Best Retail and Restaurant Birthday Club Freebies and Discounts

U.S. Retail Industry Stores and Restaurants Build Customer Loyalty on Birthdays

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The best loyalty programs offered by U.S. retail chains and restaurants are the loyalty club programs which include birthday clubs, birthday freebies, and special birthday surprise gifts, coupons, deals and discounts. As the number of retail and restaurant customer loyalty programs continues to grow at a rapid pace, U.S. customers are coming to expect that their favorite retailers and restaurants will make some kind of effort to reward (or buy) their loyalty, especially on special days like their birthdays.

The birthday club strategy works well not only because it creates gratitude and goodwill with the birthday customer, but also because the retailer often snags extra sales from the family and friends that are tagging along for the celebration. Birthday clubs also have a long-term benefit because retailers can gather contact data from customers to use in future marketing efforts.

What follows is a list of birthday clubs, freebies, and discounts that are currently being offered by major U.S. retailers. Registration is free, so if you'd like to get an e-mailbox full of extra surprises on your birthday this year, all it takes is a little bit of typing.

Abercrombie & Fitch
The A&F Loyalty Club includes “birthday surprises” each year
Abercrombie & Fitch A&F Club >>

Ace Hardware
Registration for the Ace Rewards loyalty program includes providing your birthday month, which indicates that a birthday “surprise" is part of “rewards” in the Ace Rewards program.

Ace Hardware Rewards Program >>

Alfy's Pizza
Free personal one-topping pizza to birthday club members
Alfy's Birthday Club >>

American Eagle
AE Rewards members receive 15% off during the month of their birthday
American Eagle AE Rewards Program signup >>

Auntie Anne’s
Members of the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks V.I.P.

club receive a “birthday gift” each year. You can add other family members to your Pretzel Perks membership and those family members will receive birthday gifts as well.

Free Personal Blends PureFume or a customer blended body care product "offer" to birthday club members
Aveda Birthday Club

Barnes & Noble
Kid’s Club members will receive a free cupcake at the cafe on their birthday
Barnes & Noble Kid’s Club registration >>

Baskin Robbins
Free 2.5 oz. scoop of ice cream for birthday club members
Baskin Robbins Birthday Club

Black Angus
Free steak dinner for birthday club members
Black Angus Prime Club

Bob Evans Birthday Club
Free kids' meal for each child registered in the birthday club
Bob Evans Birthday Club

A "special birthday offer" for e-Club members
Bonanza/Ponderosa Birthday Club

Boston Market
Customers who join the Boston Market VIP Club will get a “special treat to help celebrate” on their birthday
Boston Market V.I.P. Club registration >>

Bruegger’s Bagels
Members of the Bruegger’s Bagels eClub will receive “a little something” on their birthday
>a href="">Register for Bruegger’s Bagels eClub >>

Buono's Authentic Pizzeria
Free entree or personal pizza, plus a free dine-in dessert for birthday club members
Buono's Authentic Pizzeria Birthday Club

Captain D's
Free Kid's Meal and birthday greeting for each child enrolled in the Captain D's Aqua Agents Birthday Club
Captain D's Aqua Agents Birthday Club

Carrabba's Italian Grill
When you join the Carrabba's Amici Club, you’ll receive a “special offer” on your birthday
Carraba’s Amici Club signup >>

Children's Place
"Special gift coupon" for each child enrolled in the birthday club
Children's Place Birthday Club

Cinnabon Club Cinnamon members will receive a free Minibon cinnamon roll at signup and a “special present” on their birthday
Cinnabon Club Cinnamon registration

Cold Stone Creamery
Free ice cream creation for birthday club members
Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club

Dairy Queen
"Special surprise" for Blizzard Fan Club members
Dairy Queen Blizzard Club

Del Taco
Members of the Del Taco Raving Fan eClub will get two grilled chicken tacos at signup and a free premium shake on their birthday
Join the Del Taco Raving Fan eClub >>

Denny’s is one of the original restaurant chains to offer freebies to customers on their birthday.

You can get the traditional Grand Slam breakfast all day for free just for showing up at Denny’s restaurant on your birthday. And if you want to repay Denny’s for their kindness, you can join its Denny’s Rewards program so that they can market things to you for the rest of the year.
Register for the Denny’s Rewards program >>

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Members of the Dickey’s BBQ Yellow Cup Club will get a buy-one-get-one-free sandwich deal to help them celebrate their birthday.
Click to sign up for the free Dickey’s Yellow Cup Club >>

When you join the Disney Movie Rewards club, the registration process includes the collection of information about your birthday. While there is no special birthday offer specified, it is likely to expect that there will be one.
Information about the Disney Movie Rewards club >>

Dunkin’ Donuts
Surprisingly, you won’t receive any free donuts on your birthday from Dunkin’ but you will receive a free medium drink when you sign up and on your birthday if you’re a DD Perks member.

