Best Apples for Freezing

Golden Delicious Apples. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Want to fill your freezer with apples while they're in season? While you can freeze any type of apple, a crisp, sweet apple usually works best. That's because they tend to maintain their flavor and texture better than other types of apples. Here's a list of some of the best apples for freezing:

Golden Delicious
Ida Red
Northern Spy
Red Rome

If you already have a bunch of apples, and they aren't one of the varieties on this list, don't sweat it.

They're still worth freezing for later. Having apples on hand for apple pie is always better than not having apples on hand for apple pie.

How to Freeze Your Apples

Apples can be frozen whole or chopped up. If you have time to chop and core your apples, freezing them chopped is probably best. It'll make them easier to use later. For the best results, lay your apple slices out on cookie sheets and flash freeze them, before transferring them to freezer bags. This will keep the apples from freezing together in clumps, so you can grab just what you need for a recipe. For detailed freezing instructions, check out: How to Freeze Apples.

Uses for Frozen Apples

Freezing does change the texture of apples some, so they're best used for cooking or baking. Use your stash of frozen apples to make pies, cobblers, applesauce or apple butter. If you have time, you can actually go ahead and make your apple pie filling, apple butter or sauce now, and freeze it for later.

All three freeze beautifully. I routinely freeze apple butter and applesauce in pint and quart-sized freezer jars, and have found that freezing apple pie filling in pie plates and then transferring the filling to freezer bags once it's frozen, allows me to drop my filling right into a crust when I'm ready to bake.

I don't even bother to thaw the filling before I use it.

Apple Recipes to Make and Freeze

Tools to Save You Time

If you have a lot of apples to freeze, consider investing in a sturdy apple peeler, corer and slicer. It'll save you a lot of knife worker and time. This simple device will perform all three steps at the same time, so you get through your pile of apples faster.

More Ways to Store Apples

Have more apples than freezer space? If you're just looking for a good way to store apples long-term, you may be able to store them in a cool basement, garage or shed. Some varieties will keep for months this way. Here's what you need to do to store apples this way.