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If you’ve hired a nanny or other in-home caregiver, a nanny payroll service helps you comply with household employment laws such as the nanny tax. While using a service may seem unnecessary, it could be a good idea if you don’t have the time, desire, or know-how to pay your nanny legally on your own. Every nanny payroll service has different features to meet a wide variety of needs.

The best nanny payroll services are widely available, budget-friendly, comprehensive, and offer stellar customer support. We examined 11 nanny payroll companies before selecting our top picks. Keep reading to see which service might work best for your family.

The Best Nanny Payroll Services for 2021

Best Overall : SurePayroll



Why We Chose It: SurePayroll took our top spot because it’s the most well-rounded full-service company and is operated by the trusted payroll service Paychex.

What We Like
  • Well-rounded and reputable full-service company

  • Easy and automated payroll processing

  • Tax filings are guaranteed accurate

What We Don’t Like
  • No health insurance or retirement benefits available

SurePayroll was founded in 2000 and was the first to offer online payroll services. The service is easy to set up and easy to use, and you can process payroll from your computer or the SurePayroll mobile app in three steps:

  • Enter the nanny’s salary or number of hours worked
  • Review the payroll and tax calculations
  • Approve what you see

The full-service payroll company offers the following features:

  • Unlimited payroll processing including same day or next day
  • Automated payroll processing 
  • Multiple pay rates and bonuses if needed
  • Direct deposit into your employee’s bank account
  • Quarterly tax filing and remittance
  • Year-end tax document preparation, including Schedule H for your return and W2s
  • Online portal access for customers and their employees
  • Tax-related reporting for any benefits you provide to your nanny

SurePayroll guarantees their tax filings. If the company makes a mistake, it will pay any penalties assessed.

The service runs $49.99 per month for one employee, and you can add additional employees for $10 each per month. You won't have to commit to a contract or pay any setup fees. The company is offering a one-month free trial, as of September 2021.

If you need to suspend your service for any reason, you can do so for a “nominal fee.” SurePayroll will continue to prepare and file your taxes for the rest of the year.

The company can give you a quote for workers’ compensation. That way, your household is protected in case your nanny is injured while on the job.

When you need assistance, live, U.S.-based customer support is available six days a week. Representatives are ready to help from 7 a.m.–8 p.m. CST Monday to Friday and during limited hours on Saturday. You can call, email, or chat online.

Best Runner-Up : HomePay



Why We Chose It: HomePay is easy to use, makes paying your nanny simple, and tracks benefits like time off and reimbursements.

What We Like
  • Easy setup and unlimited customer support

  • Full-service payroll solution

  • Happiness guarantee

What We Don’t Like
  • The service is pricey

  • Taxes aren’t withdrawn from your account until it’s time to remit (quarterly)

HomePay, a service, is high on our list because the provider takes care of almost everything when it comes to paying your nanny:

  • Makes setting up the service simple by contacting your nanny directly for the required information
  • Sets up your federal and state tax accounts
  • Files new hire reports for your employee(s)
  • Lets you run your payroll on any device, and automated payroll processing is available
  • Calculates the proper withholding and net pay
  • Pays your nanny via direct deposit
  • Tracks any paid time off or other benefit accruals and reimbursements 
  • Gives your nanny online access to pay stubs
  • Prepares, files, and pays your taxes; guarantees timeliness and accuracy
  • Archives your payroll and tax records for fast retrieval and grants lifetime access
  • Provides guidance on labor laws pertaining to household employees

HomePay can help you get workers’ compensation insurance through one of its partners. As an added perk, it also offers budget planning assistance to maximize your tax breaks.

The service is more expensive than many we looked at, coming in at $75 per month billed quarterly. Plus, the company charges a $100 fee for year-end tax preparation services, including Schedule H, W2, and W3. However, you’re not locked into a long-term contract, and you won’t have to pay a setup fee.

The service also provides unlimited customer support to both you and your nanny. If you’re not pleased with HomePay, you can request a refund of service fees under the company’s happiness guarantee within your first six months as a customer.

One potential downside is that the company doesn’t withdraw taxes you owe until it submits your quarterly payments. This could make budgeting and managing your finances more difficult as you’ll need to keep track of how much money to reserve.

Best for Beginners : Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane

 Nanny Lane

Why We Chose It: Nanny Lane offers a simple payroll process and expert, dedicated support.

