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People can always use some extra cash, and evaluating your expenses and lowering your monthly bills are two ways to help. Bill negotiation services help consumers lower their monthly utility bills; phone, cable, and internet fees; subscriptions; and other ongoing bills.

Bill negotiation services vary in the ways they can help you lower your bills, the bills they can help you lower, and their pricing and fees. We evaluated over a dozen different bill negotiation services, including apps that help you find lower rates yourself and companies where expert representatives negotiate with your service providers to lower your bills.

We compared these providers based on their reputations, years in business, depth and breadth of their services, pricing and cost, and consumer reviews around the web. Once we identified the companies we believe to be the most trustworthy, we narrowed it down to the best of the best. Here are our top picks.

The 5 Best Bill Negotiation Services of 2021

Best Bill Negotiation Services
Best Bill Negotiation Services

Best Overall : BillCutterz

Bill Cutterz

Bill Cutterz

One of the few bill negotiation companies with a long history, BillCutterz was launched in 2009 by a former mortgage banker, Mindy Niles. One of the few companies in the industry with Better Business Bureau accreditation, BillCutterz was accredited in July 2020 and holds an A+ rating with only eight customer complaints. Thirteen consumer reviews on the BBB site garnered BillCutterz a four-star rating overall.

BillCutterz specializes in negotiating and reducing monthly bills for things like utilities, alarm and security systems, satellite radio, and electricity. Service typically takes up to 48 hours but is only available if your bill payments are up to date. The company works with individuals, businesses, and not-for-profits.

The company also aggregates quotes for car loans and insurance (including renters insurance, home, and auto insurance) so you can potentially lower other bills as well.

On pricing, BillCutterz is pretty upfront and fair. The company charges 50% of the savings it earns for you. So, you save $50 a month on your cell phone plan, you’ll pay BillCutterz $25 each month (you can get an extra 10% off if you pay the total upfront for a year). If BillCutterz doesn’t save you any money on your bills, then you don’t pay a fee at all.

You’ll need to create an account to get started, which includes sharing the last four digits of your Social Security number for account verification with your service providers. Then, all you have to do is send BillCutterz your bills and they will negotiate for you.

The company’s upfront pricing, long-term reputation, and positive reviews on the BBB website earned them the top slot as best overall bill negotiation service. Customers noted significant savings on phone/internet/cable bills, especially. The BillCutterz team responded to negative reviews promptly with a solid explanation, which helped earn our trust in the organization.

Runner Up, Best Overall : BillFixers



In business since 2014, BillFixers has a team of expert negotiators ready to help you lower your monthly bills. Like BillCutterz, BIllFixers charges 50% of your first year of savings, with no fee if they don’t help you save.

Using BillFixers, you can negotiate your monthly bills for cable/phone/internet, cell phone service, satellite TV and radio, security and alarm services, and monthly subscriptions, like newspapers. The company can’t negotiate past-due bills but can help with disputes or over-charges on past invoices. It also cannot negotiate medical bills, mortgages, car payments, or credit card debt. Primarily, the company focuses on providing future savings.

You’ll need to create an account to get started and then can upload your bills electronically. BillFixers takes a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, credit, debit, or e-checks.

The company isn’t BBB-accredited but has a B+ rating with the organization and 3.75-star average reviews. The variety of payment options, positive customer ratings, and the simplicity of its website place BillFixers as the runner-up for best bill negotiation service.

Best App-Based Service : Truebill



Truebill launched in 2015 as an app-based service to help consumers find old subscriptions they no longer use and forgot to cancel.

The company has since expanded to help consumers save on bills like cable, phone, internet, satellite TV and radio, home alarm and security systems, and cell phone service. The Truebill website doesn’t offer much information about the type of bills they can’t negotiate but does list major providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Fios, Cox, Spectrum, and others as companies they work with to lower monthly bills.

Truebill only collects 40% of your savings. So if they save you $100 total, you’ll receive $60 savings and pay Truebill $40. It could take up to two billing cycles to see your savings reflected on your bill.

Truebill lost its BBB accreditation. Its customer reviews are poor reviews (one star from four reviews) and 19 complaints over the last three years. Its parent company's BBB page is being reviewed.

However, the company is held in high regard on Trustpilot, a top consumer review site. Truebill earned an average 4.4-star rating out of more than 300 reviews, with 84% grading the service as “excellent.”

In addition to its subscription tracking and bill negotiation services, Truebill also manages, which is a comprehensive bill pay and subscription monitoring service that can help customers save even more money.

Having these capabilities available on an easy-to-use app available for Android or iOS puts Truebill at the top of our list as best app-based service.

Best Additional Features : Billshark



Billshark is another company that regularly ranks as one of the top bill negotiation services around. We could have given Billshark the first or second slot in this review. But, because Billshark also offers other services, we decided to spotlight it as the best bill negotiation service with additional features.

What are those other services? For starters, Billshark offers subscription tracking and canceling capabilities. You can also get free auto or home insurance quotes on the website, shaving even more money from your monthly expenses. The site also provides a free internet speed test so you can see if you’re really getting all the bandwidth you’re paying your internet provider for. Finally, there’s a page where you can record outages with major cable/phone/internet providers and request a statement credit. These free services put Billshark indisputably at the top of our list for bill negotiation services with the best additional features.

