The Best Personal Finance Apps for Your iPad or iPhone

There are many money management apps available for iPads or iPhones, for free or for purchase, on the Apple Store, each of which offers users a variety of features from general money management tools to utilities that help pay down debt and track investment portfolios.

However, with so many apps on the market, it's hard to choose which app might be right for you, or if it's worth it to invest some money in a paid app over one of the simple free apps that are available. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of our top selections for the best finance management apps currently on the market.

Explore the following list to find out more about the features offered on the top five iPad apps for personal finance, which include iBank for Ipad, Money for iPad, MoneyWiz, Pocket Expense, and the Mint App.

iBank App

Manage all you financial accounts on iBank iPad app.
iBank iPad App. IGG Software

Although the most expensive of the apps at $14.99, iBank for Apple products is a serious personal finance app with a stellar interface that's perfect for anyone who wants a fully-featured app developed specifically for Apple products.

The price is certainly worth the features you get by unlocking this one-of-a-kind app. iBank allows you to track just about any type of financial account in the app, including savings, checking, credit cards, loans, and mortgages, investments and more. 

Transactions can be downloaded to accounts from thousands of financial institutions in the U.S. and other countries and can be categorized for budgeting purposes. Financial transactions can be edited and reconciled, and multiple currencies are supported (you can even transfer funds from one account to another in different currencies).

You can also sync your financial data from iBank 4 for Mac and use Direct Access to download transactions ($5 per month to $40 per year in-app purchase) to iBank for iPad, but the data won't sync to iBank for Mac.

Financial accounts are grouped into books so you can track personal, accounts separate from other family members or accounts you might have for something like a side job, and you can view reports for spending, budgets, and investments and customize reports with a couple of taps or flicks.

iTunes Preview and Download Link: iBank for iPad


Money for Apple is a really comprehensive app with at-a-glance account balances, Foursquare integration for payees, and a Scheduler for working with scheduled recurring transactions for income, bills, and other expenses and transferring funds between accounts.

The Money iPad app works with just about any type of account: savings, checking, credit cards, investments, and other assets, and you can set up cash accounts, and you can have it all at your fingertips for a one-time download fee of $4.99.

Additional features include entering transactions by category or payee, support of split transactions, allowance of different budget periods, including a one-time budget item, reports that are brightly colored, easy to read, and customizable, and the ability to sync app data with Money for Mac desktop software.

iTunes Preview and Download Link: Money for iPad


MoneyWiz is an iPad app for managing your money.
MoneyWiz for iPad. SilverWiz Ltc

Another paid app, Moneywiz2 offers comprehensive financial reports and useful graphs for a one-time purchase fee ($4.99), which grants users access to a number of premium features including a financial calendar with forecasted income and expenses for each date, attachment of receipt images to transactions, and automatic cloud sync with the MoneyWiz Mac desktop app.

MoneyWiz2 supports transaction splits, account reconciliation, and multiple currencies and allows users to download and import data from financial institutions in CSV, OFX, QFX and QIF formats. Budget categories are automatically assigned to downloaded transactions, although you may need to edit some of those categories, as is the case with any software or app that supports this feature.

MoneyWiz 2 also offers a variety of reports including net worth, account balances, financial forecasts and trends, and budgets and spending. You can also export any of these many reports in PDF for easy viewing or CSV to be imported into a spreadsheet.​

iTunes Preview and Download Link: MoneyWiz2 for iPad

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense iPad App for managing money.
Pocket Expense iPad App. Blue Tags

Pocket Expense is a free app that tracks checking, savings, credit cards, and some other financial accounts and uses a financial calendar to set reminders for bills and other expected expenses.

Pocket Expense's strengths are in its account and budget tracking, but there does not appear to be support for downloading transactions, making this app not as fully featured as others on this list.

Still, you can set alerts for bills to remind you to pay them on time, view the total of all current and overdue bills and account balances, mark accounts with individual icons and bills with their payment status, and set up budgets for weekly, monthly, and yearly spending. Pocket Expense also offers support for recurring expenses, allows users to transfer funds between budget categories, and compare current budgets to past budgets.

iTunes Preview and Download Link: Pocket Expense for iPad

Mint App

Manage money on your iPad with the Mint app.
Mint iPad App. Intuit

The free Mint app syncs with very-popular online personal finance app and the Mint iPhone app (there's an Android app as well). This app tracks savings, checking, credit card and most investment accounts as well as cash accounts—and it's all for free!

Mint automatically categorizes transactions when they're downloaded (although you may need to edit some categories), and allows users to view their budget, spending, and net worth reports as well as upcoming bills, financial alerts, and other information streams on the Overview Page.

Mint also allows user to track how much they have left to spend on budgets, set up bill reminders to make payments on time and stay on top of activity in financial accounts, and it even comes with a feature to deactivate your mobile device from the desktop website in the event your phone or iPad is stolen.

iTunes Preview and Download Link: Mint App for iPad