The 8 Best Banking Apps of 2019

Manage all your finances from your smartphone

Do you remember getting your stack of bills out to make payments? How about waiting for your monthly summary to come in the mail from the bank to balance your account? Tracking and taking care of your finances has gotten infinitely easier in recent years with top of the line mobile banking apps. Common features we all want and expect to see include simplified account management, budgeting tools, mobile deposits, and bill pay, as well as person-to-person payments. Fraud alerts are essential to be aware of immediately, and mobile apps have the ability to keep you in the loop. Many can also provide you with your current credit score along with access to your balance on demand.

Banks keep rolling out new features to simplify your banking experience, and they continue to compete to be on the cutting edge. A great banking app is becoming one of the deciding factors when it comes to selecting a bank. All the mobile banking apps listed here are free to download through iOS and Android. However, your cell phone carrier's messaging, and data usage fees do apply. 

Best Overall: USAA Mobile Banking App

Courtesy of USAA

As far as mobile banking apps go, USAA has it all. Log onto your account using secure fingerprint, face or voice recognition. This is considered extra protection beyond a password allowing customers to access and manage sensitive financial information fast. USAA's app has super easy search options. Just say or type your question, and an in-app assistant will assist you or get you in touch with a USAA representative. It also offers bill pay, sending money with Zelle, access to your mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Of course, you can make mobile deposits and locate ATMs using the app, too. USAA offers great banking and car insurance options, but they only serve our military members and their families. If you have served or have a family member who has served, you should take full advantage of everything USAA offers.

Best for Staying on Budget: BB&T Mobile App

Courtesy of BB&T

If you want to take control of your finances once and for all, you will love BB&T's banking app. It allows you to plan and analyze your investments, as well as create a budget and set goals easily with their one of a kind tools. They also offer mobile check deposit, so you do not need to go to the ATM to make deposits. You can pay individuals using Zelle, an easy way to send money directly between almost any U.S. bank account so long as each individual is signed up with Zelle. The truth is, the more you use your mobile app, the more you understand it and get the most out of its features. J.D. Power ranked BB&T's mobile app 2nd among all other banking apps based on high functionality and high performance. User-friendly and well-designed apps scored the highest.

Best for Ease of Use: Capital One Mobile App

Capital One
Courtesy of Capital One

How easy is it to use these mobile banking apps? How likely are you to use the app on a regular basis if it is a pain to navigate? J.D. Power completed a U.S. Banking App Satisfaction study identifying Capital One's Banking app as No. 1 for the second year in a row with ease of navigation as one of the top rating factors. It comes with all of the major features such as the ability to check your balance, transfer money, and manage multiple accounts. It offers mobile deposits, online bill pay, and digital payments using Zelle. You can also set up automatic savings accounts making saving more accessible than ever. If you struggle with technology, Capital One it the one to make mobile banking as easy as possible.

Best for Transferring Money and Online Banking Experience: Ally Mobile App

Courtesy of Ally

Most banking apps make transferring money easy, but Ally has a lot more to offer than moving money around. Their banking app does allow you to transfer money within your Ally accounts or between your Ally and non-Ally accounts using Zelle. Being a bank without physical locations, Ally relies heavily on providing the best online and mobile experience to serve its customers. The app also allows you to make deposits, pay your bills, and view your balances. It also has the ability to allow you to search your transaction history. They make it easy to find nearby ATMs and cash-back locations. Ally is currently one of the top-rated banks offering interest on checking accounts, which is not common. They also provide high yield savings accounts with some of the best rates among all banks. Even though Ally is online-only, you can speak with a human 24/7 via their customer service line. Ally is a great option if your employer pays you by direct deposit since they do not accept cash deposits.

Best for Cash Back: Bank of America Mobile App

Bank of America
Courtesy of Bank of America

Bank of America's mobile banking app links to your Bank of America credit card rewards so you can choose your rewards redemption options. Using the mobile banking app, you can utilize BankAmeriDeals which displays where you can earn cash back when you are using your eligible Bank of America debit or credit card. The app makes it a lot easier and is a convenient way to save some extra money. They offer some other useful features, including a Spanish language setter and access to your credit score. You can also take a picture of your check with your smartphone camera to deposit it into your account. Bank of America also offers custom alerts, fingerprint sign-in, and the ability to lock or unlock your debit card.

Best for Appearance and Clarity of Information: Chase Mobile App

Courtesy of Chase

Chase is ranked in the top three by J.D. Power for best banking apps. When you apply for an Amazon credit card, they send you a Chase card, so you know they are big business. They have taken the time to make this the chase mobile app beautiful as well as providing the information in a clear and easy to understand fashion. The newest feature offered is now you do not need your credit card to get cash out of the ATM! Chase ATMs work with your mobile wallet, talk about convenience! The app allows you to deposit checks and pay bill securely, but you even can manage your paperless preferences, set up account alerts, and use Zelle to send or receive money from almost anyone with a mobile number or email address. You can also set up text banking and get account updates by text using simple commands, so you do not need to open the app!

Best for Bill Pay: Wells Fargo Mobile App

Wells Fargo
Courtesy of Wells Fargo

Want to pay your bills fast? Make bill paying as easy as possible by using Wells Fargo's mobile banking app. It all starts with logging into your app using your fingerprint or facial recognition for available devices, then deposit your check by snapping a photo, now you can transfer money, pay bills, monitor transactions, and set up alerts. They also offer texting banking using simple commands. Type in (BAL) to get your account balance, type (ACT) to see recent transactions and best of all you can type (DUE) to look at your bill due dates. Set up FastLook in the mobile app and choose up to five accounts you want balance information on. Then select whether or not you would like to get Bill Pay reminders. It makes bill pay easier than ever.

Best for Notifications: PNC Mobile App

Courtesy of PNC

PNC's mobile banking app recently got an upgrade. It has a whole new look, better navigation, and upgraded features to make managing your money on the go as fast and as simple as possible. Do you want to be notified when a direct deposit is received? Turn your notifications on to be alerted when you receive a deposit and to seamlessly track your debit and credit card activity. PNC uses Zelle so you can pay to almost anyone regardless of where they bank. They also upgraded their virtual wallet to provide a new mobile experience for your money management. Get access to a Money Bar and Calendar within the app. Money Bar is a slider bar that displays what money you have available to spend, what is scheduled to go out, and what is in reserve. You can also view your calendar to see past, current, and known future transactions.