What We Like
  • Super simple payroll processing

  • Dedicated, expert customer support

  • Available in all 50 states

What We Don’t Like
  • Service set up can take up to two weeks

  • Workers’ compensation insurance is not available

We picked Nanny Lane as the best provider for beginners because of how easy it is to process payroll using the service. It can transfer payment with direct deposit, send pay stubs, and calculate tax deductions. You even can stipulate multiple pay rates, if applicable. If the company doesn’t hear from you for a given pay period, your nanny will get paid their default amount (automated payroll).

The service is available in all 50 states and includes:

  • Federal and state employer registration
  • Direct deposit payments to your nanny 
  • Pay stubs emailed to your nanny
  • Quarterly tax filings
  • Year-end tax documents, like the W2 and W3 (W2 sent directly to your nanny)
  • Access to a dedicated payroll expert you can contact with questions and concerns

Nanny Lane’s payroll service can accommodate nanny share arrangements. The company also can help you find a nanny. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t handle workers’ compensation insurance, so you’ll have to consult with a third party if you need that coverage.

The service costs $55 per month for one nanny. You may add additional employees for $25 per month each. The provider doesn’t charge a setup fee or a tax-filing fee.

Best for Tech and Customer Support : Nanny Chex



Why We Chose It: NannyChex provides dedicated and unlimited support to customers.

What We Like
  • Unlimited and dedicated customer support

  • Free initial consultations are provided

  • Full-service plan includes some unique perks

What We Don’t Like
  • Workers’ compensation insurance is not offered

  • Fee structure is somewhat complex

We like NannyChex because the provider assigns a personal account representative to you and you can contact them as much as you need to for no additional charge. You also can contact the company for a free initial consultation.

The firm has been in business since 1995, and the payroll service is available in all 50 states. You have two plans to choose from: tax-only and full-service.

With the tax-only option, NannyChex will pay the tax agencies on your behalf for $125 per quarter. At the end of the year, for an additional $195, the provider will prepare Schedule H, Form W2, and Form W3.

With the full-service option, NannyChex will calculate paychecks and pay your nanny through direct deposit. Your nanny also will be able to view pay stubs online.

If you pay your nanny weekly, the full-service plan runs $6.25 per paycheck. If you pay bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, it costs $12.50 per paycheck. Quarterly tax filings are $80, and year-end tax preparation is $150 and includes Schedule H, W2, and W3. You won’t have to pay to sign up or to get registered as a household employer. Plus, there’s no commitment; you pay as you go.

Both plans include:

  • Paid time off tracking
  • Employment verifications
  • Unemployment claim responses
  • Maintenance and storage of payroll and tax records

Best for Nanny Benefits : GTM Payroll Services

GTM Payroll Service

 GTM Payroll Service

Why We Chose It: GTM Payroll Services won this category since it offers a wide range of benefits for your nanny.

What We Like
  • Wide range of nanny benefits

  • Unlimited access to expert guidance and support

What We Don’t Like
  • Six-month minimum commitment

  • Complex, pricey fee structure

  • Insurance brokers available in only 29 states

We like GTM Payroll Services because the provider lets you reward your nanny beyond giving them a paycheck. You can help protect their health, well-being, and financial future by offering employee benefits.

The company has licensed insurance and benefits brokers in 29 states. Going through them, you can provide your nanny with workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, and a retirement savings account. If brokers aren’t available in your state, you still can secure benefits from a third party and use GTM to handle the tax and payroll reporting.

The provider’s payroll service, EasyPay, is simple to get started and use. You can run an automated payroll or make changes quickly and easily from any device. Your nanny will have access to their pay stubs and W2s online. GTM Payroll Services also will take care of your tax filings.

Unfortunately, GTM requires a six-month minimum commitment. The provider charges a $95 set up fee, $65 per month for one employee, $20 per month for each additional employee, and approximately $100 for year-end tax preparation, including Schedule H, W2, and W3.

Its benefits services and nanny background checks come at an additional cost. Those fees are not published on the company’s website.

GTM provides unlimited customer support. You’ll have access to a team of certified payroll professionals, insurance brokers, domestic employment specialists, and certified public accountants Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.–8 p.m. EST. The company also offers free initial phone consultations to help determine your needs.

