Best Job Search Sites for Entry Level Positions

Use These Site to Find Your First Job

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Have you just graduated from college or are you a recent alumnus with a few years of experience under your belt? If so, there are a variety of job sites that focus on entry-level job openings for college students and graduates.

Entry-Level Job Search Sites

Some of these entry-level sites, including Experience and NACElink, work through college career offices. In those cases, you will need a password from your school's Career Services office to access the resources.

Contact the university guidance counselor to find out whether they partner with the site and to obtain a password. Also, ask if there are additional career services students and alumni can access so that you can utilize all resources available to you.

Top Entry Level Job Sites features a wealth of information about companies seeking recent college graduates, as well as internship listings that may appeal to recent graduates who haven't yet decided on a permanent career route. This site also has registration for both employers and schools, meaning that you can register as a school-affiliated user and build a profile that gives employers more information about you that what's typically contained in your resume. is reported to have company recruiters who reach out to job seekers one-on-one to understand their skill sets and career paths. provides entry-level job listings, job application information, and tips for those who have received job offers.

The kind of tips most useful to entry-level employees range from what to wear on your first day, to advice on how to establish rapport and friendships with co-workers while still maintaining a professional demeanor. This site also includes interviewing tips and advice for finding the best career for your interests and education, which is particularly helpful for liberal arts graduates. provides information for college students and recent graduates who are seeking employment, continuing education, and business opportunities.

Cool Works is a job board for seasonal jobs and career opportunities. If you're not interested in a traditional full-time entry-level job, Cool Works is an excellent resource for seasonal opportunities, which gives entry-level workers a chance to experience career fields they may not have initially considered. And, there's always the possibility that a seasonal job can translate into a full-time career.

Experience provides information for college students and recent graduates who are seeking employment, continuing education, and business opportunities. This site also includes access to surveys, such as "Best Places to Work for Recent Grads."


One Day, One Job is a blog about entry-level jobs written by Willy Franzen. Every day, One Day, One Job examines one employer and the jobs that company offers for recent college graduates.

Entry Level Jobs - Job Search Engines

Job search engine sites, including and, allow users to search the major job sites, company sites, associations and other online job sites by keyword (e.g., "entry-level jobs," "new career") or job category and location.

In fact, SimplyHired.coms’s new graduate job filter allows college seniors and recent graduates with no or limited work experience to view job listings relevant to their experience level, majors, and skills. Search options include keyword (job title, company, or skills) and location.