Best Home Based Pet Businesses

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Do you want to work from home?  Do you love working with animals?  There are many great pet businesses that can be operated out of your own home.  Many successful entrepreneurs got their start by running a home based business.  Here are 8 great “work from home” pet business ideas to get you started:

1.  Pet Sitting or Doggie Day Care

Pet sitting and doggie daycare businesses can be started with a single client, and it is a great way to test the waters to see if you want to operate a larger business down the road.

  You could watch dogs while their owners are at work or keep pets overnight when their owners are traveling.

2.  Gourmet Pet Treats

Pet bakery businesses can be easily started from home, and kitchens that make products for animal consumption are not subject to the strict regulations imposed on their counterparts that create goods for human consumption.  Pet bakers can offer their services in their local area or via a website.  Product options could include a standard line of treats, customized orders, mixes for the owner to use at home, fresh pet foods, and more.

3. Writing or Blogging

For creative types, writing or blogging about animals or pet products can be a lucrative career option.  All you need to start this business is a quiet area in your home and a computer.  There are many markets for animal articles including magazines, book publishers, websites, corporate websites, newsletters, and more.

4.  Dog Grooming

Dog groomers can see clients in a designated area of their own home or operate a mobile grooming van to visit those who are unable to travel.  The key concern is having an area suitable for bathing and clipping dogs safely.  Some groomers create a grooming suite in a spare bedroom, bathroom, or basement area.

5.  Dog Walking

A dog walking service can be designed to offer services in a clearly defined area of your neighborhood.  Limiting the service to immediate neighbors does reduce your pool of potential clients, but it can help you create a nucleus for developing a larger business over time.  Dog walking is also an extremely low-cost business to start up since minimal supplies are required.  You can also often focus your walking services on a Monday through Friday schedule, as most clients will be utilizing the service while they are busy working their full-time jobs.

6.  Dog Training

Dog trainers can easily offer training courses in their own backyards or in a local park setting.  They can also visit the homes of their clients to evaluate the underlying causes of any behavioral problems.  This is another pet business idea that requires almost no start-up capital, just the trainer’s expertise.

7.  Dog Clothes and Accessories

Pet fashion is becoming a very big business in the pet industry.  Creative individuals can make a pretty penny coming up with designs for pet clothes, collars, bowls, beds, and more.  If you are searching for ideas about pet accessory business options just do a quick search on a site like Etsy.

  There are literally thousands of products that you could create at home.  It may be beneficial to consolidate all design equipment and materials in one specific “workroom” in the house.

8.  Pet Art or Photography

Pet art and photography businesses are great creative outlets that allow those who love animals to work out of their homes.  Hobbyists may already have the necessary equipment, and then it is only a matter of attracting paying clients to turn the venture into a full-fledged business.  Clients can bring their pets to either your home or an alternate location for their session, and then the art or photographs can be created and edited in your home.