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How to choose the right source for your mobile home

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A manufactured home, or mobile home, is a prefabricated structure that is built by a manufacturer in a factory and arrives at its site already assembled and it must meet certain building codes called Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. A mobile home dealer, broker, or manufacturer sells new and used mobile homes to potential buyers. Some states require that mobile home dealers meet certain licensing requirements set by their state. 

The best mobile home dealers offer affordable costs, customization options, and are available throughout the United States. Keep reading to find out which mobile home dealer is right for you. 

6 Best Mobile Home Dealers of 2021

Best Overall : Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders

Why We Chose It: We chose CHAMPION Home Builders as our best overall mobile home dealer because it offers more than 24 different floor plans, has over 50 years of experience, and offers different size homes.

What We Like
  • Multiple floor plans to choose from

  • Affordable and more luxurious options

  • Sizes ranging from single to multi-section homes

What We Don't Like
  • Not available nationwide

  • Doesn’t sell used homes

  • Doesn’t offer pricing information upfront

Champion Home Builders is one of the largest mobile and modular home builders in North America. It has been producing mobile homes since 1953 and has a specific construction process that ensures sturdy, well-built homes are produced for reasonable price points. It has produced more than 1.7 million factory-built homes. 

You can choose different floor plans and decide between one section homes and multi-section homes. Homes typically range from 500 to 2,300 square feet and are highly customizable with features such as vaulted ceilings and recessed lighting available. Homes typically range from $30,000 to over $150,000 but contact the company for exact pricing. 

In addition to single-family manufactured homes, the company produces factory-built multi-family homes, commercial buildings, and government buildings. It also has a large network of retailers, developers, and builders that sell its mobile homes.

Champion Home Builders has mixed customer reviews with some customers praising the company for being easy to work with and having great options to choose from. Other customers complain about the lack of responsiveness and repairs not getting fixed. However, the company has a solid reputation in the industry for building mobile homes.

Best for Sustainability : Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes

 Clayton Homes

Why We Chose It: Clayton Homes won a 2019 Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and builds all of its homes with sustainability in mind.

What We Like
  • Focuses on sustainability with each home

  • Emphasis on indoor air quality

  • Offers mobile and traditional homes with lots of floorplans

What We Don't Like
  • More expensive mobile homes than some other dealers

  • Land is only included in the purchase if it's not a mobile home

  • There are some customer complaints about outstanding repairs

Clayton Homes sells homes nationwide with customization options while still focusing on energy efficiency and green building standards. Each of its homes offers energy-efficient appliances and are tested for indoor air quality. The homes are produced and sold nationwide and typically range from $80,000 to over $120,000. 

Clayton Homes was founded in 1966 in Maryville, TN, and is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway. It’s the largest manufactured housing and modular home builder in the U.S. The company’s mission is to enable more Americans to realize the dream of homeownership. That’s why it offers manufactured and stick-built homes at varying price points. The company manages its building process and offers customizations on pretty much everything including spa-like bathrooms and custom kitchen cabinets. 

You can also choose one of the company’s new ENERGY STAR Certified Homes which are built with less waste and more energy-efficient appliances. In fact, excess building waste, when possible, goes to mulching companies instead of landfills. 

Clayton Homes has a solid reputation in the mobile home industry and is one of the most well-known companies on our list. It has mixed customer reviews with some customers praising the customer service and utility savings and other customers saying the purchase process got delayed and there were outstanding repairs needed.

Best for Custom Homes : KIT Custom Home Builders

KIT Custom Home Builders

KIT Custom Home Builders 

Why We Chose It: KIT Custom Home Builders offers affordable customization, Energy Star homes, and has over 75 years of experience in the industry.

What We Like
  • Variety of different sized homes to choose from

  • More than 95 available floor plans

  • Custom touches offered throughout

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in 10 states

  • Some negative customer reviews based on craftsmanship

  • Need to contact company for pricing and square footage

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Idaho, KIT Custom Home Builders is a locally owned and operated business that emphasizes customer service as well as home customizations. Its goal is to build high-value homes with personal details while still offering them at affordable price points thus encouraging more people to own homes. KIT Custom Home Builders serves California, Idaho, Colorado, and seven other states. 

