The Best Books About Frugal Living

Read These Books to Become Penny-Wise, Not Money Foolish

Frugal living isn’t about sacrifice and deprivation; it’s about living smarter​ so that you can afford to live the life that you want to live—the life that you dream of living. Frugal living books can be a great source of inspiration, whether you're a frugal newbie or a penny-pinching pro. Here are eight recommendations for books that are worth reading, rereading, and dog-earing. 

The Complete Tightwad Gazette

"The Complete Tightwad Gazette" is the ultimate frugal reference book. It contains thousands of money-saving tips on every topic imaginable and plenty of inspiration to get you back on the frugal bandwagon whenever you fall off. While it was originally published in 1998, it is as relevant today as it was then.

Not Buying It

"Not Buying It" author Judith Levine and her partner vow to buy nothing but the bare necessities for a year. That decision leaves them struggling to define just what a necessity is, and what to do when they run out of items that aren't on their "okay-to-buy" list. Since the couple divides their time between an apartment in the city and a house in the country, you also get to see how both environments impact their no-shopping quest.

Your Money or Your Life

If financial independence is your ultimate frugal goal, "Your Money or Your Life" is the book to get you there. It'll show you how to spend smarter, live more, and work less—before you reach retirement age.

The Millionaire Next Door

Who are the millionaires of the world? They're generally not the flashy-car-driving, designer-clothes-wearing individuals whom most would suspect; rather, they're the plain-Jane folks who work hard and save harder. "The Millionaire Next Door," by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, shows you how to turn your frugal ways into real wealth.

The Penny Pincher's Almanac

The editors of Reader's Digest pull their best penny-pinching tips together in "The Penny Pincher's Almanac." You'll want to add this 352-page book to your reference library and revisit it again and again.

Country Wisdom and Know-How

This giant-sized reference book from Storey Publishing is packed full of how-tos and advice for just about any frugal project you could think of tackling. Add it to your bookshelf and you'll find yourself reaching for it again and again.

Made from Scratch

Eager to simplify her life and do more for herself, 26-year-old office worker Jenna Woginrich sets out on a homesteading adventure. She learns how to raise chickens, keep bees, spin wool, and grow her own food, all while keeping up her 9-to-5 job. If you've ever considered homesteading, "Made from Scratch" is a great primer for city dwellers and country folks alike.

Money Can Buy Happiness

MP Dunleavey, the creator of the wildly popular column "Women in Red," shows you how to take the money that you already have and redirect it to the things that make you the happiest. If you think you don't have enough money to live the life that you want to live, "Money Can Buy Happiness" is the book to read.