Bands 101 - Running Your Band

Everything About Being an Effective Leader of Your Band

Running a band is harder than it looks. From finding the perfect musicians for your band to scheduling practices to dealing with dicey issues like songwriting and creative differences, being in a band is about much more than simply playing music. Getting it wrong with your band can have some pretty far-reaching consequences, so you'll want to work hard at all aspects of making your band work. This 101 guide will help you make sure your band runs like clockwork.

How to Find Musicians for Your Band

Band on stage
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First things first, right? If you want to play in a band, you're going to need, well, a band. Finding your perfect music match can be hard work. Not sure where to begin? Check out these tips for tracking down your fellow musical masterminds. More

How to Start a Band

Band in small room
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Not sure exactly how to put this whole band thing together? This article will help you figure out what you need to consider in those early days of your band formation. More

Do We Need a Contract?

Band looking at paperwork
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OK, you've assembled the perfect players - do you need a contract before moving forward? Many bands avoid signing contracts with each other, but they can bail you out in a big way should anything go wrong some time down the line. Learn more about the pros of drawing up a simple contract between band members. More

How Often Should You Practice?

Band practicing in garage
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This is a really popular question around here. The simple answer - as much as you can. Find out more about the benefits of regular rehearsals.

How to Write a Band Bio

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Just who IS this band you have? Inquiring minds will want to know. Your band bio is your way of saying, "hello, world". Find out how to put on together that tells your story. More

How to Take Band Photos

Band photoshoot
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You're going to want a good press shot to with that bio. Find out what makes a good band photo, including the answer to that age old question - color or black and white? More

Demos 101

Artists in studio
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When you're well rehearsed and ready to start taking your sound to the world, it's time to start recording. This 101 guide will walk you through everything you need to know about demos, including how to use them to approach record labels. More

Playing Live 101

Band on stage
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There might be no better way to build up a fanbase than to play live. Find out everything you need to know about playing live, from booking your first show to how to make your audience keep coming back. More

What Happens If The Band Breaks Up?

Band on stage
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It happens to nearly every musician sometime in their career. You record some songs, you play some shows, and it just doesn't work out. Whatever the reason for your band break-up, there are some serious issues you need to figure out so that everyone is treated as fairly as possible. Don't bury your head in the sand and hope issues like what to do with unreleased recordings and splitting the bill for the rehearsal space will go away. They won't. Find out how to handle your break-up in the way that leaves you all able to move on to the next project as painlessly as possible. More