The 9 Best Binders to Buy in 2018

An essential tool to keep your business organized

Whether you’re a student, a professional or a homemaker, a binder can come in handy for keeping your documents organized and compartmentalized. Even with the increased amount of electronic and cloud storage, three-ring binders are still useful for carrying papers and physical copies of documents.

This list features a variety of the best three-ring binders with different functionalities. You’ll find binders that zip all around to keep documents well protected, leather-like binders that make a good impression in a professional setting, as well as value binders that give you the biggest bang for your buck. No matter the purpose for binder shopping, you’ll find something here that will suit your needs.

Best for Professionals: Premium Portfolio Binder Organizer by Ofir Sales

Created from supple vegan leather, the premium portfolio binder organizer by Ofir Sales is large enough to hold your documents, supplies, notebooks, electronics and everything you need during your day. The binder includes several pockets to hold all your smaller items – pens, highlighters, note card and even your smartphone and other handheld electronics. The premium binder is professional enough to take to a job interview, a client meeting or a professional presentation. There’s an adjustable handle that will slide in and out of the pocket – so it’s visible when you need it and it’s hidden when you don’t need it. The portfolio includes a smartphone and tablet holder as a free gift with your purchase.

Best for Students: Case-it Mighty Zip Tab Three-Inch Zipper Binder

The Case-it Mighty Zip Tab Zipper Binder is a large capacity binder designed to hold everything you need throughout your day. The five-color tabbed expanding file gives you a place to keep all your important papers and documents organized and easily accessible. Inside, you’ll find mesh pockets that can be used to hold all your school and professional supplies. Since it’s a zipper binder, all your belongings are closed up and kept safe from damage and loss. The angled zipper ensures it won’t get in the way while you’re trying to write, and the spine is designed to lay flat so you can easily put papers in and take them out. It’s created with durability in mind, which means it will last at least an entire school year. The binder includes a handle and a shoulder strap for easier carrying.

Best Value: Amazon Basics Three-Ring Binder, Four-Pack

Get four binders at a great low price with this four-pack of one-inch three-ring binders – the pack is perfect for separating information for different classes or subjects. The binders have a uniformed look, so if you want to bring order and organization to your bookshelf or filing system, these binders are the perfect solution. Each binder holds up to 175 sheets of paper. They’re each lightweight and great for everyday use. The plastic overlay on the front and back covers make it easy to customize your binder for your personal taste. Use the two interior pockets to store any loose papers.

Best for Book Lovers: Samsill Vintage Hardback Bootstyle Three-Ring Binder

The spine is the absolute best feature of the Samill Vintage Hardback Boostyle Three-Ring Binder. The vintage style textured cover has an old, classic feel to it, resembling books from the 19th century. The binder becomes more than just a vehicle for holding paper; it feels like more of a treasure. The one-inch round rings hold up to 225 sheets of standard paper. The binder is perfect for professionals including accountants, executives, lawyers or anyone who needs to make a great presentation.

Best for Color: bloom daily planners Fashion Binder

The Fashion Binder from bloom daily planners features a fun, fashionable floral design on the outside and a contrasting pink color on the inside. The hardcover binder is made of strong, sturdy laminated material that offers premium protection and durability. Fill the rings with your choice of paper and dividers to keep your papers organized. The one-inch rings hold up to 175 pages of standard sized paper. You can even purchase a matching daily planner to complete your organization system. There are no pockets inside the binder, however, you can purchase a pencil pouch or pocket inserts if you need additional storage inside your binder.

Best for Storage: Padfolio Three-Ring Binder and Briefcase Luggage Portfolio

The Padfolio Briefcase Luggage Portolfio by ProEquip is the perfect replacement for your regular briefcase or messenger bag. Not only does the portfolio include a three-ring binder, it also includes plenty of storage areas. The zippered pockets have five file dividers perfect for keeping your documents organized. The card slots can be used to hold your business cards, driver’s license or credit cards. The padfolio includes a calculator, notepad, pen slot, as well as retractable handles that can be hidden when they’re not in use.

Best Capacity: Avery Durable View Binder with Two-Inch Slant Rings

If you need a heavy duty binder that holds hundreds of pages, the Avery Durable View Binder with two-inch Slant Rings is a perfect choice. The binder’s rings have the capacity to hold up to 500 sheets of standard paper. DuraHinge and DuraEdge ensures the binder lasts longer and resist tears on the edges of the binder. No worries, the sides are still pliable, allowing the binder to open and close with ease. Choose from several different colors: black, white, dark blue, blue, green or pink. Each binder has a transparent front cover, which allows you to insert a cover to personalize or label your binder for better organization. Use Avery Design and Print templates to create a free template for your binder. Durable inside pockets allow you to store loose documents that don’t have holes.

Best Presentation: Samsill Classic Collective Executive Presentation Binder

Looking for a sleek, professional binder that can hold a wealth of information while making a great impression? The Samsill Classic Collective Executive Presentation Three-Ring Binder is perfect. The binder is covered with a black, flexible leather-like material with handstitched edges. Each corner is beautifully reinforced to prevent premature fraying that often occurs in other types of binders. Crafted with a firm hardcover, the binder is designed to keep your pages perfectly in place as you carry the binder with you throughout the day. The inside includes brass-plated metal rings that give the binder an upscale look. The inside also includes two pockets, ideal for carrying loose documents to your interview or meetings. 

Best for Keeping Recipes: Avery My Recipe Durable Binder Extra Wide

The My Recipe Binder holds 220 pages of your favorite recipes and can be used to create a personalized recipe book for yourself or for friends or family members. Use the binder to store your recipes, so you can access them quickly when you’re ready for meal making. Inside you’ll find pockets with great reference material – a meat temperature chart and a measurement conversion table. These reference sheets are easily accessible and will come in handy while you’re cooking. The binder cover can be wiped clean if you accidentally spill or splash on it while you’re cooking. If you want to create a custom cover, you can head over to the Avery website to create a custom template.


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