Best Car Subscription Services

How to drive frequently without owning a car

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In exchange for you paying a monthly fee, a car subscription service gives you flexible access to a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. While using a service can be pricey, it may be a good option for you if you want to avoid the nuisance of owning or leasing a car. The price of the service covers things like maintenance and insurance and each car subscription service offers different plans and perks to suit a variety of needs.

The best car subscription services are affordable, offer different plan options, are widely available, and have a large selection of cars to choose from. Read on to learn which one might work best for you. 

Best Car Subscription Services for 2022

Best Car Subscription Services
Best Car Subscription Services

Best Overall : Hertz® My Car



Why We Chose It: We gave Hertz My Car top honors since it’s the most well-rounded service.

What We Like
  • Three different plans to suit a variety of needs

  • Two vehicle swaps included each month

  • Service is competitively priced

What We Don’t Like
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership required to join

  • Two-month minimum commitment

Hertz® My Car is the best car subscription service because it offers multiple plan options, allows frequent vehicle swaps, charges a competitive rate, and is available in most states. Depending on the type of vehicle that you need, you can choose one of three plans, priced monthly:

  • Tier 1: economy, compact, and mid-size cars for $599
  • Tier 2: small SUVs and trucks, full-size sedans for $999
  • Tier 3: regular SUVs, large trucks, and luxury sedans for $1,399

If your needs change, you can switch tiers by contacting customer service. You can also swap vehicles within your tier twice per month. Additional swaps are $75 each.

Here’s what the monthly service fee includes:

  • 2,000 miles of driving ($0.35 per mile fee for overage)
  • Insurance (up to $300,000 in liability coverage)
  • Loss damage waiver with a $1,000 deductible (Tier 1 and Tier 2 only; Tier 1 must pay an additional $100 per month for coverage)
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Sirius XM Radio (where available)
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points (get perks like free car rentals)

The monthly service fee doesn’t include tax, and if you live in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts,  New York, or Pennsylvania, additional surcharges may apply. Hertz also charges a $250 enrollment fee. 

There’s a two-month minimum commitment, but the contract goes month-to-month after that. Vehicles can only be driven for personal use, and you must stay within the United States.

To get started, apply online. You must be 25 or older, have a valid driver’s license and credit card, sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, and meet credit history requirements. You may add another driver who also meets the eligibility criteria. You’ll receive a decision within 24 hours and if approved, you can schedule your first vehicle pick up.

While the service is available in most states, you can’t participate in Hertz My Car if you reside in Montana, North Dakota, or South Dakota.

Best for UK/EU Residents : Care by Volvo



Why We Chose It: Care by Volvo got the nod for runner up for being budget-friendly and available to most drivers in the country.

What We Like
  • Service plans are among the most affordable in the industry

  • Service is available in most states

  • You can swap your car every four months

What We Don’t Like
  • Service isn’t available in California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, and South Dakota

  • Four-month minimum commitment

  • Low monthly mileage allotment

We like Care by Volvo because the company makes using a car subscription service more affordable and accessible than the competition. Depending on the vehicle you select, your monthly payment will be $600 to $750. And, unlike most service providers, the company doesn’t charge an enrollment or membership fee to get started.

You can select a Volvo sedan or SUV. Available models (as of January 2022) include the XC60 Momentum, XC90 Momentum, XC40 Momentum, or XC40 R-Design. The service plan also has the following features:

  • 1,250 miles of driving ($0.25 per mile fee for overage)
  • Insurance that meets or exceeds state requirements
  • Excess wear protection (up to $1,000 waiver for dents, dings, windshield chips, etc.)
  • Wheel and tire protection (unlimited repair/replace for damage caused by road debris or potholes)
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

You can start your subscription online. To qualify, you must have a valid U.S. license and at least two years of credit history. Volvo will also assess your insurance eligibility based on various risk factors. You’re able to add another driver to your application, but they must meet the same standards. If approved, you’ll receive your car in two weeks via pick up or delivery.

The subscription term ranges from four to 24 months. (In Illinois, it’s 12–24 months.) After the term ends, you can cancel your agreement or start a new term with a different vehicle. When you turn in the car, you’ll be charged a $350 fee unless you sign another agreement. You’ll also be responsible for excess wear and tear. Taxes aren’t included in the monthly price. Depending on your location, you might have to pay a separate vehicle registration fee. 

You may only drive the car or SUV for personal use. You can travel anywhere in the country and spend up to 30 days in Canada.

Care by Volvo isn’t available in California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, and South Dakota.

Best for a Specific Manufacturer : Audi select

Audi select

Audi select

Why We Chose It: We picked Audi select because you have access to several different vehicles, are allowed two swaps per month, and can drive an unlimited number of miles.

What We Like
  • Subscription is month-to-month

  • Two vehicle swaps per month

  • No monthly mileage restrictions

What We Don’t Like
  • Service is only available in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area

Audi select took this category because the service allows you to truly experience vehicles from the manufacturer. The subscription features sedans, coupes, and SUVs that you can keep for up to 180 days before switching to another model.

You can choose one of two service plans, Core (waitlisted as of January 2022) or Premier. The Core plan is $995 per month and gives you access to models like the A4, Q5, S3, and Audi TT. The Premier plan runs $1,495 monthly and lets you drive everything from the Core plan, plus the Q7, S5, A6, and A5. No other fees are mentioned on the company’s website. 