The company offers different facades that look more like traditional homes including rustic cabins, craftsman styles, and homes with sliding glass doors and shed roofs. There are many floor plans to choose from that offer two, three, and even four bedrooms with two to three bathrooms. Some of the homes are over 2,700 square feet and buyers can choose custom finishes throughout the design process. The company will help guide buyers on choices for cabinets, appliances, counters, and even decor choices. 

KIT Custom Home Builders has mixed customer reviews with some customers praising the customizations and friendly staff, while other customers complained about the quality of homes and building materials.

Best for Beginner Mobile Home Buyers : TRU Homes

TRU Homes

 TRU Homes

Why We Chose It: TRU Homes offers affordable and practical homes in 32 states.

What We Like
  • Affordable homes

  • Backed by an industry leader

  • Functional designs

What We Don't Like
  • Not nationwide

  • Not as many customization options

  • Smaller floor plans

TRU Homes is owned by Clayton Homes and focuses on affordable modular and mobile homes. It has the backing and industry knowledge of a larger company and the customer service of a small boutique company. TRU was started in 2012 and has produced over 25,000 homes in 31 states since then.

TRU Homes homes are designed to be affordable for most first-time home buyers and it offers resources for buying your first mobile home on its website. It has helpful information on what to expect when buying a mobile home and goes into details about the purchasing process. 

TRU Homes focus on single wide and double wide mobile homes with floor plans ranging from 765 square feet to just over 2,000 square feet. Most homes have two to three bedrooms and two bathrooms. TRU builds with factory select materials that have low overheads and low margins so it can pass the savings on to the home buyers. 

Customers like the affordable homes, practical layouts, and well thought out details. The company is known to produce well-built homes at affordable price points. The website offers 2D and 3D plans as well as virtual tours, but you do have to contact the company directly for mobile home pricing and terms. However, some homes start as low as $29,900. 

Best for Small Homes : Skyline Homes

Skyline Homes

 Skyline Homes

Why We Chose It: Skyline Homes offers manufactured and modular homes in a variety of styles and places emphasis on personal customer service.

What We Like
  • Backed by an industry leader

  • Versatile, well thought out spaces

  • Entire division dedicated to small homes

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in 8 states

  • Most homes have smaller floor plans

  • Publicly traded may be a turnoff to some buyers

Skyline Home was founded in 1951 with the goal of producing affordable mobile homes. It builds small homes with attention to detail and offers SkyCare, a service that inspects every aspect of your home to ensure you’re satisfied with the craftsmanship. These homes have evolved into modern designed homes with unique finishes and custom details. 

Some unique features that you can choose from include loft bedrooms, bonus rooms, and lots of natural light. The company also strives to practice sustainable construction practices when building its homes. You need to contact the company for details on pricing and square footage, but they do offer an entire line of tiny homes that are all 500 square feet or less. 

Skyline Homes joined the Champion Homes family in 2018, so it now has the backing of an industry leader in the mobile home space. It has mostly positive reviews with customers enjoying their homes and the customer service they received. However, a few customers complained about staff not being friendly and needing some repairs to their homes.

Best for Large Homes : Fleetwood Homes

Fleetwood Homes

 Fleetwood Homes

Why We Chose It: Fleetwood Homes offers spacious floor plans with up to five bedrooms and most homes have over 1,800 square feet of living space.

What We Like
  • Homes available nationwide

  • Large floor plans to accommodate more people

  • Over 50 years of experience

What We Don't Like
  • No small floor plans

  • Higher utility costs for larger homes

  • Some negative customer reviews

Fleetwood Homes is our top choice for the best mobile home dealer for large homes because of their robust selection of spacious homes and the fact that they’ve been in business since 1950. The company is one of the nation’s largest homebuilders and has put over 1.5 million homeowners into Fleetwood Homes across the country. They offer mobile homes in all 50 states and their goal is to surprise buyers with how much home they can afford. 