Backed by Shark Tank star Mark Cuban, Billshark is also accredited with an A+ rating by the BBB. The site has a 4.5-star average rating on the BBB site, with 168 reviews. Customers pointed out that Billshark not only reduced their monthly bills but also helped them negotiate higher internet speeds at lower prices. Thanks to these rave reviews, Billshark could have easily edged out competitors for the top overall spot, but if you’re looking for added services, Billshark is the place to turn. It has only been in business since 2016 but has been accredited that whole time.

Billshark takes 40% of your savings as payment, and, if they can’t save you money on your bills, they don’t charge anything. The company also charges $9 per canceled subscription, which, essentially, could represent just one month of savings on something like a streaming service.

Best for Big Spenders : BillAdvisor



BillAdvisor may be the best service for those willing to take a chance on their savings. The company offers a membership service, where you pay $12.99 per month, regardless of the savings BillAdvisor finds for you. If you opt not to join, you pay 50% of the savings BillAdvisor negotiates.

BillAdvisor shops more services than competitors, making it good for people with multiple homes or cars. This, coupled with the cost of Platinum Membership, is why we rated BillAdvisor as best for big spenders.

BillAdvisor says it can lower your cell phone, phone, internet, and cable bills; auto, home, or life insurance; home security; and energy services. It can also manage, track, and cancel subscription-based services like streaming accounts, meal clubs, subscription box services, gym memberships, apps, and more. If you’re the type who orders late-night snacks and then realizes you committed to a monthly box of keto-friendly chips, this service could be right for you. BillAdvisor cannot negotiate past-due accounts.

Founded in 2016, BillAdvisor no longer has a rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not accredited, so it may be best to tread with caution if you opt for the subscription service. However, 72% excellent reviews on Trustpilot and an average 3.7-star rating, with recent positive reviews, indicates the service works for many people. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for bill negotiation and have relatively high monthly expenses, it could be worth looking into BillAdvisor to help.


What Are Bill Negotiation Services?

Bill negotiation services can help customers in good standing reduce their monthly bills. These companies negotiate with your providers to get you a better deal, often saving customers hundreds per month if they opt to negotiate most of their bills. 

What Bills Can Be Negotiated?

Typically, bill negotiation services can negotiate phone, cable, and internet bundles or any of these services separately, as well as cell phone bills, home security and alarm systems, exterminator services, satellite TV and radio, and, in some states, electric or energy bills. Some of the services also provide subscription management to help you find and cancel unused subscriptions, saving you even more money. 

What Do Bill Negotiation Services Include?

Most bill negotiation services work in similar ways: You upload your bills to the site and the company gets to work negotiating discounts. In cases where the company takes no money upfront, you can upload as many bills as you’d like. You only pay if they successfully negotiate savings. Bill negotiation can take as little as 48 hours or up to two billing cycles, but services will begin shortly after you upload your bills. You may have to request to have bills renegotiated as contracts expire. Subscription-based services like BillAdvisor will negotiate any qualified bills with no limits and will continue reviewing your accounts as long as you’re a customer. 

What Do Bill Negotiation Services Exclude?

Most bill negotiation services exclude medical bills, student loan payments, personal loans, mortgages, and insurance. In addition, they cannot negotiate past-due accounts or seek to have late fees waived. Typically, anything related to your credit is off-limits to bill negotiation companies. They won’t help you dispute charges on your credit report or help you reduce credit card debt. For that, you want to work with a debt settlement company or a credit counseling agency. Bill negotiation services are not the same as debt consolidation companies either. Similarly, they don’t negotiate tax debt; that falls into the domain of the best tax debt relief companies.

What Do Bill Negotiation Services Cost?

Most of the services we explored charged no upfront fees. Instead, they collect 40% to 50% of your total savings, usually paid monthly. No matter how many bills they negotiate, the cost percentage remains the same. If they don’t find any savings for you, there’s no charge. Be wary of subscription-based services like BillAdvisor. Although this service might work great for consumers who want a one-stop shop to lower their monthly bills, find and cancel subscriptions, and get better rates on insurance, it might be best to opt for the percentage savings.

Are Bill Negotiation Services Worth the Cost?

Since most bill negotiation services don’t charge a fee unless they save you money, it’s definitely worth taking a chance. You could negotiate lower rates on your own, but do you want to take the time doing so? These companies employ expert negotiators who then develop relationships with the service providers to get the best deals. You may want to use a bill negotiation service if:

  • The idea of talking on the phone to service providers stresses you out
  • You’ve been unsuccessful negotiating in the past
  • You don’t have time to call and negotiate all your bills

Bill negotiation services may not be for you if:

  • You’ve missed too many payments on your monthly bills
  • You currently have passed due accounts
  • You only have one or two bills worth negotiating

How We Chose the Best Bill Negotiation Services

Unlike tax debt relief companies and debt settlement firms, bill negotiating is not a crowded market. We reviewed about a dozen of the most highly reviewed and highly visible companies and rated them based on their perceived trustworthiness, prices, and the services they offered. Based on these factors, plus consumer satisfaction and third-party ratings, we selected the best bill negotiation services.

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