Debt Tracker Apps for Android

While there are some really good options for debt reduction software and debt reduction spreadsheets, you may be turning to your Android phone or tablet more often for a useful app to manage your finances or your life instead of using the software. We found some decent apps that will help you with coming up with a plan to reduce debt, but the selection and overall features in the Android apps weren't quite up to par with what we found for iOS debt reduction apps. However, the Android apps are still very useful, and all are free or have a free trial version, so don't hesitate to give them a try.

We looked for apps that organized debts all in one place and that allowed the user to choose among a few debt pay off strategies and then track their progress. We found two apps that do this, and the remaining apps on this list track debt and payments and are useful for debt reduction efforts, but they lack features for coming up with a financial strategy right in the app.

The best Android debt reduction apps for 2013, are:

  • Debt Payoff Planner
  • iQuick Debt Payoff
  • Debt Tracker
  • Debt Planner Pro

Debt Payoff Planner Android App

Use Debt Payoff Planner to reduce your debt and get rid of it altogether.
Debt Payoff Planner for Android. Adonis Apps LLC

Debt Payoff Planner is an Android app that uses the debt snowball method to help you with coming up with the most effective strategy for reducing or eliminating your debt. Just plug in the balance of your loan or other debts the interest rate and any payments that you made so far and Debt Payoff Planner will help you to decide which loan, credit card or other debt you should start paying down first.

This Android app helps you to analyze the best way to pay off your debt using graphs, charts and a consolidated view of all payoff strategies. Once you choose a debt payoff strategy, you can track your payments and review how your plan is working out. Data can be emailed to yourself and exported to Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet. Data can be backed up and restored to and from your SD card and you can set up a password to protect your financial information.

While this app works quite well, we do have one complaint: some of the user interface would benefit a great deal from a brightening up.

The developer also offers an add-on app called Payment Scheduler which includes notifications and widgets for your Android device. While there is a light version of Debt Payoff Planner, it doesn't have the same features as the full version so you won't really get an idea for how this app works with the light version. We have included a link below in case you want to try it.

Cost: .99 USD​
Download the Debt Payoff Planner app for Android from Google Play, or try Debt Payoff Lite which supports two debts.

iQuick Debt Payoff for Android

iQuick Debt Payoff minimizes the total interest paid on loans, credit cards and other debt .
iQuick Debt Payoff for Android. iQuick Data Inc.

iQuick Debt Payoff minimizes the total interest you'll pay on outstanding loans, credit cards, and other debt by calculating payment schedules using the accelerated payment method to pay off the loan with the highest interest rate first. When the first debt is paid, apply the monthly payment from that debt to the remaining loan with the highest interest rate, and so on. Alternatively, you can pay off the debt with the lowest balance first.

Features include:

  • Amortization schedule with loan snapshot including total balance, interest rate, total interest paid, monthly payment and other details. Amortization table can be emailed or exported to CSV format.
  • Payment schedules can be saved to an SD card or in your Android's internal memory.
  • Supports U.S. dollars and other common currency.
  • Compare up to 10 loans to find the best option.

Cost: $2.25
Download the iQuick Debt Payoff app for Android from Google Play


Debt Tracker for Android

Debt Tracker for Android makes tracking debts and payments easy.
Debt Tracker Android App. StellarWave

If you have a plan for paying down your debt and all you need is a way to track your efforts, consider Debt Tracker for Android. This app is easy on the eyes and is easy to use. Enter your individual debts like loans and money you owe to friends, then you'll be able to track your payments and see a bar graph go down as the amount of your debt is reduced.

Other simple but the features that I like in Debt Tracker are that you can keep track of money that others owe you, you can set up and track savings goals, and confirmation numbers for online payments can be recorded. The app supports multiple currencies.

Debt Tracker is free, and for .99 cents, you can back up your data to Dropbox and use Debt Tracker on multiple devices, and use cool little icons to quickly identify different credit card accounts, cash accounts and more.

Cost: free or .99 cents
Download the free Debt Tracker app for Android, or Debt Tracker Pro from Google Play


Debt Planner and Calculator / Debt Planner Pro

Debt Planner Android app plans for paying off debts and keeps you motivated.
Debt Planner Pro. KickingLettuce Studios

Debt Planner uses a "lowest balance first" payment strategy for paying off credit cards and other debt. This type of payment plan can be very motivational because of the sense of accomplishment that comes with knocking off one debt, even if it's the easiest one to get rid of. You can tweak the numbers the app gives you to develop a personalized payment plan and Debt Planner will tell you how long it will take to get out of debt, total interest paid, current APR and can work with balance transfer fee and promotional rates.

Debt Planner currently only works with U.S. dollars, and the free version support three the and it's ad supported. Get rid of the ads for $1.49 with Debt Planner Pro and be able to track unlimited debts, view a status bar and get monthly payment notifications for bills. You'll need to buy the Pro version if you want to use the app on an Android tablet, although it's not graphically stunning, it does the job of tracking debt reduction and elimination.

Cost: free or $1.49
Download the free Debt Planner and Calculator app for Android, or Debt Planner Pro from Google Play