The 9 Best Coupon Apps of 2019

Because doesn't everyone love saving money?

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If you want to save money when shopping, coupon apps are a great way to efficiently and effectively save money on a wide range of purchases. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to save on groceries, clothes, experiences or restaurants, there is likely a coupon of some sort available that can help you keep your hard earned dollars in your wallet.

Remember when couponing that you shouldn’t let coupons determine where and how much you spend. Instead, put coupons into your regular budgeting process to save on purchases you would make anyway. If you would not make a purchase and do so because of a coupon, you are not saving money, you are just spending less. Don’t just spend less, use these coupon apps to help you save where you already spend on a regular basis.

Best for Groceries: Ibotta

Courtesy of Ibotta

When you walk into the grocery store, you should never buy anything that wasn’t already on your list. So before you leave home, open up the Ibotta app to look out for any coupons that fit your needs and represent products you would likely buy anyway. Mark them in the Ibotta app, and go buy them just like you would without a coupon. Make sure to keep your receipt handy when you leave the store, you’ll need it again later.

After you get home, open up Ibotta again and choose the option to redeem those coupons. You will have to scan the barcode on the item and your receipt, and you should get credit for the purchase within a day, though it may be as fast as a few minutes. Once you reach $20, you can cash out at PayPal and get real money back.

Best for Household Sharing: Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ
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If you’re coordinating grocery shopping with a roommate, partner, or the whole family, Grocery iQ is the way to go. This is a full-featured grocery list app that allows you to build a shopping list, search and view recommended coupons for your items, add your store’s loyalty card, and sync your list with roommates or family members so everyone is always on the same page. Husband craving a carton of his favorite ice cream? Roommate reminding you she just used the last of the milk? Grocery iQ allows everyone to combine their grocery needs in one synced, easy-to-access list with coupons built right in.

The app also includes lots of other convenient features like a “favorites” list, a history of your past shopping trips, the ability to add items to your list by scanning one or more product barcodes, a store locator, and more. If you need an app to keep your whole household’s grocery shopping in sync, Grocery iQ has what you need. 

Best for Digitizing Paper Coupons: SnipSnap

Courtesy of SnipSnap

SnipSnap helps you take control of your paper coupons and transform them into a digital format. As the name implies, first you snip a coupon, then you snap a picture of it with your phone. Once your coupons are digitized, you can take your phone and use the coupons at the register just like if you had handed over a piece of paper.

This app’s usefulness doesn’t end there, however. If your coupons don’t work, you can enter a rating for the store and choose where you shop based on those public ratings. Further, your coupons are shared with the wider community of users, who also share their coupons with you. This leads to a communal coupon experience that saves everyone money.

Best for Dining and Experiences: Groupon

Courtesy of Groupon

The original daily deal app, Groupon isn’t grabbing headlines like it once did but is still a major player in the coupon space. Most Groupon coupons come in the form of a deal where you pay a discounted rate for a specific service or value. For example, a current deal allows you to pay $10 for $20 at a local restaurant. One big thing to be aware of, however, is that Groupon promotional values expire if you don’t use them in the allotted time frame. Once they expire, you can still redeem for the cash value you paid.

These can be big money savers at places you already go and help you find new places at a lower cost. Groupons go far beyond food to include activities such as go-karting, skydiving, wine tasting, zoo and theme park admissions and home services.

Best for Printable Coupons: Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa
Courtesy of Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is one of the older couponing apps ​and has a great section filled with printable coupons you can use at a variety of stores. A quick glance gives you options for restaurants, regional department stores, mall retailers, big box stores and specialty retailers.

Coupon Sherpa is more than just printable coupons, however. It also offers coupon codes and a range of deals through the mobile apps. Pre-plan with printed coupons or figure out your savings on the go with the app. Either way, you’re covered.

Best for Online Promo Codes: RetailMeNot

Courtesy of RetailMeNot

If you ever see a box for a promo code or coupon code when checking out online, do not click the checkout button before visiting RetailMeNot. Your efforts might not turn up anything useful, but you may just find yourself saving quite a bit on each purchase. Even a few dollars here and there adds up over time.

The mobile app helps with savings at a range of major retail stores and chains in addition to the coupon codes you’ll find on the website. The big downside of RetailMeNot, however, is that when you click to reveal a coupon code on the website, it opens up the website again in a new tab, and you’ll have to go back to the website to copy the coupon code. But that little inconvenience isn’t enough to deter from big savings.

Best Aggregator by City: YipIt

Courtesy of Yipit

Groupon isn’t the only daily deals app out there. It has many clones and competitors, and many of them offer great coupons and deals. But with many coupon apps to check daily, it is easy to miss out on the best deals. YipIt aims to solve that problem by scouring the Web for the best coupons in a big list of cities on your behalf.

Now you can just log in to one app to see a wide range of coupons from other apps. That is a big coupon time saver and helps you further zero in on the best options for your local area. It doesn’t work in small cities or towns, but if you live in a big city it is a great coupon app.

Best for Cash Back: Spent

Courtesy of Spent

This app lets you link your credit and debit cards so you don’t have to worry about the coupon part quite as much. Download the mobile app for iPhone or Android to link your cards and get started, and the cash back will start to flow in when you use your card for offers at favorite brands, including Starbucks, Amazon and Uber.

This free coupon app even has some purchase tracking and organization features built in to help you keep up with past purchases too. Amazon isn’t always an easy place to find coupons, but the current one percent cash back there should excite any Prime member. Because it works at many very popular stores and brands including online and offline, and without worrying about physical coupons, it is a top coupon app to add to your phone today.

Best for Rewards: Shopkick

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Shopkick isn’t a traditional coupon app, per say, but it does save you money at the stores where you shop the most. And, as with couponing, a little bit of strategizing can go a long way towards maximizing your returns. Shopkick allows you to earn rewards points, called “kicks,” as you do your everyday shopping both in-store and online. Once you earn enough kicks, you can redeem them for a gift card of your choice to stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, effectively saving you money on orders at the places you already shop.

So how does it work? Shopbot has partnered with some of the most popular chain stores that facilitate these rewards. You can earn kicks by just walking into these stores and make even more by scanning the barcodes of specific products while you’re there (something you can do on your regular weekly shopping trip). If you aren’t planning to go to the store, you can also get points by visiting online stores, watching videos, and viewing products on-site. None of these methods require that you purchase anything.

And if you do regularly shop at Shopbot’s partner stores (which is likely), you can earn kicks when you buy things with a linked credit card, order specific items online, or submit a receipt for an in-person purchase. Browse Shopbot to see which of your regular purchases can qualify for kicks, and you can passively earn points as you do your everyday shopping.