Before You Apply for Writing Jobs

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You're convinced and ready to break into the freelance market, right? But, are you really prepared? These are the basic things that a new freelance writer must do in order to effectively compete for freelance writing jobs.

Inventory Your Skills and History

You're here because you know you can write, right? What makes you think you can handle all those freelance writing jobs? Don't tell me! Write it down!

Get ready to write the most convincing freelancer's resume by summarizing all those experiences that you know prepared you to write. Perhaps you were responsible for the company newsletter in your last job? Or, maybe you wrote for the school newspaper while working on that journalism degree? Get it all out--think hard!

    Your Writing Resume

    I'm convinced that a writer needs a resume. Some other experts in the area are not so sure. But I believe that you need some kind of document that shows why you can write for pay. Now, maybe you won't use this document in the traditional job-hunting sense, or maybe you will, but putting one together will be a useful exercise in summarizing your strengths and it will serve you well in our next step. Here are some tips on putting together a writing job resume.

      Your Portfolio

      Writers generally use a portfolio to showcase published pieces, clips and past freelance writing jobs.

      Remember the step above where you put together your resume? It's already paying off! Use your resume to think of some pieces that you would include in a portfolio. For example, let's say that you helped in writing the text for your previous employer's website. With the employer's permission, you could use some of that text as an example in your portfolio.

      Or, did you happen to write an incredible letter for your local PTA or Rotary Club? Pull out a copy, and use it to sell your powers of persuasion.

        Get Online

        Yes, you are going to have to get online. Many of the freelance writing jobs available are virtual, and you'll need a webs to send potential employers to view your portfolio

        Don't panic! There are options available for the technologically challenged who don't want to code an entire website from scratch. One solution may be to start a blog. Be sure to visit About Weblogs to get started in that direction. Another alternative is any number of websites specifically designed to host portfolios.

          Now, with your ducks in a row, you're really ready to launch that freelance writing career!