The 8 Best Money Clip Wallets of 2020

A slim, stylish accessory for an increasingly cashless world

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A money clip wallet is the best of both worlds. You can use the wallet to store your cards — debit card, credit card, identification — and the clip to store your loose bills without adding extra bulk. It’s especially helpful since we’re carrying less cash these days. Even if you don’t use the clip to store cash, you can use it to protect business cards, receipts, coupons, or other small items.

Most of the money clip wallets on our list are simple and slim and can easily be carried in your front or back pocket. Many also feature RFID blocking technology, which is a smart extra measure for protecting the information on your chip-enabled cards.

Best Overall: House of Jack Co. Deacon Money Clip Wallet

House of Jack Co. Deacon ID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet
Courtesy of Amazon

The House of Jack Co. Deacon ID Bifold Front Pocket Wallet is a great choice for carrying only the essentials. The wallet is slim but includes space for carrying multiple cards. The inside has six interior card slots and two receipt pockets. On the exterior, you’ll find one card slot and a metal money clip for keeping your cash safe. That’s a total of nine card slots for housing your credit card, debit card, work badges, and more. The exterior of the wallet also includes an ID window with a thumbhole cutout so you can easily remove your license. This slim wallet can fit comfortably in a front pocket.

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Best Budget: Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Money Clip Wallet

The Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Money Clip Wallet features a slim magnetic money clip on the front. Behind that, you’ll find three card slots you can use to store your most essential credit and debit cards. Flip the wallet over and there’s one ID window with a thumb cut out, which is perfect for storing your driver’s license.

The money clip wallet has eight rustic color options including gray, brown, blue, and black. The wallet comes packaged in a 100% recycled ​gift box. And part of the proceeds from your purchase ​go towards a good cause: Alpine Swiss is partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund to donate 2,500 meals every year to needy children around the world.​​​​​​​​​

Best Value: kinzd Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

The kindszd Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet is simple, minimalistic, and affordable. With more than two dozen color options to choose from, you can even pick up a few different styles to switch out and coordinate with your outfit or mood. There are 29 different colors including khaki, carbon, dark blue, red, black, brown, and several more. The money clip wallet is durable, handcrafted, and comes with a one-year product replacement guarantee.

On one side, there are three card slots with a V-shaped ID card slot for easy access to a work badge or other card. The other side includes two card slots and a leather-covered money clip with strong magnets to protect your cash without additional bulk. This money clip wallet is made with RFID-blocking technology to protect your card information. You can easily fit the wallet in your front or back pocket based on your preference.

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Best Quality: Timberland Men’s Hunter Flip Clip

Timberland has provided well-crafted products for over sixty years and has a reputation for quality design. The Hunter Flip Clip wallet is made from 100% genuine leather, is both durable and fashionable, and has the superior quality you would expect from Timberland. (Plus, it'll look great with your favorite pair of Timberland boots, belt, or other accessories.)

This slim wallet has just enough storage for the daily essentials. It comes in three color options — dark brown, black, and brown — and includes four credit card slots, one ID window, and a money clip. The Timberland logo is embossed on the money clip side of the wallet, showcasing the brand.

Best Style: Travando Money Clip Wallet “RIO”

The Travando Money Clip Wallet comes in seven different colors including black, brown, carbon, and vintage brown. The wallet can hold up to 14 cards inside the seven card pockets. The exterior includes one easy-access front pocket with an outside notch for getting a grip on your card (great for your most-used credit card or a work badge). A metal money clip on the inside of the wallet holds your bills safely between the flaps.

The slim design makes it easy to fit inside your pocket without bulging. RFID blocking technology keeps your credit and debit card information safe from nearby hackers.

Runner-Up, Best Style: Hopsooken Money Clip RFID Front Pocket Wallet

The Hopsooken Money Clip RFID Front Pocket wallet comes in 11 different color options like deep brown, black, coffee, and red. The wallet is lightweight, made from 100% leather for durability, and even includes RFID blocking technology.

There are a total of six card slots: four slots on one side and two slots on ​the same side as the magnetic money clip. The wallet is slim, easy to carry, and can slide easily into your front or back pocket, whichever you prefer.

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Best for Cash: Serman Brands RFID-Blocking Money Clip Wallet

The Serman Brands Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet comes in eight different leather styles, so you can choose a color to match your look. Its minimalist design allows you to carry exactly what you need: there are two pockets on the inside, a photo ID slot, and a money clip on the front that you can use to hold and easily access your cash. The wallet is made with RFID blocking technology to prevent unauthorized theft of your credit and debit card information. Its profile is slim enough to carry comfortably in a front pocket.

Your purchase comes with a 12-month warranty that will replace your wallet if there’s a manufacturing defect. 

Best for Storage: amelleon RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet with Money Clip

This money clip wallet from amelleon can hold up to 10 cards and 20+ bills horizontally inside the wallet without making the wallet excessively bulky. The exterior includes a quick-access ID window where you can place your driver’s license.

Made with RFID-blocking technology and full-grain genuine leather to keep your credit and debit card information safe and protected, in style. Your purchase comes with a one year warranty, making it 100% risk-free for a full 12 months. If there’s a manufacturing defect with the wallet, you can get a refund or replacement.

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