Best Low-Cost Option :



Why We Chose It: We selected as the best low-cost option since the most you’ll pay is $30 per month.

What We Like
  • Can run payroll for little or no money

  • Unlimited live customer support

What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t run automated payroll

  • Free software contains ads, which may be distracting

With, you can get payroll processing assistance at low or no cost. The provider’s basic plan is free. Plan add ons can bring the price to $30 per month.

The basic plan covers employers with 25 or fewer employees and is available nationwide. The service includes:

  • Payroll processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Tax calculation and form preparation
  • Detailed reporting

The system can handle any earning, deduction, benefit, or contribution. You’re also able to track paid time off. Your nanny can view their pay stubs and W2s via an online portal.

Set up is fast and straightforward. An online tool walks you through the entire process. Paying your nanny also is easy, but you can’t run an automated payroll.

When you have questions or concerns, you’ll receive unlimited live support. The free plan does not include filing and paying your taxes. If you want this taken care of, it will cost you $15 per month. For an additional $15 per month, you also can use the company’s bank to pay your nanny.

Final Verdict

Nanny payroll services have been around for decades, so there are many options out there to compare. That means it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right service for your household. After weighing features, availability, customer support, and price, we’ve chosen SurePayroll as the best nanny payroll service.

However, before you choose a particular service, we encourage you to do additional research. That way, you’re sure to select the right company for your family’s needs.

Compare Providers

Service Provider Why We Chose It Cost
SurePayroll Well-rounded, reputable service $49.99 per month for one nanny $10 per month for each additional employee
HomePay Guaranteed customer satisfaction $75 per month $100 for year-end tax preparation
Nanny Lane Novice-friendly product and service $55 per month for one nanny $25 per month for each additional employee
NannyChex Top-notch customer support $125 per quarter and $195 at year-end for the tax only service $6.25-$12.50 per paycheck, $80 for quarterly tax filing, and $150 for year-end tax preparation for the full-service plan
GTM Payroll Services Wide array of nanny benefits $95 set up fee $65 per month for one nanny $20 per month for each additional employee $100 for year-end tax preparation Budget-friendly payroll option $0 for basic plan $15 per month for tax filing and payment $15 per month to use the company’s bank


What Is a Nanny Payroll Service?

A nanny payroll service helps you pay your nanny or other household employees in compliance with labor and tax laws. The service ensures that you’ve paid any nanny tax that you owe. Typically, a nanny payroll company calculates wages and taxes for your nanny, pays them via direct deposit, remits related taxes to the appropriate agencies, provides year-end tax forms, and keeps detailed payroll and tax records.

How Does a Nanny Payroll Service Work?

A nanny payroll service takes on some or all of your payroll processing and related tax preparation duties. To get started, you and your nanny provide some basic information to the company. Then, each pay period, you stipulate how much your nanny should get paid. Full-service plans calculate the payment, pay your nanny, send taxes to the proper authorities, prepare year-end tax documents, and maintain required records.

How Much Does It Cost To Use a Nanny Payroll Service?

Nanny payroll services range in price. Basic services are available for low or no cost. More robust, full-service offerings can run up to $75 per month or more. Some companies charge an all-inclusive rate, while others charge separate fees for different aspects of the service.

Who Needs a Nanny Payroll Service?

A nanny payroll service might be right for you if you’ve hired a nanny or other household employee and you’re uncomfortable handling payroll on your own. The service can save you time and hassle. It also can prevent future tax penalties from inadvertently being out of compliance with tax and labor laws.

What Is a Nanny Tax and Do I Need To Pay It?

The nanny tax is a federal tax that household employers need to pay if they compensate their nanny or other household employees above a given threshold. If you pay your nanny more than $2,300 in 2021, you must withhold 7.65% of their pay to cover Social Security and Medicare taxes. As their employer, you also have to pay a matching 7.65%. Plus, you’ll need to pay unemployment taxes on the first $7,000 you pay your nanny if they earn more than $1,000 in a quarter.

How We Chose the Best Nanny Payroll Service

We carefully went through eleven nanny payroll services before making our top choices. We evaluated each service for its features, level of customer support provided, availability, and price. Since nanny payroll services have been around for quite a while, we also factored in company longevity and general reputation.

All of our category winners pay your nanny, file your related taxes, maintain required payroll and tax documentation, and offer customer support when you need assistance.

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