Free Valentine's Day Wallpapers

Valentine's Day Wallpapers for All Your Devices

Add a free valentine wallpaper to your computer desktop, tablet, or phone for a bit of romance and love just in time for Valentine's Day.

Within these valentine wallpapers, you'll find roses, couples, candy, hearts, and messages of love. There's something for everyone, whether Valentine's Day for you means romantic love, family love, or friendship.

Not sure how to get this valentine wallpaper on your computer desktop? Find out how to change your computer wallpaper in a few easy steps.

If you're looking for more of the best free wallpaper for Valentine's Day, be sure to check out these red rose wallpapers and rose wallpapers. There is plenty of other free flower wallpaper too.

There are other Valentine Day freebies like printable Valentine's Day cards, love coupons, coloring pages, and clip art.

Inseparable by Vlad Studio

A couple under an umbrella.
Vlad Studio

This lovely valentine wallpaper by Vlad Studio shows that the sun truly shines through everything when you are with the one you love.

Download this free valentine wallpaper in a wide variety of sizes for your computer desktop. More

I Heart U by WallpaperStock

A crumpled piece of paper that says I Love You.
Wallpaper Stock

This beautiful HD valentine wallpaper features a message of love with a huge red heart right at the center.

Download this free valentine wallpaper for your normal, wide, or HD monitor as well as your mobile phone. More

Happy Valentine's Day by Wallpaperez

Three hearts being shot by arrows.

For those of you anti-Valentine's Day fans then you'll love this humorous valentine wallpaper.

This free valentine wallpaper is available in 1280x960. More

Dozen Roses by Desktop Nexus

A dozen pink roses.
Desktop Nexus

A close up of a few of the dozen roses you may be getting for Valentine's Day is featured in this wallpaper.

Desktop Nexus will automatically determine the size of your computer screen and give you the perfect size of valentine wallpaper to fit. More

When You Are In Love by Vlad Studio

A couple sitting closely on a bench.
Vlad Studio

Vlad Studio has designed yet another free valentine wallpaper that really shows the spirit of what it's like to be in love.

Scroll down the page to view all the resolutions available for this valentine wallpaper. More

Conversation Hearts by Wallpoper

A group of conversation heart candy.

Conversation hearts are a staple for Valentine's Day and this wallpaper features a whole bunch of them.

This valentine wallpaper is available for a normal resolution computer monitor. More

Happy Valentine's Day by VickyM72

A tan background with the phrase
VickyM72/Deviant Art

This lovely valentine wallpaper is simple yet gorgeous enough for anyone's desktop this Valentine's Day.

Download this valentine wallpaper in 1920x1200 for widescreen monitors. More

Chocolates by Desktop Nexus

A box of chocolates.
Desktop Nexus

A box full of chocolates is one of my favorite things about Valentine's Day.

Download this valentine wallpaper for whatever size of computer monitor you have. More

I Love You by eWallpapers

A pink wallpaper that says
© eWallpapers

This valentine wallpaper has pink letters and hearts on a purple background.

You can get this free valentine wallpaper in a wide variety of sizes for your normal, widescreen, or HD monitor. More

Happy Valentine's Day by eWallpapers

A glowing white heart with vines and flowers.

A bright white heart with trailing flowers sits upon a red background with the words "Happy Valentine's Day".

This free valentine wallpaper can be downloaded in a handful of sizes of your normal or widescreen desktop. More

Valentine by InterfaceLift

Pink and yellow hearts.

Here's a simple valentine wallpaper with pink and yellow hearts all on a pink background.

This valentine wallpaper can be downloaded for your normal resolution computer monitor or blackberry. More

Valentine's Day by Wallpaperez

A heart and angel wings that says

Here's a free valentine wallpaper that features a heart with wings with the words "Valentine's Day".

You can download this wallpaper as a 1280x960 normal resolution wallpaper. More

Robots In Love by Vlad Studio

One robot giving another robot a flower.
Vlad Studio

Here's a valentine wallpaper out there for all the robots fans, which features a little bit of robot love.

This free valentine wallpaper can be downloaded in a bunch of different sizes to fit your computer monitor. More

Love Fingers Wallpaper from Wallpaper Stock

Two fingers with faces sharing a heart.
Wallpaper Stock

This valentine wallpaper from Wallpaper Stock sure isn't your typical wallpaper. Two little finger people share a heart on a red background.

You can download this free valentine wallpaper in normal, wide, HD, tablet, and mobile resolutions. More

Love Roses by eWallpapers

A heart made of roses.

A heart made out of roses is the focus of this valentine wallpaper.

View and download this valentine wallpaper in a wide variety of sizes for your computer desktop. More

Love Fire by eWallpapers

The word

This stunning valentine wallpaper features the word "Love" lit on fire.

Get this valentine wallpaper for your normal, widescreen, or HD monitor. More

Stone Red Heart by Wallpaper Stock

A shiny red heart on a piece of wood.
Wallpaper Stock

 A shiny red stone lays upon a rustic board in this free valentine wallpaper.

This wallpaper is available to download in many different sizes for whatever device you would like. More