Sign up for the Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks loyalty program >>

Famous Dave’s
When you join the Famous Dave’s P.I.G. Club (that stands for “P"retty “I"mportant “G”uest), you’ll get “a tasty gift” on your birthday.
Click here to become a Famous Dave’s P.I.G. >>

Famous Footwear
Members of the Famous Footwear rewards program will receive a “special offer” on their birthday
Sign up for the Famous Footwear customer loyalty program >>

Firehouse Subs
Free sub for birthday club members
Firehouse Subs Birthday Club

Members of the Fuddrucker’s Fudds Club will receive “special coupons” on both their birthday and their anniversary (not specified whether that is your wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of joining the Fudds Club)
Join the Fuddrucker’s Fudds Club >>

"Birthday offer" for each family member enrolled in the birthday club
Friendly's Birthday Club

Goodwill Industries
Members of Club Goodwill receive a 25% discount off purchases on their birthday. Club Goodwill operates in Northern New England stores only and costs $10 per year to join.
Information about Club Goodwill >>

Birthday card and "special coupons" for pet birthday club members
H-E-B Pet Birthday Club
When you join the IHOP Pancake Revolution Movement, you’ll get a free meal at signup, a free meal on your birthday, and a free meal on your one-year membership anniversary.
Join the IHOP Pancake Revolution Movement >>

Jason’s Deli
When you sign up for the Jason’s Deli email list, you’ll receive a $5 off coupon on your birthday.
Jason’s Deli email list signup >>

When you register your kids for the Kmart Kids Birthday Club, they’ll receive $5 in Birthday Bucks, and birthday surprises in a Birthday Fun Pack.

Lone Star Steakhouse
When you join the Lone Star Steakhouse E-Club, you’ll receive “special surprises” offered throughout the year, which likely includes a birthday surprise, since your birthday is required information to register.
Sign up for the Lone Star Steakhouse E-Club >>

Moe's Southwest Grill
Free kid's meal for each child registered in the kids' birthday club
Moe's Southwest Grill Kids' Birthday Club and other discounts and promotional specials

Noodles & Company
Since the Noodles & Company Noddlegram signup requires information about your birthday, it is likely that the members-only “giveaways and coupons” will include a special birthday surprise.
Sign up to receive Noodles & Company Noodlegrams >>

Orange Julius
Members of the Orange Julius “Julius League” will receive a BOGO coupon at signup and “surprises and magical delights” throughout the year, which currently includes a birthday BOGO offer.
Signup for the Orange Julius League >>

Pick Up Stix
Members of the Pick Up Stix Dragon Club will receive a “special birthday offer” each year.
Join the Pick Up Stix Dragon Club

Qdoba customers who signup for a Qdoba Rewards card and use it to pay for Qdoba purchases will receive a freebie at signup and a birthday freebie offer each year.
Get information about the Qdoba Rewards card program >>

Red Lobster
"Birthday Surprise" for Fresh Catch Club members
Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club

Red Robin
Free burger for adults, free kids' meal for eClub members
Red Robin eClub

Rita's Ice Custard Happiness
"Special birthday treat" for Online Birthday Club members
Rita's Ice Custard Happiness Online Birthday Club

Members of the Schlotzsky’s Bun & Fun eClub will receive special “giftskys,” which currently include a special birthday offer.
Join the Schlotzsky’s Bun & Fun eClub >>

Members of the Sephora Beauty Insider club receive a free gift on their birthday, and special insiders-only offers and samples throughout the year.
Free signup for the Sephora Beauty Insider club >>

Sonic Drive-In
Get birthday freebies from the My Sonic and the Sonic Ice Cream Social loyalty club programs.
Info about the Sonic Drive-In Loyalty Club programs

Stir Crazy
When you join the Stir Crazy eClub, you’ll get a free “treat” at signup, and a free “gift” on your birthday.
Signup for the free Stir Crazy eClub >>

Free "dirt sundae" for each child registered in the Kid's Zone Birthday Club
Strickland's Kid's Zone Birthday Club

Taco John’s
When you join Taco John’s Club TJ, you’ll get a free Meat & Potato Burrito at signup and since your birthday information is required in the signup process, it is likely that you’ll get a Taco John’s birthday surprise as well.
Free Registration for Tack John’s Club TJ >>

Toys 'R Us
Free party planner, card, gift, birthday crown, balloon, store announcement, and Geoffrey birthday call for each child registered in the birthday club
Toys 'R Us Birthday Club

Uno Pizzeria & Grill
Members of the UNOs Insider’s Club will receive “dough-saving” coupons and although birthday freebies are not specified for club members, your birthday is part of the registration form, so some sort of birthday surprise is likely.
Join the UNOx Insider’s Club >>

Members of the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Lovers’ Club will receive a free Original Chili Dog at registration and a special birthday offer.

Free Kidz Meal for each child registered in the Zax Kidz Club
More about Zaxby's Zax Kidz Club