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Credit repair companies help people fix inaccurate items on their credit reports. Although you can repair these items on your own, it can help to have a well-trained credit professional work through the process with you. Not only will the best credit repair companies do most of the work for you, but they’ll make sure there aren’t inaccurate items on your report.

If you need help repairing your credit, it’s important to work with a sound, ethical company. Some companies will claim that they can remove items that are accurate but unflattering—that's not true, and that type of behavior is unethical at best. 

We reviewed nearly two dozen of the top credit repair companies and evaluated each based on its reputation, costs, and more before settling on the best credit repair companies. These are our top choices.

Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

Best Overall : Ovation Credit Services by LendingTree

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Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and owned by LendingTree, a publicly traded financial services provider. None of the other credit repair companies we reviewed were publicly traded, making Ovation stand out as best overall in our review. Plus, Ovation Credit Services was founded in 1976, making it one of the most well-established credit repair companies on our list.

You can choose from two different credit repair plans if you go with Ovation Credit Services, with monthly fees ranging from $79 to $109 and one-time fees (first work fees) of $89 for both plans (this pricing is about average). Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll get to work with a personal case advisor who will help customize the program to fit your credit repair needs, and you’ll get access to financial tools to help you improve your credit (such as budgeting tools). If you upgrade to the more expensive plan, you’ll also get unlimited custom dispute and credit goodwill letters, plus you’ll get continuous TransUnion credit monitoring. 

To get started with Ovation Credit Services, you can visit the company's website to sign up for a free consultation. Even if you don’t decide to go with Ovation, you’ll get the consultation, which itself has value. Ovation’s excellent reputation, paired with its good pricing and comprehensive credit repair options, placed it top on our credit repair providers list.

Runner-Up, Best Overall : Credit Saint

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Credit Saint

Credit Saint

Credit Saint was founded in 2004, which means it has a great duration of business operations compared to the other credit repair companies we reviewed. The company is headquartered in Oakland, New Jersey, and is privately owned.

The company offers three different credit repair packages, with monthly costs ranging from $79 to $119.99 and first work fees ranging from $99 to $195. Credit Saint’s costs are about average compared to the competition. The company will only repair a limited number of items with the lower two plans, which is one of the drawbacks compared to the competition. However, Credit Saint gives you a free Experian credit score tracker with all three plans, which is something that’s not offered by many of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. 

To get started with Credit Saint, you can submit a request online. As with most of the top credit repair companies we reviewed, Credit Saint will provide you with a free credit consultation. This is something you should look for in a credit repair provider. We chose Credit Saint as the runner-up to the best overall credit repair provider mostly based on its excellent reputation, relatively long history of business operations, decent pricing, and value-added services, like routine credit score tracking.

Most Customizable Plan : Trinity Credit Services

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Trinity Credit Services

Trinity Credit Services

Trinity Credit Services was founded in 1996, giving it a great amount of time in business compared to the other companies on our list. The company is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, and is privately owned.

One of the key drawbacks to Trinity Credit Services is that you can’t get information about pricing or detailed information about its process from its website. For this reason, we called the company to learn more. Before you sign up for a plan, a credit professional will review your credit history with you. If the company doesn’t think its services will work for you (or the items on your credit likely cannot be repaired), you won’t be signed up for services. If it does look to be a good fit, Trinity will create a custom credit repair plan for you with a fixed fee for six months of service. Its average starting price of $399 is high compared to the competition, but it doesn’t charge a monthly fee, which is excellent. Plus, the company offers a great money-back guarantee.

To get started with Trinity Credit Services, you can fill out its online request form. Even if you don’t sign up for services, you’ll get free expert advice, which is great. Notably, the price you’ll pay for Trinity is higher than the competition. However, you’ll get a highly customized plan that might end up costing you less in the long run. This is why we chose Trinity Credit Services as the credit repair company offering the most customizable plan.

Best for Ongoing Monitoring : The Credit Pros

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The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros was founded in 2009, meaning it's been in business for an average length of time compared to other companies on our list. The company is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, and is privately owned. Overall, The Credit Pros' reputation compares very nicely to the competition.

There are three different credit repair packages offered by The Credit Pros with monthly fees ranging from $69 to $149 and one-time fees ranging from $119 to $149. These credit repair costs are about average. The company also offers a credit monitoring plan that costs $19 a month (and $19 to start). Notably, the credit monitoring services you’ll get with this plan are included in all the other three plans, which is great and is something that’s not offered by many other credit repair providers. The other thing that’s interesting about The Credit Pros is the company has plans designed to repair your credit and build your credit. This is a unique touch.

