy with the final result. And it’s a great deal.

Favorite checks: “#61359.” These are just simple, plain, generic blue checks. They don’t do anything special, but the price is right.

Best Customer Service: Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited
Courtesy of Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited earned the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also offer an easy online ordering process and stand behind their product, making them a top destination for check order customer service.

Like some others on this list, Checks Unlimited offers a wide range of check buying choices, including Disney, Warner Brothers, MLB, Harley-Davidson and other specialty designs. Nature lovers can choose four eco-friendly designs name on recycled paper.

Favorite checks: Disney Princess. Parents of little girls are sure to get a winning smile with Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana designs. And even if you don’t have a little girl and just want them for yourself…that can be our little secret.

Best Value: Costco Checks

Courtesy of Costco

Costco sells tires, chicken, golf clubs, jewelry, books, electronics, medications and pretty much everything else you need at home. Why not checks, too? That must have been what they thought when founding Costco Checks.

Costco Checks is a partnership with Harland Clarke Check Printing, but like anything Costco does, you know you can count on both quality and value pricing. So if you are a member, whip out that Costco card and get ordering.

These are not the cheapest checks on this list by any means, but they do include free delivery and Executive Members save an additional 20 percent. They cost less than what the bank charges, but if you are price-sensitive you may want to look elsewhere.

Favorite checks: Costco High-Security Checks. These are not the cheapest of what Costco offers, but they come with first class security features to combat fraud. That includes a 3D foil hologram across the top of the check and heat responsive ink.

Best for Discounts: Walmart Checks

Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart stores are known for rock-bottom prices, and if you want to save money on specialty branded checks, this is the place to shop. You can order movie- and character-branded checks at a lower price than anywhere else compared when compiling this list.

Walmart offers basic checks starting at $6.46, which is not the cheapest around. But for checks with Minions on them, you can’t beat the $7.46 price for a pack of 150 checks. Other popular checks with the low price include the entire Disney collection (includes Star Wars), American Pride checks, Star Trek checks, landscape and architecture checks, as well as generic designs.

Favorite check: ASPCA Dogs. These checks show off your love of humane treatment of animals and include four fun pictures of dogs you just want to hug. Don’t worry cat lovers, they have a version for you, too.

Best Security Features: Deluxe

Courtesy of Deluxe

The name “Deluxe” is synonymous with checks in our book. The default check provider for many banks is Deluxe, and they are the standard in high-quality checks. But they are not cheap. You pay a premium to buy from Deluxe.

As a matter of fact, pricing is so high compared to some competitors that you can’t even see pricing until you enter your routing number, account number and zip code. That is not open and transparent pricing by any measure.

However, Deluxe has been around for over 100 years, and they know checks inside and out. They are pretty much the gold standard. If you are willing to hand over a portion of your gold stash to buy them, you will get a very high-quality result.

Favorite check: PGA Tour. If you dream of spending your days on the golf course, you can inject a little golf into your day each time you write a check.