bayimg Review

A Full Review of bayimg, a Free Online Image Hosting Service

Screenshot of the bayimg website

Note: The bayimg website is no longer accessible. See this list of free image hosting services for alternatives to bayimg.

bayimg is a free image hosting service that's probably one of the easiest and quickest ones to use.

In addition to accepting really large image files, the website is simple to understand and you don't need to register for an account to use it.


  • Large file size limit
  • No account/registration is required
  • Supports over a hundred file formats
  • Supports bulk uploads
  • Can create photo albums


  • Can upload only one image at once*
  • No buttons are available for sharing photos on social media sites
  • Unable to make an account to keep track of uploads
  • File names and extensions change once uploaded
  • Direct links are not given out

*Note: Only one photo can be uploaded at once if you use the regular upload buttons. However, you can upload multiples if you put them in a compressed file (like a ZIP or RAR file).

bayimg Limitations

Image files can be uploaded only if they don't exceed 100 MB.

More About bayimg

  • Photo albums can be built by uploading multiple images at once in a compressed file
  • Before finishing an upload, you can resize the photos to one of a number of different sizes
  • A removal code must be entered for every picture or compressed file you upload to bayimg. Use the same code to remove your pictures at a later date
  • Entering a tag on the upload page lets other users browse for photos similar to yours

My Thoughts on bayimg

I like bayimg for one simple reason: it gets your images online very quickly. There's no signing in and hardly anything else that needs done before you can begin uploading. The fact that you are able to send many files to bayimg at once through an archive is also appreciated.

Although direct image links are not given out, you are able to right-click a photo you upload and copy the image URL. This URL can be shared with others so it points directly to the image.