Book Blogs - Good for Authors, Good for Readers

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Book blogs are great resources for both readers and writers. Photographer's Choice RF / Getty Images

Whether an author blogs to gain audience or taps into other peoples' blogs to get reviewed or interviewed, book blogs provide a resource for book discovery and marketing.

Learn about the various ways book blogs can serve writers and readers.

Keys to Book Blogger Success

"Start a blog" is common and seemingly logical advice to authors — hey, we're writers, right? But while some authors have successfully created their own blog presence, others post into the void.

 Kelly Jensen — former teen / youth services librarian, accomplished YA blogger (for Book Riot and STACKED), BEA Book Blogger Conference speaker, and book consultant — took time to answer questions about how book bloggers (from both authors and booklovers) can more effectively gain an audience.

Book Blogging Best Ethical Practices

What are the best ethical practices for a book blogger? Should a self-published author pay for reviews? Should bloggers disclose free books? How does a blogger / book reviewer avoid conflict of interest? Kelly Jensen, who spoke on the subject of best practices at BEA Book Blogger Conference ("BloggerCon") answers questions on blogging best practices.

How Readers Discover Books Through Blogs

Discovery can happen in a bookstore or through word-of-mouth — or through a trusted blog. Learn from former librarian and Kelly Jensen how people who love books find more books to love — and get tips on how authors can get their books in front of the right bloggers.

Author Blogging Groups — Writerly Community and Cyber "Front Porch"

Team blogs (also referred to as group blogs or blogging collectives) can be a way for authors and/or aspiring authors to create a supportive community; to build an ongoing platform for their voices to be regularly heard (between books or before they become published authors); and to help promote their work.

One such author's blogging group, Southern Belle View Daily, is comprised of ten successful novelists who write Inspirational Southern Fiction. Read about how the writers went about bringing the like-minded group together for blogging, and discuss what binds them and why blogging together is a great idea.

How to Organize An Author Blogging Group

How do you organize an author blogging group? Find people who work well together and who have complementary skill sets; set parameters for expectations — these are two pieces of advice from an established team blog Learn how these bloggers formed their group, and get tips for organizing your own.

Promoting An Author Team Blog

The benefits of being part of a author team blog (or blogging group) include a sense of community, a feeling of shared purpose — and the promotional advantage of a number of voices talking up your book, rather than just your own. To learn about the marketing upside to belonging to a team blog, read this Q&A to find out how the Southern Belle View Daily bloggers promote the blog and each authors' books.

About Blog Tours

A blog book tour is a marketing and publicity tool that allows authors to connect with potential readers of his or her book through blogs.

A blog book tour is orchestrated much the same way as a traditional book tour, where the author makes the rounds of various cities, and spends time discussing his or her book with the media in each location. Unlike a traditional tour, however, author "tours" virtually, from the comfort of his or her own home. Learn here how a blog book tour works.

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