The 7 Best Places to Order Checks Online in 2021

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Paying bills with checks can come with a cost. Although your bank may give you a starter set for free, you’ll eventually have to restock, and, depending on how often you write checks, it can be a sizable expense. Ordering checks directly from your bank is usually the most expensive route, but it's possible to find a lower-priced supplier.

Don't wait until you’re down to your last check to order, however, since it can take a few weeks to get replacement checks. To help you get started, we explored the top companies for ordering checks online, breaking down their best features, pricing details, and more.

What You Need to Order Checks Online

When ordering checks online, grab one of your existing checks since you’ll need some key information: your bank, your account number, and your routing number. The routing and account numbers run along the bottom of a check. 

Note that they're in that font due to security reasons—that’s how banking institutions are able to tell that the checks are authentic. It’s called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), and it allows checks to be read by machines. This is also what prevents people—and counterfeiters—from printing checks on their own.

If you don’t have a check on hand to refer to, you can go online to your bank account or call your bank to get your routing number or whatever else you need. With your account information ready to go, you’ll also need to share what information you want to appear on the checks including your name, business name (if applicable), and contact information (optional).

But before you place your order, you’ll need to know the best places to buy checks online—here are our top picks to help you.

Best Overall: Checks In The Mail

Checks In The Mail

It's safe to say that Checks In The Mail is a reputable company: it sells over a billion checks per year to customers in all 50 states. Its site also features around 200 different check styles and often has multiple coupon codes, as well as new customer offers for even deeper discounts. 

The starting pricing on Checks in the Mail is $21.25 for a box of 100 single personal checks. Plus, for some designs, you can order 25 checks starting at just $5.25. For people who rarely use paper checks, but want to keep a small book on hand, this is a great option. 

There is also an array of offerings for those who need business checks, including high security designs.

Best Value: Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks

It's hard to beat 125 checks for $6.99, but that’s the value you’ll get if you order from Carousel Checks. The site even runs deals for two boxes (250 checks) for $7.98. While the lower-priced styles are on the plain side, there are some fun designs included at this price such as horses, bald eagles, flowers, or butterflies.

If you’re looking for something more whimsical, animal-oriented, or career-themed, Carousel Checks has a vast selection, starting as low as $19.99 per box. As with other companies, if you buy in bulk, you’ll get a better deal.

Just be mindful that check orders can take up to three or four weeks, according to its FAQs.

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Best for Security: Costco Checks

Costco Checks

Through a partnership with Harland Clarke Check Printing, Costco Checks provides a nice selection of options. Of course, as is usually the case with Costco, you’ll have to buy in bulk as the smallest order option is 250 checks. 

While you can find lower prices elsewhere, the company's wide selection, commitment to security, and free delivery are big bonuses. And, if you’re an Executive Member, you’ll save an additional 20 percent on your order.  

Even more, Costco’s High Security Business Checks have 25 security features—which is more than what other companies offer. Each check includes visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive ink, holograms, and watermarks. You can get 500 high security laser draft checks for $127.40. 

Costco also has a personal check option with counterfeit-proof security features, including a hologram foil bar and a heat reactive ink circle. Prices start at $27.15 for 250 single checks for Gold Star/Business Members.

Best Customization: Walmart Checks


Walmart is not only a great place to find bargains on groceries, but on checks, too. Most of the site's large selection starts at $8.46 for a box of 150 with free standard shipping. It even includes some pop culture character designs as well as landscape, nature, and animal options.

Better yet, you can design your own check style by uploading a photo or logo starting at just $16.46, or choose the Paper People option for a customized design of your family from $19.46.

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Best Customer Support: Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange

If you’d like to browse through a wide selection of checks, Bradford Exchange has more than 800 exclusive designs, including charitable causes, pop culture icons like Elvis Presley and Lucille Ball, patriotic themes, and more. Because the site is very easy to navigate—with clear pricing, features, and shipping times for each item listed—shopping with this company is a pleasant experience.

Plus, customer service is available seven days a week should you have any questions, and there’s also a robust FAQ section.

Price-wise, Bradford Exchange advertises up to 70 percent off bank check prices. Starting prices are $19.95 for 120 single checks. 

Best for Business Checks: Sam’s Club Checks

Sam’s Club Checks

Sam's Club is an excellent warehouse membership club that offers deep discounts on bulk buying. Customers, especially business owners, who need a large number of checks at once can score a great deal through its site. Case in point: you can get 600 checks for $30.47. There are also a variety of options like software compatible checks that work with Quicken, QuickBooks, and other accounting programs.

In addition, personal checks are inexpensive with a vast selection of designs available, and one order will likely last for years. 

Biggest Selection: CheckAdvantage


With more than 2,500 design options, CheckAdvantage has one of the biggest selections of checks on the market. The company also offers an "on-time" guarantee, which states your order will be printed and shipped within three business days.

CheckAdvantage features original designs from its own artists and photographers, so you won’t see the same selections that most other sites have. The downside is you won’t find licensed Disney, Star Wars, or professional sports team checks here.

Prices are also very reasonable, starting at around $14.65 for 100 single personal checks.

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