The 9 Best Money Clip Wallets of 2021

Keep your cash stashed

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While money clips are the easiest way to hold cash, most people are carrying around more than just paper bills these days. So, if you like the convenience of a money clip, but need something more, consider opting for a money clip wallet. Whether you need something to store a few cards or more features like RFID-blocking technology, here are the best money clip wallets for every style.

Best Overall: Mark and Graham Leather Money Clip Wallet

Mark and Graham Gentleman's Leather Money Clip Wallet

Mark and Graham's Leather Money Clip Wallet has a timeless look and a convenient design. Sleek and compact, it measures just 4.25 by 2.75 inches. Still, there are five card slots on each side for a total of 10, with plenty of room for your credit, debit, and membership cards.

There are four different colors to choose from including Forrest Green, Navy, Chocolate, and Black. Better yet, you can have the wallet personalized for an additional cost. Mark and Graham offers debossed monogramming of up to three letters in gold, silver, or blind foil colors.

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Best Budget: Herschel Raven RFID

If you prefer to use cash, but need a card on hand just in case, opt for the Herschel Raven wallet. It has an RFID-blocking layer for added security, protecting your credit and debit card information from theft.

There are three credit card slots in the front, while the money clip is on the other side. Even more, the design of this wallet doesn’t require opening or closing. Several colors and styles are available including Denim, Red/Navy, and Black for a casual look, while the Crosshatch is a more polished option.

Best Luxury: Montblanc Meisterstück 6cc Leather Wallet

Montblanc Meisterstück 6cc Leather Wallet

Courtesy of Saks Fifth

Made from black German full-grain cowhide, Montblanc's Meisterstück 6cc Leather Wallet is a stylish, yet functional pick. It's compact at 4.3 by 3.1 inches, but it still has space for everything you need. There are six credit card slots total, giving you plenty of room for bank cards as well as identification and loyalty cards. Lined with sophisticated, black jacquard fabric, it’s easy to slip cards in and out.

The money clip is in the middle of the wallet’s interior, making this design far sleeker than the large, chunky back clip that other wallets have. It’s also a more discreet way to hide large bills.

Best Front Pocket: Bosca Old Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Bosca Old Leather Front Pocket Wallet


With just three credit card slots, this leather front pocket wallet from Bosca is ideal for the true minimalist. This accessory is versatile enough to pair with any work outfit, yet it isn't too casual or rugged-looking. At 3 by 4.25 inches, it’s slightly larger than most basic wallets, though the size makes it easier to find.

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Best Minimalist: Bric's Monte Rosa Padded Money Clip

Bric's Monte Rosa Padded Money Clip

For the minimalist who wants the most basic money clip wallet, this option from Bric's is an excellent choice. It’s simply a clip with no other features, measuring at just 2.5 by 1.5 inches. Still, none of this reflects its quality: the padded clip has an extra-strength magnet to hold money tightly, assuring your bills won’t slip or fall out. The wallet even comes with a five-year warranty.

The leather covering also makes it easy to handle and grip. Plus, this durable wallet won’t scratch like metal if you typically keep things like keys or coins in your pocket. Choose from three different colors: Black, Tobacco, and Dark Brown.

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Best Card Case: Tumi Delta Money Clip Card Case

Tumi Delta Money Clip Card Case

Courtesy of Bloomingdales

The look and quality of Tumi's Delta Money Clip Card Case make it great for everyday use or as a supplement to a larger wallet. Handcrafted from soft Napa leather, the wallet has three card slots on one side and a money clip on the back, as well as a lined center slip pocket to stash receipts or small paper.

This wallet also integrates Tumi’s ID lock technology, which blocks RFID readers. Note that it’s a tension clip, as opposed to a magnetic clip, so be cautious about pulling it out too far.

Best Bifold: Fossil Leather Quinn Money Clip Bifold Wallet

Fossil Leather Quinn Money Clip Bifold Wallet


The Fossil Leather Money Clip Bifold Wallet is convenient and smartly-designed. A rare find for a money clip wallet, there’s a plastic window to keep an ID card. Additionally, the interior has three card slots and two slip pockets. The card slots are lined with twill, making it easy to insert and remove cards. You can also use the slip pockets to store more cards or receipts.

The money clip is inside of the wallet, which makes it an excellent alternative to most standard bifold wallets. And because the clip is magnetic, your cash stays put.

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Best for Durability: Ridge Aluminum Wallet

Ridge Aluminum Wallet

COURTESY OF nordstrom

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet, which can hold up to 12 cards, is ideal for those who favor function and durability over style. Made of military-grade materials, this RFID-blocking wallet is backed by the brand’s lifetime warranty, and it even comes with extra screws. You can also choose from a money clip or cash strap style (both are the same price).

Keep in mind that, because cards are held in one slot in the middle of the wallet, you may have to remove each one individually to find the card you’re looking for. Still, this wallet is great if you keep a lot of cards that you don't use very often.

Best RFID-Blocking: Royce New York Money Clip Wallet

ROYCE New York Money Clip Wallet


Available in Tan, Brown, or Blue leather, the Royce New York Money Clip Wallet is a top choice for everyday use, as you won't often find an RFID-protected wallet as stylish and practical as this one. The foldover design makes it easy to open and close. There’s also an exterior slip pocket and six slots for credit cards. Located inside the wallet, the money clip is thin and small enough to hold a few bills without creating a bulge.

All in all, this wallet boasts a classic, streamlined look, and it even comes packaged in a box with a slipcover for storage.