6 of the Best Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco

San Francisco is famous for being chock-full of the tech-savvy. It’s right next to Silicon Valley and has birthed countless tech startups and entrepreneurs. This is why it’s basically the perfect environment to learn technology-related skills—there are tons of helpful resources to help you start.

Whether you live in the area, are thinking of moving there, or just want to take some time off and invest in learning a useful new skill, consider attending one of these top SanFran coding bootcamps.

Coder Camps

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At Coder Camps, complete newbies can start off with the three-week “Coding from Scratch” prep course, then progress to higher-level concepts taught in one-week “drop-in” camps. The prep camp fully immerses you in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts—but be warned, it runs $3,000. Drop-in camps cost $1,200.

Coder Camp’s real specialties are their 9-week in-person programs. Currently, their San Francisco location is running a full-stack JavaScript development bootcamp, which teaches you the ins and outs of constructing professional JS applications. It’s very intense and quite pricey (tuition of $11,900), so more of an option for those who are serious! 


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At Hackership, online tutorials merge with on-site classes (and one-on-one consultation during weekend instructor office hours) for an intensive-yet-flexible experience. The 4-week classes typically meet Tuesdays/Thursdays, 6:30-10 PM. On your own time, you complete projects, watch online tutorials and participate in the class forum.

Course topics vary, but at the time of writing, Hackership was accepting sign-ups for sessions on full-stack JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Swift for iOS 8. Tuition costs for these ranged from $1,100 to $1,500. 


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The class options at CodePath teach more than basic coding: they primarily revolve around app development for iOS and Android. The courses last eight weeks, with two evening workshops per week, and are constructed specifically with engineers and designers in mind. Because of this, it’s a little less accessible to people of varied skill levels—but CodePath’s most amazing perk is that it’s free of charge.

If you’re looking for a much shorter time commitment, attend one of their one-time, two-hour “iOS Hands-on Learning Sessions” to learn about iOS development techniques.

Codify Academy

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This 16-week part-time bootcamp is comprised of four units:

  1. HTML5 and CSS3, the building blocks of websites and apps. Helps you build your first from-scratch websites, guiding you through front-end development.

  2. Bootstrap, a front-end framework that saves you time in website building (you don’t have to start from scratch).

  3. JavaScript fundamentals to start taking your programming to the next level.

  4. Advanced tools like jQuery, AJAX, JSON.

The up-front cost for Codify Academy is $4,500.

Anyone Can Learn to Code

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The most attractive thing about Anyone Can Learn to Code’s (ACLC) boot camp is its focus on getting you career-ready. Their twelve-week program claims that it can transform newbies into “job-ready web developers,” without demanding 24/7 attention (the evening/weekend classes are designed for working people).

It promises a solid grasp of all the most important concepts: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, and many more. ACLC also connects you to recruiters, helps you with your resume and portfolio, and offers part-time internships upon completion. This is not a program for coding hobbyists: tuition is $11,500.

Hack Reactor

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Speaking of programs that aren’t for hobbyists, this last bootcamp is the most intense of them all.

At Hack Reactor, you’ll be spending twelve weeks eating, drinking, and breathing coding from morning until night (6 days a week, 11 hours a day). Weeks 1-6 teach you all things programming, while weeks 7-12 will find you building real-world paid projects (both on your own and in groups) for actual clients.

Tuition is nearly $18,000, but you’re paying for a career-changing experience: graduates of the program have an astounding 99% hiring rate. It’s not cheap, and it’s not easy, but those who make it through don’t often regret their decision.


In the end, bootcamps are a wonderful and effective option for taking your skills to a higher level. Like immersing yourself in a country to learn the language, spending serious time working hands-on with coding concepts will cement them in your brain in a way reading a book just can’t do.

Coding camps can be found all over the country (and online), so don’t feel limited to California—but if you’re on the west coast and looking to code, these five won’t let you down.