15 Awesome Gift Ideas Under $10

Spoil everyone on your gift list without spoiling your budget. Here are great gift ideas that cost $10 or less.

A Coffee Tree

A pound of good quality coffee beans is likely to run you more than $10, but you know what won't? A coffee tree that's capable of producing a pound of coffee beans. 

Lotion Bar

Treat someone to a lotion bar packaged in a pretty tin. It's just the thing to soothe dry, winter skin, and it's easy to toss in a bag.

A Password Notebook

Keeping up with all those Internet usernames and passwords is tough. Make the job easy by giving someone a password notebook. Wellspring makes one with a metal cover that'll survive years of use and abuse. And it comes in every color imaginable.

Grocery Bag Holder

Plastic grocery bags have a way of taking over a house. Squash the problem for someone on your Christmas list by buying a grocery bag holder, like this high-style, stainless steel model from SimpleHuman.

A Gift Certificate for a Used Book Store

Used Books
Used Books. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Need a gift for a book lover? Go with a gift card to a used book store. $10 will go a lot further there, than at a new book store. If you're friend is more digital than analog, give them with a gift card for e-books instead.

A Refillable Pen

With all of the cheap pens on the market today, a good quality pen can be a real treat. Choose one that's refillable, and the recipient will be able to enjoy your gift now and for many years to come.


Cashews, macadamia nuts -- even walnuts -- can be a splurge when you're on a tight budget, so surprise that special someone on your list with a package of premium nuts. If you have time for a quick kitchen project, dip them in chocolate before you gift them.

A Gift Card for Photo Processing

Christmas Selfie
Christmas Selfie. Hero Images/Getty Images

These days, we all take lots of photos, but few of them ever make it out of our phones. Surprise someone with a gift card for photo developing, so some of those selfies find their way into print.

Tip: Opt for a gift card to a drug store or a big-box store. You'll get more prints for your dollar, if you do.

A Hobby Supply

Hobby supplies can be quite expensive, but a single hobby supply can make an affordable and thoughtful gift. Buy a paint brush for an artist, a cooking utensil for a cook, scrapbook paper for a scrapbooker, garden gloves for the gardener. You get the idea. Just give it some thought, and you're sure to come up with the perfect $10-or-less gift to go along with any hobby. 

Blank Greeting Cards

Select a pretty package of blank greeting cards for someone on your list. It's nice to have cards on hand when a card-worthy occasion pops up.

Kitchen Towels

A fresh stack of kitchen towels is always a treat. Look for a big package that you can divide into several gifts to keep the cost down.

Drink Coasters

Save the world from water rings by giving the gift of drink coasters. This is one item that you can never have too many of – especially during party season.

A Magazine Subscription

One gift for 10 bucks is nice, but 12 gifts for 10 bucks is nicer still. Pick out a magazine subscription for each person on your list, so they receive a gift from you each month for a year. 

Gourmet Baking Supplies

Really good baking supplies are the ultimate in decadence. Spoil someone with real vanilla extract, dark chocolate chips, stone ground flour or exotic spices.

An Indoor Herb Garden

Pick up a few packs of herb seeds online, or at your local home improvement center, and treat someone to an endless supply of fresh herbs. Rosemary, dill, thyme and cilantro are all good choices, and can easily be grown on a windowsill (even during the winter months.