Often Overlooked Benefits of an Internship

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Internships can be helpful in a variety of ways. Not only does it help the employer build a pipeline of talented young professionals, it also brings an advantage for students who partake in internships. It's a win-win situation! 

Many times students hesitate to take on internship opportunities because of their busy schedules. Although, internships do require a significant amount of time, there are many benefits that can often be overlooked.

Here are a few benefits highlighted that students often overlook.

Summer and Winter Schedule

Typically, most students academic schedules are during the Fall or Spring time. Students often face a dilemma: "I'm way too busy to be doing an internship during the semester!" Let's not forget that there are Summer and Winter opportunities. The great thing about the Summer and Winter internships is that students can get the experience without having to sacrifice their academic work. Also, schedules are more flexible. Students can even have an opportunity to do a full-time internship, so they can really get a taste of what the company they are interning for is like.

Interning Locally or Abroad

It's not just locally employers are looking for interns - there are opportunities abroad as well! Ever wanted to be in a different country? Now is the chance. It will be well worth the experience. Students get to immerse themselves in the culture and are able to see other places they wouldn't be able to do at their campus.

This is a great option for students that are already studying abroad. 

There are many companies that offer excellent study abroad or intern abroad experiences. Some of those companies are Study Abroad Europe, PINC International, and The Intern Group. These programs give students the opportunity to intern/study abroad in countries like Spain, London, Germany, Italy and many more.


While the students spend their time abroad, they are building their resume with valuable experience and also gaining insight into a new culture. A lot of these programs offer many benefits and accommodations for students so that they can feel as comfortable as possible. It is also often easier to land an opportunity abroad than you might think.

Earn College Credits 

Internships can be either paid or unpaid, but what's most important is that you can actually earn college credit for your time. Always ask if the school's career center and if the company offers college credits towards your degree. An internship with credits towards graduation integrates academic coursework with relevant experience, which is very helpful! 

Being nervous and scared of going after an internship is completely normal. It is a new experience that you will be adding to your already hectic schedule but it is definitely one that is no doubt completely worth it. If you don't like your internship? Great news: you are only there for a semester. Love your internship? Definitely keep in touch with the contact of the company and see what job opportunities are in store for the future.