This month-to-month subscription service includes the following features:

  • Two monthly swaps within your plan
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Two free car rental days per month
  • Insurance (exceeds state requirements; $1,000 deductible)
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Concierge for delivery, swaps, maintenance, and detailing between swaps
  • Easy cancellation (just notify customer service seven days before the end of your billing cycle)

To qualify as the primary driver, you must be at least 25 years old. Secondary drivers can be as young as 21. The company doesn’t specify additional requirements, but you can assume that you need a valid driver’s license, credit card, and reasonably clean driving history.

Unfortunately, Audi select is only available in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas market (as of January 2022).

Best for Low Mileage Drivers : YOYO



Why We Chose It: We chose YOYO as the best for low mileage drivers because the company’s subscription service is priced per mile.

What We Like
  • Per-mile pricing model

  • Low promotional membership fee

  • Can swap vehicles at any time

What We Don’t Like
  • Service is only available in San Francisco, California

  • 30-mile per day commitment

YOYO is our pick for this category due to their per-mile pricing model, which means you only pay for use. The car subscription company offers three plan tiers: Tall, Grande, and Venti. Each tier grants you access to different vehicles and charges you a corresponding per-mile rate as follows:

  • Tall: $0.50 per mile for access to small to mid-size vehicles (i.e., Honda Fit)
  • Grande: $0.75 per mile to drive sportier, more luxurious models (i.e., BMW 2)
  • Venti: $1.00 per mile to get behind the wheel of large, high-end cars, trucks, and SUVs (i.e., Range Rover)

As of January 2022, the annual membership fee is at a promotional rate of $99 (normally $300).

As an active member, you’ll have access to any YOYO vehicle for whatever time period you need—whether that’s a day or six months. You can swap your ride at any time with the push of a button in the company’s mobile app. A concierge will drive the replacement vehicle to you and take the old one back to the company.

Your membership also includes the following benefits:

  • Insurance ($300,000 in liability; $1,000 deductible)
  • Maintenance
  • Roadside assistance
  • 24/7 live, US-based customer support by phone, text, or app
  • Driving anywhere in the country or Canada

You can sign up via the mobile app. To qualify, you must be over 25 and have both a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. You may add another member to your account so they can drive, too. Smoking is prohibited in YOYO vehicles, and you must keep your pet in a crate at all times. 

While the company does bill per mile, there is a per-day minimum charge of 30 miles. That means if you have a car for five days at $0.50 per mile, you’ll be charged $75 (5 days x 30 miles X $0.50 per mile). You can end your car subscription at any time.

Although the company plans to expand, service is only available in San Francisco, California.

Final Verdict

Bottom Line

Car subscription services are relatively new to the market and aren’t available everywhere yet. That means it could be hard to find one that works for your lifestyle and budget in your area. However, after factoring in subscription benefits, service availability, price, and other criteria, and we chose Hertz My Car as the best car subscription service.

Before you sign any contracts, we encourage you to do your due diligence and thoroughly research any car subscription service you’re seriously considering to be sure it’s right for you.

Compare Best Car Subscription Services

Service Provider Why We Chose It Subscription Price
Hertz® My Car Well-rounded service available in all but three states Tier 1: $599/month Tier 2: $999/month Tier 3: $1,399/month
Care by Volvo Affordable service available in most states $600–$750/month depending on the vehicle selected
Audi select Great experience for manufacturer enthusiasts Core: $995/month Select: $1,495/month
YOYO Per-mile pricing, so you pay for use Tall: $0.50/mile Grande: $0.75/mile Venti: $1.00/mile


What Is a Car Subscription Service?

A car subscription service is a flexible alternative to owning or leasing a car. For a monthly or per-mile fee, you have access to wheels, with insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance included. You just have to put gas in the vehicle and drive. Subscription terms are shorter than a lease or car loan, allowing you to change automobiles frequently or stop using one entirely.

Who Should Use a Car Subscription Service?

A car subscription service might be right for you if you:

  • Need to drive sometimes, but not often enough to buy or lease
  • Need to drive regularly, but don’t want to deal with insurance, maintenance, paperwork, etc.
  • Want to experience a variety of different cars in a short time

How Does a Car Subscription Service Differ From Rideshare?

When you use a rideshare service, you rely on a stranger to pick you up in their personal vehicle. When you purchase a car subscription service, you don’t have to wait for a ride. An automobile is already sitting in your driveway, ready whenever you need to travel.

What Are the Different Types of Car Subscription Plans?

There are several different types of car subscription plans. They can originate from a specific automaker, a rental company, or a private company that’s new to the market. Subscriptions can be month-to-month or extend for many months. Plans can charge per month or mile.

What Does a Car Subscription Service Cost?

The cost of a car subscription service can vary dramatically, based on the vehicles included and benefits offered. If you don’t drive a lot and opt for a basic, per-mile subscription, you could pay only a few hundred dollars per month. But, if you go with a luxury option and drive more miles, you could spend a few thousand per month.

How We Chose the Best Car Subscription Services

We closely examined 14 car subscription services before choosing our five top picks. We carefully reviewed each service for benefits offered, customer support provided, and cost. Although geographical limitations are common due to car subscriptions being relatively new, we also factored in service availability.

All of our top choices offer multiple service plans at competitive prices, provide a variety of vehicles to choose from, and give you extras like roadside assistance and insurance coverage.