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Magazine publishers provide insight on the best places to live in America

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When I decided it was time to get the heck out of Dodge (Dodge being Minnesota), shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, my husband suggested we consider the East Coast. That's because he is a journalist, and there are more jobs in his field back East. He was thinking New England, where it gets cold. I was thinking Hawaii.

As a society, or even as a couple, we don't always agree on the best places to live. You might prefer the desert or maybe the mountains; your spouse or partner might prefer ocean views and a nearby beach. One of the nicest aspects of living in the United States is the fact we can relocate to any place in the country that suits our lifestyles.

Here's a look at a few reports that can help you choose the best place to live: Best Places to Live

The Forbes website offers a virtual collection of top-10-lists, covering the worst to the best of just about any topic you can imagine. Because we all use different criteria for selecting the best place to live, Forbes has categorized its annual top 10 selections as follows:

  • America's 10 Cleanest Cities
  • Top Towns for Empty Nesters
  • Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Live Well
  • Top 10 Cities for Jobs
  • Top 10 Cities for Business and Careers
  • 10 Best Cities for Savings
  • Best Cities for Young Professionals
  • Top Suburbs to Live Well

Money Magazine's Best Places to Live

Enter keywords "best places to live" on Money Magazine's website, and you can enter your own criteria for a search. Money publishes the Top 100 lists every year. You can also view the top places to live by the following data:

  • Best Places, State-by-State
  • By Prices, Weather, Age Group, Cleanest and Commutes
  • 10 Best Big Cities
  • Highest Percentage of Singles
  • Top Earning Towns

Find Your Best Place to Live

I love this site. It walks you through criteria that is important to you. When you are finished, it tells you that you want to live in Hawaii, for example. Here are the criteria this site uses to help you choose the place in America that's best for you.

  • Big or small town
  • Ideal weather
  • Cultivating culture
  • Educational opportunities
  • Recreation
  • Geography
  • Community and politics
  • Faith-based preferences
  • Taxes and mortgage calculations

You can also check out . The site publishes finance-related topics, so it's no surprise that its "best places" lists focus on money-saving and tax-benefit reasons that make certain cities and states desirable places to live. Kiplinger provides readers with quality-of-life facts about places, such as whether towns have walking trails, recreation and entertainment, median salary per household and the average cost of real estate. This publisher also lets readers know if a place is retirement friendly.

So I finished browsing all these websites, entered all the data, answered all the questions, and guess what? My best place to live is still Hawaii. A website can help you chose a best place to live but maybe not. Maybe you already know.

In case you're wondering, my husband and I moved to Sacramento, California.

At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, DRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.