Benefits Available to Military Personnel and Their Families

The Employee Benefits for Members of the USA Military

Military Benefits.

Serving the military is a pleasure for most and a way of life for others. It is something many people feel they were born to do. After serving, many veterans return to civilian life by volunteering, working or going back to school. There are a host of benefits available for military personnel, veterans and their family members.

Here's a list of the best benefits available today for military personnel and their families so you know what to take advantage of when needed.

Military Personnel Provide Value to Workplace

We have heard it time and again from politicians and companies that hire large numbers of military veterans that they bring value to the workplace. They work hard, are loyal, and have plenty of real-world experience that can translate to the working world. This is especially true for veterans who held positions of rank while serving their country and are then hired for management positions upon return to civilian life.

Educational Benefits

One of the most popular benefits military veterans like to take advantage of are the educational benefits offered by the government. From the GI Bill to Education on Duty to Tuition Assistance; veterans have plenty of options when it comes to receiving an education or returning to school once they are done serving the country.

Financial Services

Military personnel and their families also receive financial services benefits while serving on active duty and after being discharged.

Financial services include vehicle loans, cash for food and cash for housing. Military personnel with at least three years of service can expect to make roughly $47,500 per year in salary, housing, food and tax advantages. This level serviceman will receive close to $14,000 per year for housing or some equivalent of that.

VA Medical Support

Military personnel are also subject to receive medical support from the VA (Veterans Affairs) at hospitals across the country. Aside from medical care at VA hospitals, military personnel and their families receive health insurance through TRICARE for as long as the military serviceman remains active. If the serviceman stays with the military through retirement, he or she will keep the health insurance for their lifetime along with that of their spouse’s benefits.

Military Discounts

Serving in the military brings more than just health care, housing and food assistance. It also brings other discounts for small business loans, health care after discharge and much more. Many businesses across the country provide veterans with military discounts on a daily basis when shopping at their retail locations, staying at their hotels, renting their cars or eating at their restaurants. 

Travel Benefits

While serving actively in the military you will not only get to travel to different locations across the country, but also throughout the world. Aside from this travel, you will be eligible to travel as Space A, or space available, on military flights to almost any location in the world free of charge.

You will also be able to stay at lodging on military bases or at resorts created for military personnel near Disney World in Florida and in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Life Insurance

All military personnel who are on active duty are eligible for life insurance ranging from $50,000 to $400,000 for no more than a rate of $29 per month. If you are in the reserves or the National Guard, you could be eligible for either full coverage or partial coverage life insurance depending on the unit in which you serve.

Career Transition Benefits

The military provides its veterans with career transition help so veterans can successfully return to civilian life and find jobs. The career transition program helps veterans in three areas; individual transition planning, employment workshops and tailored tracks. You can get help with outlining your career skills and possible path.

At employment workshops, experts will help military personnel translate their military skills into civilian jobs. There are three tailored tracks to take; Entrepreneurship, Career Technical Training and Education.

As you can see, the military provides its personnel and their families with plenty of benefits while active, discharged or retired. Take advantage of them today.