The company focuses on building homes that can be lived in with large rooms, well-designed layouts, and custom details throughout. They offer manufactured, modular, and park model homes. You have to contact the company directly for specific pricing information. The majority of the mobile homes are over 1,80 square feet and feature two to five bedrooms. Some unique features they offer include open kitchens with islands, utility rooms, and bonus rooms. 

Fleetwood Homes customers love their homes and report that the home buying process was seamless, although some complain about things breaking and not being fixed on time.

Compare Providers

Mobile Home Dealer Why We Picked It Standout Feature
Champion Home Builders Size, layout, and price options Over 60 years of manufacturing mobile homes
Clayton Homes Focuses on sustainability Sells homes nationwide
KIT Custom Homebuilders Custom details available throughout the home Unique design details including craftsman style exteriors
TRU Homes Affordable and practical designs  Resources for first time mobile home buyers
Skyline Homes Enhanced design features even in small spaces SkyCare inspects all aspects of your home
Fleetwood Homes Spacious floor plans Luxury features including kitchen islands

Final Verdict

The best mobile home dealers all have different things to offer. Some offer homes nationwide, while others only sell homes in particular regions. Price points vary, as do home sizes, customization features, and layouts. The best mobile home dealer for you will depend on where you want to purchase your mobile home, how much you want to spend, how large a home you want, and if you want to be able to customize it. 

We recommend Champion Home Builders as our best overall mobile home dealer because of their six-plus decades of industry experience including manufacturing all different kinds of manufactured homes. They sell homes across the country at affordable price points and have a lot of floor plans to choose from with varying sizes and layouts.


What Is a Mobile Home Dealer?

A mobile home dealer is a company that is in the business of selling mobile homes and manufactured homes. They may sell new and/or used homes and the state(s) they operate in will dictate their licensing requirements. A manufacturer can also be a dealer and a mobile home broker is the same as a mobile home dealer. Basically, it’s similar to working with a real estate company to purchase a house. The dealer should be knowledgeable about the home options, any warranties, and even be able to recommend a mobile home insurance provider. 

Who Should Use a Mobile Home Dealer?

Most people who want to purchase a mobile home should use a mobile home dealer. The exception is if you purchase a used mobile home directly from its current owner. Otherwise, a dealer can help you choose what type of home you want to buy, depending on your budget, as well as floor plans and layouts and explain what the warranty covers. A mobile home dealer can also help explain the purchase process if you’re a first-time buyer. 

What Is the Difference Between a Mobile Home and a Manufactured Home?

A mobile home is the former term for what is now called a manufactured home. They both refer to the same type of home, but the main difference between the two has to do with the date. A factory-built home that was built before June 15, 1976, is considered a mobile home, and one built after that date is considered a manufactured home. 

What Do Mobile Homes Cost?

Mobile home prices vary depending on the style and size of the home, the customizations, and the location. Keep in mind that mobile homes generally do not come with land, so you will need to rent a lot or purchase the land as well, which can add to the cost. Typical prices for mobile homes usually start around $30,000 and can go over $150,000, depending on the amenities and custom features are chosen. 

Some buyers pay for the mobile home with cash and others take out a mobile home loan. Just like with purchasing a car or a house, you can negotiate the price of the mobile home. Typically, the dealer inflates the mobile home price because they expect the buyer to negotiate the price. 

How We Chose the Best Mobile Home Dealers

We researched more than a dozen mobile home dealers before choosing the top six. These top contenders were chosen based on the types of homes they offer, the variety of sizes, floor plans, customization options, and prices, as well as what part of the country they sell homes in. We also took into consideration customer reviews, the company’s reputation, and its time in business. 

All of our choices offer a variety of floor plans, customization options, are available in multiple states, and have price points to accommodate most budgets.