Benefits of Broad Collision in Michigan

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A unique coverage to the state of Michigan is broad collision. Broad collision coverage comes with some great benefits you should know about when setting up your car insurance policy. Weigh the benefits of broad collision to determine if it is the right coverage for you.

Collision in Michigan

Michigan's collision coverage can be confusing to those first becoming acquainted with its terminology. Michigan is considered the truest no fault state of all 50 states. When an accident occurs, damage is repaired by your own car insurance policy. Therefore, without collision coverage, you will not be reimbursed from an at-fault driver's car insurance policy. The most you can collect from another's person's auto insurance policy for physical damage is $1000.

Three Types of Collision Coverage In Michigan

No Collision: Offers no coverage.

Limited Collision: Provides coverage only if you are found not at fault.

Standard Collision: Provides coverage regardless of fault, however, a deductible is always required.

Broad Collision: Provides coverage regardless of fault, however, not-at-fault claims will have no deductible.

Benefits of Broad Collision Coverage

  • Covers physical damage to your vehicle due to an accident with another vehicle or other inanimate object.
  • No deductible is charged for not-at-fault accidents, including if your vehicle is hit while parked.
  • Your policy always covers you so you do not have to deal with someone else’s insurance carrier.
  • Broad collision deductible only applies to at-fault accidents. So, you can increase your deductible to reduce costs, while still getting a zero deductible on not-at-fault accidents.

Broad collision is the best form of collision in the no-fault state of Michigan. Also available are standard collision, limited collision, and no collision. If you are looking for the best car insurance coverage in the state of Michigan, broad collision is the most comprehensive coverage available.