The Best Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers

Looking for the perfect gift for a writer? Well, we know a thing or two about writers and readers around here! We've collected some great holiday gift ideas for writers making your shopping that much easier. Happy giving!

The Writers Market

This reference book is generally a must-have for freelance writers. It is re-published every year, but many writers choose to buy it only every other year. An even better alternative is to ​surf to the website and buy an annual internet subscription for the writer on your gift list.

High End Pen

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Every writer needs a smooth, beautiful, flawless instrument with which to write their finest thoughts. Splurge on behalf of your writer with the gift of a gorgeous pen. Think your writer only types? Think again: most writers enjoy reconnecting with their muse through handwriting!

Moleskine Notebooks

These notebooks are a writers dream- well made, beautiful, and useful. If you haven't heard of Moleskine, that's ok; the writer or reader on your gift-giving list probably has! These are ubiquitous at bookstores and gift stores. 

Funny Mugs to Wake Up To

Give the writer or reader in your life some gentle ribbing or a shot of inspiration via their morning coffee mug. 

The AlphaSmart Neo

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Be sure to read my review of this product. It may seem a bit Luddite, but the AlphaSmart Neo provides your writer with a way to work on their copy without lugging a laptop everywhere. All you can do on the Neo is write, so if you have a writer who is distracted by Facebook and Twitter, this might be a good idea.

Famous Authors Action Figures

This is so fun! These are small action figures of famous authors like Poe and Jane Austen. Wouldn't it be fun to have Jane sitting on the desk while you write? This is a cute, small (think stocking-stuffer) gift for readers and writers.

Writing Dishware

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This collection of platters, cups, and saucers will make your writer itch to get out of the kitchen and back to the typing. But, it's also a cute addition to the serving ware and a great conversation piece for your next potluck.

Digital Voice Recorder


Now here is a tool that freelance writers will use very often. A digital voice recorder is used during interviews to capture quotes and soundbites. This is a gift that is useful and handy, and sure to be used if your writer produces magazine copy, profiles, or works for newspapers.



Do you miss your writer or reader while they are tucked away doing their thing? If you'd like your writer or reader to emerge from their office/cave once in a while, placing a lap desk in the family room might be helpful. These come in all kinds of colors and materials; consider a big, fluffy, comfy colorful one for the most brownie points.

Books, Books and More Books

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Ok, this is a default gift for any reader or writer, BUT that doesn't mean it's not a great choice. Be sure to follow the links for ten suggestions on books for the writer in your life, including detailed reviews and you'll find the perfect gift book for your writer.

Single Sheet Cutter Tool

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So, this is what happens: Your writer gets a great column into a great magazine, and he wants to cut it out for scanning and for his physical writer's portfolio. But scissors aren't working- they leave rough edges that are picked up by the scanner, and they muss up the clip. Levenger solves your writerly issues (or, those of your recipient at least) by offering this single sheet cutter tool.

Book Lovers Trivia Pursuit

What could be better than a board game all...about....BOOKS? This gift is gorgeous, with stacks and stacks of trivia and player pieces based on the classics-- two thumbs up!

Gifts for Writers Are Easy!

Us writers are a simple bunch when it comes to gifts. That's for two reasons: 1) The tools of our trade are a sure bet, and 2) We're usually also avid readers, opening up a whole other possibility for gifts. I hope you've found the right gift for the writer in your life, but if you need more ideas, be sure to visit my Pinterest board.