To get started with The Credit Pros, you can submit a form online to get a free credit consultation in English or Spanish. Keep in mind, it’s important to choose a credit repair provider that’s willing to offer consultations such as these for free. Ultimately the fact that you’ll get some level of credit monitoring with every package is why we chose The Credit Pros as best for ongoing monitoring.

Best for Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification : The Credit People

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The Credit People

The Credit People

The Credit People was founded in 2001 and is a privately owned business headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. The Credit People have a four-star rating with Consumer Affairs.

Although The Credit People only offers one plan, you can choose to purchase a monthly membership or a flat-rate membership for six months of service. The monthly membership will cost you $79 a month (average pricing) and $19 upfront (better-than-average pricing), while the flat-rate membership comes with a one-time cost of $419 ($74 in savings over what you would pay monthly). You’ll get online access to all of your credit reports and scores after signing up for services (and periodically thereafter). Plus, you’ll get to work with a credit advisor who has been certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which is a law that is focused on helping to protect consumers. 

To get started with The Credit People, you can submit a request online to get a free credit consultation. One of the things we like best about The Credit People is its focus on making sure its credit advisors are well trained. For this reason, we chose The Credit People as best for Fair Credit Reporting Act certification.

Best Value :

The Balance's Rating
3.5 was founded in 1997, is headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is privately owned.

Different from some of the other credit repair companies we reviewed, only offers one credit repair plan. Even so, it comes at a lower-than-average cost of only $49.99 a month. With this lower cost also comes a little more work on your end, i.e., you have to send your credit reports to the company, while many other credit repair companies handle this for you. However, you might find the cost savings worth the effort you’ll need to put in. 

To get started with, you can sign up for a free credit consultation online. As noted, charges a much lower cost than many of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. This is why we chose as the credit repair company offering the best value.


What Are Credit Repair Companies?

Credit repair companies help people correct or remove inaccurate items from their credit reports. These companies can be good for people who have inaccurate items on their credit reports that are dragging down their scores and they don’t want to work directly with their creditors or the credit bureaus to get the items fixed. You can always repair your credit on your own, but a good credit repair company can take this burden off your shoulders and reach out to credit bureaus on your behalf to resolve any inaccuracies that are keeping you from getting approved for financing. Companies will also work to make sure you’re being treated fairly by your creditors.   

What Do Credit Repair Companies Do?

Credit repair companies will work directly with the three major credit bureaus and your creditors to fix your credit report’s inaccurate items. Often, credit repair companies will get to work on all the items that need to be fixed right away and routinely update you on their progress. Other credit repair companies will only work on the inaccurate items you specifically request for repair. 

"Most of the things credit repair companies do, consumers can do on their own," said Leslie Tayne, financial attorney and author of Life & Debt: A Fresh Approach to Achieving Financial Wellness. "Anyone can contact credit bureaus or creditors themselves. However, working with a credit repair agency could certainly save you time and frustration of trying to navigate the credit world yourself."

While the best credit repair providers will send custom letters to your creditors and the credit bureaus, others only send out form letters. That said, make sure to ask your credit repair provider to share the process they use with you. Also, avoid any company that says it will try to get accurate items removed, which is unethical behavior at best.

"Sometimes promises to get rid of things on credit reports are not always realistic," Tayne said. "There are a lot of factors that are beyond anybody's control. The credit repair agency still has to go to the credit bureaus and then to the creditors for resolution. They cannot make the change themselves. Because of all the variables, they can’t really promise a definitive timeline either, and if they do, that’s concerning."

What Does Credit Repair Cost?

Many credit repair companies will charge you a recurring monthly fee and an upfront one-time fee, which is sometimes referred to as a “first work” fee. Based on the companies we reviewed, average monthly fees will likely range from $70 to $150, with average one-time fees ranging from $80 to $200. The services you’ll get from each provider vary, so make sure you understand what services are included and excluded. Also, keep in mind that the law prohibits credit repair providers from charging you a fee in advance, gives you some rights to cancel, and requires credit repair companies to use written contracts.  

Is Credit Repair Worth the Cost?

You might find credit repair worth the cost if you have many items to fix or have a busy schedule. If you only have a few items to fix, a better option might be to meet with a non-profit consumer credit counselor to develop a plan and repair the items on your own. However, if you have many issues and don’t have time to write letters and call creditors on your own, it could be worth the cost.

How We Chose the Best Credit Repair Companies

Using our methodology, we evaluated nearly two dozen different credit repair companies before settling on the best. We considered such things as how long the company has been in business, its reputation with the BBB and its customers, how much its services cost, and what kind of credit repair services you get for the money. We also considered if you get a free credit evaluation before signing up for services and if there is credit monitoring available among a company's services.

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