What Are the Best and Worst Jobs?

High Paying Jobs, Fast Growing Careers and More

One person's "best" job may be the "worst" for someone else. Want to make the most money or have the most fun? Do you prefer a high-stress job or slower pace work with more flexibility? It all comes down to personal goals and experience.

Here are the best and worst jobs looking at a variety of factors.

Highest Paying Jobs

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Which jobs pay the best? Here's information on the best paying jobs including the highest paying jobs by level of education and type of position.

The Best Six Figure Jobs
Here are some of the jobs that are most likely to net you a high salary and good job opportunities.

Top 20 Highest Paying Careers
The top 20 careers on the list pay over $100,000 per year. Here are the top 20 occupations and information on how much each job pays.

Top 10 Unexpectedly High-Paying Jobs
From air traffic controllers to art directors, funeral managers to foresters, here's a varied range of jobs that bring in much more money than you might expect. Also take a look at these unconventional jobs with good prospects for employment.

Compare Salaries
Not sure how much a job will pay? Free salary comparison tools  compare salaries for jobs, industries and locations. More

Best Jobs With No Degree Required

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When you don't have a college degree, it can be challenging to find a good job. However, there are decent options out there. Here are the top 10 jobs where a four-year college degree is not required. More

Top 10 Jobs You Can Qualify for Quickly

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Completing a short-term job training program can be just the ticket to gain access to a rewarding career. There are a surprising number of industries that you can enter without completing long degree programs. More

Best Jobs for Night Owls

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 Looking for a job where you can work overnight hours? There are many different types of jobs available. Review 16 of the best jobs for night owls, along with education and training requirements, and salary potential. More

Best Jobs for Parents

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It can be hard to juggle work and family life while earning a paycheck. Here are good paying jobs that offer parents the flexible schedules they need to balance a career and parenthood. More

Best Jobs for People Who Want to Save the World

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 Do you want a job where you can make a difference in the world? Here are career options to consider, with educational requirements, average earnings, and job outlook.

For more options, there are green jobs that focus on sustainability and protecting our planet. More

Fasting Growing Jobs

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Here are lists of the jobs which will have the most openings in the next few years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Top 40 Fasting Growing Jobs
Here are the fastest growing occupations that require a bachelor's, master's, doctorate degree or only on-the-job training.

Top 10 Occupations With the Most Job Openings
These occupations will have the most job openings through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Jobs in Finance

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Here's the scoop on jobs in finance:

Financial Advisor
If you are a people person, boast excellent quantitative skills and have an entrepreneurial bent, becoming a financial advisor may be a fulfilling and highly remunerative, career path.

Accountants and Auditors
Accounting skills have remained in high demand and the field has been nearly recession-proof. Moreover, accounting and auditing often provide an entry point to a multitude of other highly desirable career opportunities. Here's an overview of the principal career paths and employment options that utilize accounting and auditing expertise.

Information Technology in Finance
A little-known fact is that the financial services industry outspends all other industries and governments worldwide on information technology. Accordingly, even given mergers and consolidations, financial services remains a prime destination for information technology professionals. The leading firms are continually upgrading their massive IT infrastructures to meet competitive and regulatory challenges, and IT professionals thus are key staff members.

Best Legal Jobs

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The best legal jobs include more than just lawyer positions. Explore a wide range of professional opportunities in the legal and law enforcement industries and learn about the job duties, education, skills, job outlook, salaries and career resources More

Top 12 Worst Jobs

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Review a ranking of the worst jobs based on salary, benefits, job opportunities, projected growth, and health and safety concerns.

Then take a look at some more not-so-good jobs - some on the lists might surprise you!

Top 25 Worst Paid Jobs
The top 25 worst paying jobs include positions in industries ranging from entertainment to transportation to health care. Here's a list of the lowest paying jobs.

Best and Worst Master's Degrees for Finding a Job
Here is a list of the top ten best and worst master's degrees for finding a job. The lists detail the median annual pay for mid-career workers with each degree and the average projected growth for popular jobs held by people with each degree.

Worst Jobs for Teens
These jobs are the worst not because they are boring or offer low pay, but because they are dangerous. More

More Best Jobs

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What jobs are the best? Here are jobs that made the "best jobs" lists in a variety of categories.

Best Jobs
Whether you're just starting your career or you're looking for a job change, review a list of good jobs with projected growth and openings that are increasing faster than other occupations.

The Most Loved Professions
Does detective or legal work sound exciting? Movies and television can influence our opinion and what attracts us to a profession. Learn the truth about them from Rosenberg McKay.

Top Cool Jobs
The top cool jobs, what you need to know to find a cool gig, and inside information about what it's really like on the job.